Hyperhidrosis is a highly misunderstood, underreported, and stigmatized condition whose effects are wide-ranging and life-altering. It affects 365 million people worldwide, yet people are still suffering in silence. With your help, we are changing that.
Explore the unique stories of those living with hyperhidrosis below. Read their stories to get a glimpse into the everyday life of a hyperhidrosis sufferer and the unique challenges brought forth by this condition.
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Carla B.
I've had palmar hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. I've loved arts and crafts ever since I was a kid and just when I thought having small hands will be an advantage in handling intricate details, my sweaty hands get to ruin everything. Back in architecture school, I hated drafting class. All my drawing sheets had wet marks on them not to mention the pencil or pen smudges here and there. I felt glad when computer aid design took place, but then the sweating did stop. Long hours of designing and holding the mouse makes my hands more sweaty and wrinkled eventually. Until now, I'm still dealing with this problem. I'm just trying my best not to let it take over my life, my career and the things that I love doing.
Jahaziel C. J.
United States
If you look at the picture of my sweaty palm, you might assume that something nerve-wracking had just occurred to me. Was I going to have a job interview? Was I going to speak in front of a large crowd? Was I about to take my final examinations for college? No. I was simply watching my favorite TV show. I was performing the most mundane task of my everyday life and yet, my palms were soaking wet. Perhaps the single most egregious assumption about hyperhidrosis is that we are not strong-willed enough to control it. “Don’t be so nervous,” they say not knowing that the more I think about my hands, the sweatier that they get. My whole life I’ve been made fun of and ridiculed for this condition. I never knew what caused it and for years, I’d blame myself. Maybe if I were stronger, maybe if I wasn’t so soft, maybe if I were more collected then maybe, just maybe, I could control it. But the truth is that we can’t. I wish I knew that when I was younger and I had to hide my hands in my pockets and wear dark clothing just in case I had to swipe the sweat off on it. Or when I when for a fist bump every time my friends wanted a high-five and I had to play it off as if I thought they wanted a fist bump. Or when I went to my first job interview and the interviewee groaned when we shook hands. Safe to say, I didn’t get that job. I developed social anxiety as a consequence of this condition. I even chose to not pursue romantic relationships knowing how uncomfortable I would make my partner feel. My whole life I remember saying, “if I could change one thing about myself, it would be my sweaty hands.” So, I looked online. And online, I found a community of people with similar stories and experiences as my own. For the first time in my entire life, I felt understood. I felt accepted. My whole life I thought I was alone but I never was. Thank you for helping me love myself just a little more.
The first time i remember struggling with this issue was when i was in junior kindergarten. I was playing in school and my hands slipped off when i was on a pull up bar. Shoes/Socks were and still are my favorite as i don't have to bother wiping my sweat on my feet and can concentrate on other work. I have always given my exams using a ball pen and placing a thick towel under my palms while writing the exam or any other notes during class. It is quite embarrassing during any social interaction when I have to shake hands & greet especially new people who are not aware that I have this issue. Then I started reading about this and realized I am not the only one, there are many people suffering from hyperhidrosis. People usually don't talk about this or sometimes just ignore it. I think there should be awareness and acceptance as I have seen and heard people making fun and cracking jokes. It's my dream to have a dry life.
Rosel M. T.
