Hyperhidrosis is a highly misunderstood, underreported, and stigmatized condition whose effects are wide-ranging and life-altering. It affects 365 million people worldwide, yet people are still suffering in silence. With your help, we are changing that.
Explore the unique stories of those living with hyperhidrosis below. Read their stories to get a glimpse into the everyday life of a hyperhidrosis sufferer and the unique challenges brought forth by this condition.
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My journey with hyperhidrosis has been a tough one. It's one filled with much struggle and hardship within my private life as well as socially. Suffering from hyperhidrosis from 5 years old and now being an adult is difficult. I suffer from excessive sweating mainly on my hands, feet and underarms however it does affect me everywhere. It's something I experience all year round, summer and winter, leaving me so uncomfortable. Having this condition affects me everyday possible, and sometimes it can be the smallest things but would affect me greatly, whether it be traveling on public transport and holding the polls, shaking someone's hand- trying to find any means possible not to and finding awkward explanations, writing my exams and having my paper get wet, smudges and smears all over my written work, having to have my finger prints scanned at immigration and constantly having to wipe my hands, using my phone-always gives problems with touchscreen and finger print scanner, wearing darker clothing to hide sweat patches, can’t wear sandals as my feet are always dripping wet so always having to wear socks and when I become nervous or stressed, my body temperature rises and I sweat like no tomorrow. I cannot explain how embarrassing you can feel at times, and it can really bother you and affect your mental health. At points it does make you feel at your lowest but you just have to push past it and rise from it, and acknowledge that it's part of you. Growing older, this condition makes everything difficult. Every discussion I make has to be revolved around my condition, for example whether the workplace can adapt to my needs, etc. I've been to to the doctors many times but not much is done about it. Some don't know about the condition and some deem it as 'normal' and say that it would eventually go away. I’ve tried a few treatments like antiperspirants and creams, but it doesn’t do a thing. Many of the treatments available are extremely expensive which makes it even harder, so I'm always on the lookout and researching for affordable and cost effective ways I can make myself more comfortable and happy while going through this. I do feel sometimes I'm the only one going through this, but I know other people are out there just like me. I really do hope more awareness can be bought around this condition as not many people know of it. And that hopefully there will be a cure for it, offering a long lasting solution.
Abega A.
United States
It started when i was in high school but at first it was just sweat & I didn't pay much attention to it and I just pretended like it was normal. But 3 ago, all of a sudden my hands and underarms started sweating excessively and it smells. It makes me break up with all my friends and it keeps me from having a job!! But after using Dermadry's iontophoresis device I am planning to start a job and meet new peoples like everyone else!
Candice F.
I have suffered with severe sweating on my hands and feet since I can remember. Hyperhidrosis affected my confidence, causing social and emotional stress. I am so happy that I found a successful treatment using iontophoresis.
United States
The whispers began around 4th grade. I couldn’t go a day without my teacher or another student asking why my hands were wet, why my shirts had armpit stains, or why my white shoes were yellow. I thought it was normal- that it was just part of being me, that sweating that much just happened. I had seen a commercial explaining hyperhidrosis when I knew instantly that’s what I had. I searched Facebook for a support group where I confirmed my self-diagnosis through the images and experiences there. It wasn’t until I was 16 when I mentioned it to my doctor; he watched as I flipped my sandal over and a full puddle spilled onto the white tile flooring. The first thing they recommend was Botox, but I definitely couldn’t afford it. He wanted to try out medications, but the support group I joined recommended iontophoresis, my Dr. had never heard of it. He put in the order and insurance covered the rest. I used the machine, after about 2 weeks of 30 minutes a day I was dry. After about 3 months, I couldn’t do it anymore. It was way too much emotionally having to “fix myself” as a young teen. I went back to my doctor and requested medication for my palmar, plantar, and axillary hyperhidrosis. They started me on robinul with no luck. Once again per my support groups advice, I asked for a specific medication: oxybutinin. After a few dosage adjustments, this medication has completely changed my quality of life. I can write on a piece of paper without it ripping, confidently touch another person, and not have to worry about my hands slipping behind the wheel. Hyperhidrosis has always defined me, but now I define myself.
Vishal S. A.
Hyperhidrosis has affected me since childhood when I was just 11 years old (currently 20). At first I didn't know that sweating too much is considered abnormal and when I looked around everyone had dry hands but me. Some of my classmates never wanted to shake hands with me while others who did were often seen wiping off their hands with a disgusted look. To write anything, I've to keep a handkerchief or a small towel beneath my hands or else my notebook gets super wet. Many times while in school I had to rewrite again the whole thing due to the wet pages getting torn or smudged with ink. Today I also have to continuously wipe my hands while working on my laptop or else the keyboard gets wet and messy. I can't hold anything for more than 10 seconds or else sweat starts to drip heavily from my palms. Anxiety and nervousness triggers and doubles the amount of sweating. Wearing flip flops and sandals are a disaster as they would just slip out of my sweaty feet. Also my feet stink so much after removing the shoes or socks. Weather doesn't affect anything.My hands and feet still sweat whether it's hot, cold or raining outside. I've seen many doctors from allopathy to homeopathy to ayurveda but every single one of them has failed to cure my palms and feet.
