Hyperhidrosis is a highly misunderstood, underreported, and stigmatized condition whose effects are wide-ranging and life-altering. It affects 365 million people worldwide, yet people are still suffering in silence. With your help, we are changing that.
Explore the unique stories of those living with hyperhidrosis below. Read their stories to get a glimpse into the everyday life of a hyperhidrosis sufferer and the unique challenges brought forth by this condition.
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Have you ever walked out of a movie theatre, classroom, or job interview because you sweat through your clothes? I have. I was never a sweaty child but for some reason as I grew out of my teenage years I became sweatier and sweatier. Now I have to change my shirts and socks several times a day. I can't even play video games because it makes my hands and feet so wet. I can't go out on dates without secretly changing my undershirt in the washroom. I sometimes wear 3 or 4 layers even when it is hot outside only to avoid my sweat stains showing for even an extra hour. I wish there was a cure and an explanation as to why I'm sweating so much!
Hama C.
多汗症level2 昔から多汗症に悩んでいます、人と手も繋げないしペンも持てない。欲しい、だからと言ってそんな簡単に買える値段でもない😥本当に悩んでます。
Shandy R.
I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis since I was in the 5th grade. I did not really seem to care because I thought that was normal, not until other kids teased me of being gross for having my shirt dripped with sweat coming from my underarms. Since then, I became really conscious. I only wear colors that may hide my soaked underarms, which I do not have much options aside from the color black or other dark colors. I really wish that I could wear whatever outfit I want to wear without minding what color it is. Aside from choosing colors for my clothes which most of the people take for granted, I can say that hyperhidrosis robbed most of my teenage years because I was not able to socialize, dance, and the list goes on and on, without having sweat marks on my underarms. Furthermore, it also affected my academic performance because I was always shy to raise my hand to answer a question because they will see my wet underarms. Aside from this, I also sweat a lot in my hands and my feet. During exams, I tried my best to keep my paper dry. I always get embarrassed to shake hands and socialize. I am also afraid to remove my shoes when I go to other houses because they might smell my sweaty feet. It makes me really sad and embarrassed whenever someone is looking at me because my underarms, hands or feet are so sweaty. It hurts me to know that they think it is gross or that it will be cured just by showering, without knowing that this condition really exists and it affects millions of people around the world, physically, mentally, and emotionally. These are just some of the challenges that I am facing everyday with hyperhidrosis.
Saudi Arabia
I'm always putting lots of tissues when going out or going to office for work to minimize and control my armpit sweating. Even when I'm applying deodorants/antiperspirant, sweating still occurs. It affects my self-esteem and self-confidence.
I've had hyperhidrosis pretty much my whole life. Little did 11 year old me know how much it would go on to impact me and everything I did. One of my earliest memories is when we were told to hold hands in a dance class at school, the girl I was partnered with refused to go near me as my hands were dripping with sweat, I felt so, so guilty. Why did I, though? It wasn`t my fault? Endless amounts of uniforms and doctors appointments later, I found no answer, I was told it would just go away as I got older. As I got older it got worse, things fall out of my hands, I only wear clothes 2x bigger than me to let myself cool down, and I just avoid going near people in case they smell me. My anxiety and depression doubled because of this, a year ago it spread from being in my hands, armpits, and feet to my whole body, I was a wreck, I had and still have hot flashes 24/7. I`ve had every test done and everything has come back as negative, I feel hopeless, this condition has robbed me of my dignity, it makes me feel embarrassed and unworthy, and it made me quit my dream sport. My last and only option is an iontophoresis machine. I want you to know if you are a sufferer like me you are not alone, and we have no need to be ashamed!, we will break the stigma, and one day there will be a cure for us! Stay Strong!
I’ve had hyperhidrosis ever since middle school. It has recently gotten worse and is very embarrassing in social situations.
All of my life I’ve been living with this hyperhidrosis. Every time I’m a little bit nervous or a little hot, I start sweating. I am now a medical doctor and a large part of my job involves dealing with and examining patients. This has been particularly difficult to deal with as I can't really hide it anymore, from patients or my colleagues. It makes me appear nervous when I am not, and if I am nervous the sweating is so much worse. I can’t wait to get Dermadry as soon as possible so that I can finally live like other normal people.
I have developed hyperhidrosis more severely each year for the past 5 years or so. Medications have made it much worse. Armpit sweat will drip all day, whether I'm hot, cold, relaxed, or stressed. Excited to dry Dermadry.
Iza S.
I have enough. I have enough of hiding in huge sweaters to hide my sweat stains I have enough of wearing milions of coating to sweat through I have enough of quitting things because of the possibility of becoming visibly wet. I have enough of avoiding social interactions. My hyperhidrosis has been the reason for all that for 10 years (I am 21) and it is a continuous battle. I want to finally function normally, wear beautiful colorful clothes that reflect my personality. This problem is spoken about only in TV series as funny jokes, whereas it’s a regular disease that has to be understood. It is a nightmare, especially without general awareness. I really believe that can change.
Layla W.
United States
I began noticing my excessive sweating in both my hands and feet in 5th grade. I’m not sure exactly when I discovered I had hyperhidrosis, but I definitely knew something was weird. Grade school was the worst, because of all the games we were forced to play. Now that I am in college and an adult, it’s eased up a bit but it’s still challenging. Shaking people's hands and playing ice breakers in college is challenging and embarrassing. That’s only the social stress of hyperhidrosis. comes with low self esteem and so much more emotional battles. I hate that I can’t do the simplest things with my hands. Holding hands with my partner, getting my nails done or even wearing sandals without the thoughts of embarrassment. Now that I am older I have come to accept my hyperhidrosis and vowed to myself that I should make friends and family aware of this condition.
Candice F.
I have suffered with severe sweating on my hands and feet since I can remember. Hyperhidrosis affected my confidence, causing social and emotional stress. I am so happy that I found a successful treatment using iontophoresis.
I've been experiencing hyperhidrosis since I was a young teen. At first, it was just my hands that would sweat when I would get nervous but it was never a concern and I thought it was normal. As I got older, I began to sweat in more places, such as my feet, underarms and other areas. This became more of a problem as I would generate so much sweat, it started to affect my confidence and self-image. It pushed me to distance myself from others, give up on hobbies I once enjoyed and decrease my confidence. I'm still learning to navigate my hyperhidrosis but I hope I will soon enjoy the activities I once enjoy and my confidence again.

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