Hyperhidrosis is a highly misunderstood, underreported, and stigmatized condition whose effects are wide-ranging and life-altering. It affects 365 million people worldwide, yet people are still suffering in silence. With your help, we are changing that.
Explore the unique stories of those living with hyperhidrosis below. Read their stories to get a glimpse into the everyday life of a hyperhidrosis sufferer and the unique challenges brought forth by this condition.
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I’ve been suffering excessive sweating since elementary. My hands, feet, face, and underarms, it's so embarrassing and it lowered my self confidence. I'm really shy to shake hands, to hold hands, can't wear flip flops longer because it's too slippery, Mostly I wear black and white color shirts, I remember when I was in school I'd write on paper and caused a big struggle because my paper and pen get wet. Now i use my cellphone it's so annoying too because my hands and fingers get so sweaty. I tried different stuff to treat this condition but nothing worked. So hoping this machine can help me treat this. I have not received my order yet but it's on its way.
Dyenkaye S.
My hyperhidrosis started when I was in elementary school until college. It has always been hard for me to do some stuff such as shaking other people's hands, holding some things such as my phone or paper because of the non-stop sweating of my hands. I'm also struggling to write during exams because my paper always gets wet cause of my excessive sweating in my hands. I can't leave the house without bringing a handkerchief or towel. When I was in college I studied in a physical education major where almost everyday we did some physical activity such as playing different sports. One time I noticed that my hyperhidrosis got worse and I almost lost my confidence because my friends were always asking me what happened to my hands, "it's like waterfalls" they said. Before I graduated college, I joined a giveaway hosted by Dermadry and luckily I won. I'm very happy because finally my hyperhidrosis was treated. I'm very happy that Dermadry changed my life when I started using it. Now, I'm free to do some stuff and not struggle because of excessive sweating, I'm happy that I gained my confidence back again.
Tamba M.
United States
I’ve had hyperhidrosis since I was in elementary school. It’s been difficult in school and with my social life because people get grossed out when they feel my hands and my work always gets soaked.
I am suffering from hyperhidrosis since childhood and I suffer from this on my palms, feet and underarms. This excessive sweating is affecting me in my daily activities. I just hope that this treatment works well for me.
I’ve never ever felt normal while I was growing up having to deal with hyperhidrosis. I’ve had to give up so many things that I loved to do from sports to hobbies, as I could never excel at it due to this condition. I just wanted to be able to do normal things like everybody else. I’ve always kept this condition to myself as I was embarrassed and never thought many people suffered from it. I would love to be able to play a whole music piece on the piano, without my hand sweating. That would be just a dream come true for me.
Eduardo C.
United States
Being young you don’t exactly know what normal feels like, thinking if others sweat as much when you take notes or approach a pretty girl across the hall. I’ve fought this since high school, it turned me away from finishing my engineering degree, and discouraged me to meet others. It didn’t ruin my life but it did affect it in many ways. My hands and feet tremendously sweat, I can’t wear sandals and I need to carry a towel with me at all times in case it gets out of hand. Trying different products, different doctors, taking it into my own hands by building a device, nothing has worked. I’ve learnt by now how to live with it by wearing certain types of clothing and not touching objects that I know will trigger it. It is still very uncertain to me because of how uncontrollable and random it can be, one day my hands will be fine and others they will literally drip and make puddles. I have no other problems as far anxiety or being really nervous so its been a huge mystery to me and burden in my life that I’ve pretty much given up on finding a solution for a very long time now. My parents recently showed me this website and the more I read on it the more hope I got, I’m very positive about the Dermadry product and I know it will put me back onto an even more successful path.
Karina V. M.
Both my palms and the soles of my feet sweat profusely ever since I was a kid. They make everyday tasks really difficult, most especially writing. My pens will slip from my grip and even my phone and it is really uncomfortable. Really, I am embarrassed about everything. I was worried about my future and that it might hinder me from doing specific tasks (even the simple ones) just because of this. I tried almost every topical product out there on the market, I even considered going under the knife just to get rid of this, until I learned about the iontophoresis machine, and I didn’t regret spending for it. It was life-altering. I am now able to do things without worrying about sweating in the most inconvenient times of the day. I’m so satisfied and I was telling my friends (who are also suffering from hyperhidrosis) to try it and I was trying to spread the news about it so that they too, will experience the best thing that changed my life.
Imay J.
I started to notice my excessive underarm sweating when I was in my First year in High School. I was embarrassed and gossiped about during my college days and even at my workplace. That led me to depression and to the point of thinking of ending my life. I never wear colored tops whenever i'm outside the house. People who don't suffer this disease will never understand and will see you as gross entirely. I hope people will open their minds that people like me who have severe hyperhidrosis don't deserve to be criticized and instead deserve to be accepted and understood.
