Hyperhidrosis is a highly misunderstood, underreported, and stigmatized condition whose effects are wide-ranging and life-altering. It affects 365 million people worldwide, yet people are still suffering in silence. With your help, we are changing that.
Explore the unique stories of those living with hyperhidrosis below. Read their stories to get a glimpse into the everyday life of a hyperhidrosis sufferer and the unique challenges brought forth by this condition.
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United States
Hyperhidrosis can be maddeningly frustrating. Normal every day tasks become difficult. It can be very embarrassing at times.
I have noticed that I have had hyperhidrosis since the age of 10 years old up until now. I have gotten different prescriptions from my doctor but they all didn't work. I have low self esteem because of my hyperhidrosis, and just this year I was able to find the cure for my hyperhidrosis when I found Dermadry. I'm now on my 7th week of treatment on my armpits, hands, and my feet.
Bheem S.
I am a nursing officer in a private hospital. During work, I experience full body sweat, including my face. Water drips down my face like rain drops, and near my patients. The patients always ask what's happening and how I'm sweating in normal conditions, even when the air conditioner is on.
Adam G.
United States
Ever since I started puberty, my life has been a constant battle to stay dry. Hyperhidrosis affected my every waking moment, a struggle that anyone with this condition can surely relate to. Constantly wiping my hands, smearing ink on my papers, yellowing nice white shirts, fearing handshakes, changing clothes three times a day to avoid sweat stains, and trying every known remedy under the sun- it was a nightmare. It took several years but I’m so happy to say that I’ve found the medicine combo that works for me. It’s still a daily struggle, but with solutions like glycopyrrolate and Dermadry to help, life is a whole lot drier.
Have you ever walked out of a movie theatre, classroom, or job interview because you sweat through your clothes? I have. I was never a sweaty child but for some reason as I grew out of my teenage years I became sweatier and sweatier. Now I have to change my shirts and socks several times a day. I can't even play video games because it makes my hands and feet so wet. I can't go out on dates without secretly changing my undershirt in the washroom. I sometimes wear 3 or 4 layers even when it is hot outside only to avoid my sweat stains showing for even an extra hour. I wish there was a cure and an explanation as to why I'm sweating so much!
Jeremy H.
United States
This is me on an average day - sweaty palms, sweaty feet, and sweaty pits. I've had hyperhidrosis for all of my adult life - and it has always been a big issue for me. Normally I wouldn't dare wear this dress shirt unless I wear a coat over it. Grays are not an option. Summer time in NYC, fuhgedaboutit. As a physician, it's been embarrassing and held me back at times, avoiding handshakes and personal contact so that people don't get drenched. And suffering from stinky feet because my socks are in a perpetual state of wet.
United States
For anyone still on the fence, do it - it will change your life! I had excessive sweating in my palms before I used this, had it for the past 20+ years. Now after 3 weeks using the device for 3/4 times per week the improvement is immense. I don't need to worry about trivial things like shaking hands at interviews, high fiving some one or holding hands with a loved one.. I won't have to wipe my palms against my trousers anymore either! Having sweaty hands has always affected my confidence where I've become very self conscious about what other people will think, but this has been able to resolve my issue and my confidence is back to an all time high. My friends and family are sick of me telling them to touch my hands to see how dry & smooth they are now (make sure you apply hand cream so it's not rough/dry). Truly a game changer!
I've had hyperhidrosis pretty much my whole life. Little did 11 year old me know how much it would go on to impact me and everything I did. One of my earliest memories is when we were told to hold hands in a dance class at school, the girl I was partnered with refused to go near me as my hands were dripping with sweat, I felt so, so guilty. Why did I, though? It wasn`t my fault? Endless amounts of uniforms and doctors appointments later, I found no answer, I was told it would just go away as I got older. As I got older it got worse, things fall out of my hands, I only wear clothes 2x bigger than me to let myself cool down, and I just avoid going near people in case they smell me. My anxiety and depression doubled because of this, a year ago it spread from being in my hands, armpits, and feet to my whole body, I was a wreck, I had and still have hot flashes 24/7. I`ve had every test done and everything has come back as negative, I feel hopeless, this condition has robbed me of my dignity, it makes me feel embarrassed and unworthy, and it made me quit my dream sport. My last and only option is an iontophoresis machine. I want you to know if you are a sufferer like me you are not alone, and we have no need to be ashamed!, we will break the stigma, and one day there will be a cure for us! Stay Strong!
Mary Jane S. G.
So grateful I have known this product through Facebook. It changed my life back to normal again. Goodbye social fears, worries and anxieties. Now I'm enjoying my life again free to attend meetings, social occasions and hold anything I want. I can wear any clothes and footwear. Thank you so much Dermadry and I highly recommended it to my friends I've known who suffers like mine.
My armpits started sweating at the age of 13. When I was at school my both armpits were fully drenched. I am suffering from it everyday since my puberty. It smells. Now I am 18 and my hands have also started sweating. My sister suffers the same problem in both her underarms and hands. We didn’t do any Botox yet. It may be genetic.
Christina L.
United States
I have suffered from hyperhidrosis for over 20 yearns now. It started to impact my life in High School. I found myself embarrassed due to excess sweating throughout the day. I made sure to wear dark colored clothing to hide my sweat. Into adulthood this issue was something that became part of me and it felt like something that I “had to deal with”. I resigned myself to the fact that I would always have to limit my wardrobe to dark and loose fitting clothes due to the wet marks under my arms. Stressful situations and or any public speaking I have had to make sure that I wear a tank top under my clothing and strategically pick clothing that you not be able to visibly see the marks under my arms. I am the person I the office with a fan under my desk blowing year round, even in the Winter to dry my shirt at any moment. I have found that the stress surrounding this issue only makes the issue worse thus turning into a vicious cycle. I visited a Dermatologist a few years ago to investigate a laser procedure and after learning that the cost, over $1,500.00, I began the search for another option. That is when I found Dermadry. I have to say that I am beyond excited to try the device based on the reviews and feedback from other users. I cannot imagine a life where this issue is something that I no longer need to worry about. Let’s give it a try!
The first time i remember struggling with this issue was when i was in junior kindergarten. I was playing in school and my hands slipped off when i was on a pull up bar. Shoes/Socks were and still are my favorite as i don't have to bother wiping my sweat on my feet and can concentrate on other work. I have always given my exams using a ball pen and placing a thick towel under my palms while writing the exam or any other notes during class. It is quite embarrassing during any social interaction when I have to shake hands & greet especially new people who are not aware that I have this issue. Then I started reading about this and realized I am not the only one, there are many people suffering from hyperhidrosis. People usually don't talk about this or sometimes just ignore it. I think there should be awareness and acceptance as I have seen and heard people making fun and cracking jokes. It's my dream to have a dry life.

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