This is My Story

I’ve been experiencing hyperhidrosis from a very young age. At that time, I didn’t know what it was and how I could reduce it. It just felt like my hands were warm and wet most of the time. In school, I had to choose very specific pens for writing (with rubber grips) so that the pen could actually stay in my hands. I would seldom reach for ink pens unless it was a “good day” for me which seldom happens. Even so, I would eventually switch to ballpoint pen at some point halfway through the day because of my sweaty palms. Even with the use of pens with grips, my handwriting would look horrible while my hands were sweating. As such, I prefer taking down notes digitally. However there are instances where that is not possible, such as in an exam situation. I remember layering tissues under my palm as I move along the paper writing my 1500-word essay during the exam with handwriting that doesn’t even resemble my actual penmanship. My papers would also wrinkle and curl due to my sweaty palms and it was embarrassing when I had to hand that in during the examination. This carried over to my adult life where I had to choose a job that is suitable such that my sweaty palms wouldn’t be a major issue or obstacle. Besides that, I do notice that my technological devices tend to get damaged easily as well. I am also unable to enjoy my hobbies that incidentally involve the use of writing materials. I hope that individuals with this condition will become aware of the possible solutions for hyperhidrosis and that more people will grow to be accepting and understanding towards individuals with these issues because this condition is literally “out of our hands” :’)