This is My Story

Jaime J.
Hyperhidrosis has affected and challenged me in many ways. My first memory is when I was just 10 years old during physical education dance class. No one wanted to be my partner because they didn’t want to hold my hand. Similar scenarios continued throughout my adolescence and into adulthood, including: Growing up trying to date and explain to your date or boyfriend why your hands are soaking wet (thanks to my partner now, he’s very supportive, but I still miss hand-holding!) Having an anxiety attack right before an interview, but not fear of the questions but because of the obligatory handshake. Constant slipping on my yoga mat. Not being able to give high fives to my students. Only wearing linen or cotton clothes; polyester is an absolute sin for us hyperhidrosis folk! Carrying a cloth in my handbag at all times for a quick wipe of the palms. Leaving a puddle of sweat where my palms rest on computer keyboards. Unable to unlock my phone because it requires a dry fingerprint. Only being able to wear certain sandals that can absorb sweat. Having to purchase new shoes frequently because of how quickly the excessive sweat destroys the insoles (and the smell too!) *See the photo of my footwear that is less than a year old - I feel this image captures the accuracy of excessive sweat from my feet more so than a photograph of the beads of sweat. And so the list goes on. From simple daily tasks, to social, emotional or occupational turmoil. But I mostly feel sorry for the little girl at the beginning who was so vulnerable and didn’t feel in control of her own body. And with no one to talk to who could understand or empathize with her. Now I am a confident woman who does not feel ashamed or embarrassed to speak out about the silent condition of excessive sweating known as hyperhidrosis. I now openly talk about it to friends, family, acquaintances and strangers as a topic of conversation. I now understand I am not alone; we are a community. So let’s share our voices and stories in hopes to reach out to those who need to hear it the most - just know, you are not alone.