When I was young, I knew something was really different about me. Something that normal people don't experience day to day like I do. To this excessive sweating: why does it have to be me? Living a normal life is my topmost dream. At first, I didn't know what this condition was called and I even thought I was the only one who experienced this on earth. But as I grow older I have observed that this excessive sweating I have is getting severe and hard to control everyday. And so I happen to search this condition on Google and just recently knew this is called hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis has become a part of my life and journey and having to experience this only made me feel miserable. It ultimately affects me in so many terrifying ways. Everyday I always strive my best to overcome this horror in my life. As much as I can elaborate I would and here it goes... - Hyperhidrosis lowers my self confidence in everything that I do. It makes me feel worse. - Makes me panic easily also because my hands will turn cold eventually and feel numb at the same time. - Makes it harder for me to write, touch and hold things. - Hearing friends say that it disgusts them whenever I touch them and it absolutely hurts me because it's not my fault to have this condition in the first place. - Seeing people wipe their hands after I touch them and this puts me in an awkward situation. - I distance myself to people that doesn't know I have this thing called hyperhidrosis. Which later on made me to socialize awkwardly and isolate myself to people furthermore. - I chose not to have a debut party because I'll have to dance with partners and that requires you to hold hands and I can't put them in that uncomfortable situation. - It embarrasses me when people are looking at me wiping my hands with various towels. - Makes me overthink when people are watching me do something, because they'll notice my sweaty hands and it would be too embarrassing. - It makes me uncomfortable especially when we have experiments to do in school laboratories. And that requires you to wear surgical gloves and there were a lot of times that the sweat coming from my hands were just dripping to the floor. - I had to bring 3 towels every time with me in school and 1 handkerchief. The reason why I have this 1 handkerchief is for me to look presentable a bit while wiping my hands but will still get wet later on. - I can't wear sandals because of the slippery feeling and even with slippers too, I can't walk properly and comfortably. - Whenever I go outside, I always have to wear closed shoes so that the "mud like" sweat coming from my feet won't be visible and catch others' attention. - I hate it when I grab others' attention because of me wiping my hands thoroughly. - Makes me uncomfortable when wearing dark colored shirts because of the sweat coming from my underarms, that is visible enough for others to see and also because of this I can't actually move comfortably. - I can't unleash my artistic side because it's a hassle to wipe my hands from time to time while getting my artwork done. - Makes me worry about how I clean those "mud-like" footprints on our floor. -Makes me uncomfortable when eating with my not so close friends at same table. And with this my hands won't just stop from sweating. - It's a struggle for me to swipe the screen of my phone. - Makes me doubt myself in some ways because maybe I'm not capable of doing this and that due to my perspiring hands.
Depuis le primaire j’ai commencé à sentir les effets de hypersustentation, c’était très désagréable, pendant les examens je ne pouvais pas tenir mon stylo, en grandissons je pensais que sa aller passer mais c’est devenu encore pire dans la vie sociale, dans le domaine professionnel j’hésite de serrer la main par manque de rejet, ça me gâche la vie …
United States
I have always suffered from excessive sweating, mostly in my armpits. I was diagnosed with hyperhidrosis as a teen and was prescribed many antiperspirants that didn’t help, they just made my armpits burn and itch. I’ve also paid for the Miradry procedure which was very expensive with no relief. I was wearing this shirt for less than an hour, the flowy material didn’t even touch my armpits, this was all sweat that dripped down. I wear black and sweaters most of the time to hide the sweat, which is really rough since I live in a desert climate and I frequently suffer from itching and burning from the wet fabric. I hope one day I can be free from the sweat that I feel like is holding me hostage.
Ibrahim I.I.
Sri Lanka
I'm 26 years old and suffering from Hyperhidrosis since my childhood (6 years old). It was a minor problem only on my palms until 11 years old. But, now I suffer from this on my palms, feet, under arms, thigh, breast and groin. I'm facing lots of problems in my day to day life in every second. Nowadays, I feel like I'm in a very critical situation due to this because of my excessive sweating in all mentioned areas above. 1. I can't write on papers or books due to getting dampened by sweating from palms and surroundings. 2. I can't make speeches in front of people due to showering water drops, a problem from sweating of my palms. 3. I can't do hand shake with friends or someone because of excessive sweating even as quick as wipe my palms with tissue or cloth (set of tissue is not enough for a single time wipe). 4. I can't use smart phone due to wetness of palms. 5. I can't wear color shirts, T-shirts and trousers rather than black & white due to wet appearance of sweating from under arm, breast and groin. 6. I can't use computer mouse more than one minute because of getting wetness of area where I place my palms. 7. I cannot sit in a place in public because of getting a wet appearance in my groin due to excessive sweating in that area. 8. I can't stand on cemented floor for more than one minute; because my feet get wet and water flows from the place where my feet are. There are lots of situation that can be described, but, I'm hesitating to describe all of this. I'm still single and not married yet. I'm getting reluctant about that because of how can I manage with a life partner with this severe problem. Even in my career I face lots of problems in every situation. I can't do anything like what my colleagues or staff do. I lose many good job opportunities because I can't manage myself with this hyperhidrosis in those working environments. These words are not enough to describe my story with hyperhidrosis.