Rosel M. T.
When I was young, I knew something was really different about me. Something that normal people don't experience day to day like I do. To this excessive sweating: why does it have to be me? Living a normal life is my topmost dream. At first, I didn't know what this condition was called and I even thought I was the only one who experienced this on earth. But as I grow older I have observed that this excessive sweating I have is getting severe and hard to control everyday. And so I happen to search this condition on Google and just recently knew this is called hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis has become a part of my life and journey and having to experience this only made me feel miserable. It ultimately affects me in so many terrifying ways. Everyday I always strive my best to overcome this horror in my life. As much as I can elaborate I would and here it goes... - Hyperhidrosis lowers my self confidence in everything that I do. It makes me feel worse. - Makes me panic easily also because my hands will turn cold eventually and feel numb at the same time. - Makes it harder for me to write, touch and hold things. - Hearing friends say that it disgusts them whenever I touch them and it absolutely hurts me because it's not my fault to have this condition in the first place. - Seeing people wipe their hands after I touch them and this puts me in an awkward situation. - I distance myself to people that doesn't know I have this thing called hyperhidrosis. Which later on made me to socialize awkwardly and isolate myself to people furthermore. - I chose not to have a debut party because I'll have to dance with partners and that requires you to hold hands and I can't put them in that uncomfortable situation. - It embarrasses me when people are looking at me wiping my hands with various towels. - Makes me overthink when people are watching me do something, because they'll notice my sweaty hands and it would be too embarrassing. - It makes me uncomfortable especially when we have experiments to do in school laboratories. And that requires you to wear surgical gloves and there were a lot of times that the sweat coming from my hands were just dripping to the floor. - I had to bring 3 towels every time with me in school and 1 handkerchief. The reason why I have this 1 handkerchief is for me to look presentable a bit while wiping my hands but will still get wet later on. - I can't wear sandals because of the slippery feeling and even with slippers too, I can't walk properly and comfortably. - Whenever I go outside, I always have to wear closed shoes so that the "mud like" sweat coming from my feet won't be visible and catch others' attention. - I hate it when I grab others' attention because of me wiping my hands thoroughly. - Makes me uncomfortable when wearing dark colored shirts because of the sweat coming from my underarms, that is visible enough for others to see and also because of this I can't actually move comfortably. - I can't unleash my artistic side because it's a hassle to wipe my hands from time to time while getting my artwork done. - Makes me worry about how I clean those "mud-like" footprints on our floor. -Makes me uncomfortable when eating with my not so close friends at same table. And with this my hands won't just stop from sweating. - It's a struggle for me to swipe the screen of my phone. - Makes me doubt myself in some ways because maybe I'm not capable of doing this and that due to my perspiring hands.
Elsie B
I can't think of a time where this condition did not affect me in some way. I've had it for as long as I can remember. My mother said that when I was young she would reach back to touch my feet when she was driving the car to check I was okay and wonder what she had grabbed that was so wet. It was my sweaty little toddler feet. For a short time in primary school I would pretend I had superpowers and show the other kids that I could leave wet handprints on the desks after barely putting my hands down. Then someone pointed out that it was gross and yucky, and that's when the shame began. When I was a teenager I would agonise over the fact that I couldn't hold a future partners hand and I was scared to touch my friends in case they would notice. I also wore lots of baggy clothing to hide the sweat stains from my armpits, which I would obsessively check on throughout the day. I've had people tell me it's awful, off-putting, disgusting, and uncomfortable when they've accidentally touched me. Going to university and meeting new people where handshakes are expected as well as job interviews have been incredibly challenging for me to cope with. I'm a very physically reserved person now as an adult, and I truly believe it is because I was very scared that people would be disgusted by my sweating. Recently I've started being more forthcoming about it and speaking openly, and I've found a few other people around me who also suffer. I think it's time for myself and others to let go of the shame that surrounds this condition. Especially as it is not something we can control.
Gagan M.
I've had hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember, and for people who don't acknowledge this as an issue I don't blame you for it. You won't understand how big of a problem it is unless you have it yourself. This problem has changed my life around, not in a good way for sure. I have anxiety issues, and the worst confidence because of this. I'm just 18 and I think I'm wasting all my time worrying about it. Only if I could cure it. It would be great if people actually understand how big of an issue it is. I've been depressed for a long time because of how big of a issue it is for me. I hope no one has to ever go though what I'm going through.
Alvin C.
My hands and feet are sweating a lot. It's quite embarrassing when you need to shake hands with clients and relatives. I have to keep wiping my hands and feet very often. My confidence level also drops due to this issue.

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