This is My Story

Saudi Arabia
I have hyperhidrosis in almost all of my body including hands, armpits, back, face, chest, feet. It really changed my life for the worse and made me anti-social. I don't handshake people and i don't like to go outside. Even when it's freezing cold, I sweat a lot. I'm only eighteen and my anxiety goes through the roof when I'm sweating excessively in front of people. My friends and school classmates used to laugh at me for smelling bad and having sweat marks and have hands that literally produce sweat for a whole country lol. I live in the Middle East and it's so hard for me to live in such a high temperature atmosphere. Even at 11 PM it is 42°C. I bathe almost everyday and I have no clue what to do with my situation, it made me hate the body that I have.