Nikhil K.
United States
I first noticed my hyperhidrosis in middle school whenever I played on the tennis team. I would not be able to use the normal Wilson grip because it would slip and cause blisters on my hands. To this day, I have to use special Tourna grips to absorb the sweat. In addition, my feet would blister so much due to the hyperhidrosis. This condition worsened in college when I began meeting new people. I felt embarrassed to shake people's hands because of my sweaty palms. Because of this, I reverted to mostly fist bumps. Luckily, because of COVID-19, most people are doing fist or elbow bumps now. I felt uncomfortable when I had to wipe my hands before shaking hands with a professor or a recruiter.
Joan C.
I live in the Philippines and I'm a college student now. I was bullied when I was in elementary school because of my hyperhidrosis, that's why when I was young no one wanted to be friends with me, because my underarms were always wet. I don't go out of the house because when I wear slippers it makes my feet sweat a lot. But now I that I am a college student, I feel like my hyperhydrosis is getting worse. When I go to school I always carry a handkerchief to wipe my hands, they are always wet. Once there was an activity at our school that was a photo shoot, I didn't realize that my underarms were already wet. I was embarrassed, when I got home I cried a lot. I just wish I could be cured of my hyperhidrosis.
I’ve never ever felt normal while I was growing up having to deal with hyperhidrosis. I’ve had to give up so many things that I loved to do from sports to hobbies, as I could never excel at it due to this condition. I just wanted to be able to do normal things like everybody else. I’ve always kept this condition to myself as I was embarrassed and never thought many people suffered from it. I would love to be able to play a whole music piece on the piano, without my hand sweating. That would be just a dream come true for me.
Ralph P.
United States
I’ve dealt with the problem of hyperhidrosis for more or less my whole life. Over the years, hyperhidrosis has been a major point of discomfort, especially in social settings and business. I even went as far as to have the medical sympathectomy procedure which helped with my hands, but unfortunately it redirected a lot of the sweating to my feet area. I couldn’t wear sandals and avoided moving to living in very humid climates because my feed would be drenched in sweat, sometimes to the point of dangerously slipping and sliding on slippery floors.. After dealing with this for so long and having tried so many other solutions, I had pretty much given up until someone recommended the Demadry system.. After using Dermadry for just 2 weeks my feet are completely dry and I can wear sandals again and walk around barefoot again.
Marcella F.
United States
Every since I was a kid, my hands and feet have been stopping me from doing things that I love, like: gymnastics, rock climbing, wrestling, and just playing on a jungle gym with friends. Because of my hyperhidrosis I couldn’t do things that involved grip or activities where you have to take off your shoes and socks. I was also very embarrassed because my hands and feet would drip sweat unless I had a towel with me to dry them, which caused people to always ask me about why my hands were so sweaty and why I wouldn’t go on the monkey bars. I would even cry at night because my feet were so sweaty that I couldn’t fall asleep. I tried many different medications and none of them worked for me until about a month ago when my dad surprised me with the Dermadry machine. To be honest, it changed my life and now I can enjoy things that I couldn’t before. Thank you, Dermadry for helping to cure my hyperhidrosis in such a short amount of time.
Chanel W
South Africa
A typical day of mine involves planning around sweating. My hands, feet and underarms are the worst parts affected. I pack extra clothing and shoes to change into in case things get messy (literally). I have previously broken around three pairs of sandals in one month due to my feet sliding around. I’ve had some really embarrassing moments with my feet, one of them being that the dye from my shoes rubs off on my feet. Try explaining to onlookers why your feet are blue or why you have left a blue puddle behind on their nicely mopped floors! I dread getting my fingerprints taken as I have to retake them several times. My hands sweat way too much for the scanners. I get really frustrated stares and I’m sure some even think I’m a fraud (well, at least that’s what it feels like) Hyperhidrosis affects me physically and emotionally. I feel completely defeated some days. My friends and family can see a total decline in my mood when I’m having a really sweaty day.
I have suffered from palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. It shattered my self confidence. It prevented me from pursuing relationships, going after certain careers where you use your hands, and participating in certain activities. I was always embarrassed and thought there was nothing I could do about it until I found iontophoresis. This has helped me cope and live a normal life!

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