I am 25 years old and I’ve had hyperhidrosis (excessive sweat on my hands and feet) since my childhood. I have been ashamed and failed in many places and times because of this problem. For example, in sports, exams, friends, family, school, college, and work. Most of the time I would try to avoid important meetings, which also affected my career and relationships. In school, people were not mature enough to understand this. Sometimes, I thought it would cure itself automatically and my mom also told me that. When I finished my school studies, I went to the hospital, but they didn’t have any idea about this and they gave me some useless medicine, it was a waste of my time and money and made me sad. I had some trouble when I started searching jobs for my future. I did mechanical engineering and it was field-work related. When I go to interviews, I get so nervous and feel a lot of pressure. I finally tried to search about hyperhidrosis and what are treatments are available. Through the internet I found ETS surgery. but my family will not allow me to do this because of the side effects of this surgery. Then I found iontophoresis treatment, a low risk treatment with less side effects. I searched and studied a lot about iontophoresis. Finally, I got Dermadry, after seeing positive reviews everywhere. The team also gave me a good response for answering all my doubts and questions. Finally, I took the decision to try it. This is one of the greatest decisions I have ever taken in my life. I am in Oman, and I ordered from here. After one week I got it and immediately started the treatment 5 times per week for 6 weeks. I have no more sweat now and am doing it 2 times per week and have experienced life-changing results. Unfortunately, now that I actually feel confident shaking hands, I can’t because of COVID-19!
Julia Z.
Growing up with hyperhidrosis, while not knowing what it was, nor that I had the condition, took a toll on my self-confidence and mental health. Especially being a kid who was surrounded with judgmental children and adults who couldn't tell me why I would sweat uncontrollably, and also having people not believe me, because I was just a kid, was difficult. The hidden struggles of hyperhidrosis eventually accumulated and manifested itself into this powerful being that made me feel overly anxious about how I was being perceived by others and into being shy. That is, until I changed my perspective on my struggles. At some point in my journey with hyperhidrosis, I decided to own this insecurity, and to take the power away from things that used to control me. I became open with my hyperhidrosis while educating my friends, instead of hiding it the best that I could. The worst thing for people who suffer with hyperhidrosis is to feel like they should be ashamed of it, and to hide it, instead of seeking help and owning it! Making this change made me feel free, and not tied down by things I couldn't control, because I've taught myself better than that. (no, seriously. learning more about hyperhidrosis made me realize that I could actually adopt treatments that would get rid of my sweating, like Dermadry, which I use now). I hope my story can get out there and encourage others to conquer the anxiety and the sweat, and to let them know that they aren't alone!
I’m 25 years old, and a future doctor. I suffer from severe hyperhidrosis since I was a child. I don’t know what it's like to wear sandals or flip flops, to wear colorful t-shirts and pretty dresses, and I am always embarrassed if someone notices that I have paper tissues in my hands, and asks about them. I really want to get rid of this problem, because now it’s going to interfere with my medical career, for which I’ve worked so hard, and it’s been enough. I’m tired, and I don’t want to hide anymore
Evhonel C.
Hyperhidrosis affects my daily life especially my job because everything I touches gets wet. I find it very difficult to type in my computer because the keyboard always gets wet. Because of my hyperhidrosis I also did some shameful practices like putting sanitary pads in my armpits to avoid sweat stains in my shirt and it makes me feel very embarrassed. Every time I go outside I always need to bring extra pair of socks so I can change if my first pair of socks already gets soaked in sweat.
Lowhat L.
I am 17 years old, and for as long as I can remember I have always struggled with hyperhidrosis. The older I got the more it affected me. This has affected me very negatively, where it ruined my everyday tasks. It is difficult to write on paper without my hands sliding and smudging the ink. I can’t wear any type of clothing I want and it’s a struggle to even wear sandals/heels.I dread shaking hands with anyone, because I am embarrassed of what people will think.This has caused me to be depressed and it is definitely something not to take lightly. I hope we can shed more light on this topic and someone could read this and relate tremendously.

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