This is My Story

Eduardo C.
United States
Being young you don’t exactly know what normal feels like, thinking if others sweat as much when you take notes or approach a pretty girl across the hall. I’ve fought this since high school, it turned me away from finishing my engineering degree, and discouraged me to meet others. It didn’t ruin my life but it did affect it in many ways. My hands and feet tremendously sweat, I can’t wear sandals and I need to carry a towel with me at all times in case it gets out of hand. Trying different products, different doctors, taking it into my own hands by building a device, nothing has worked. I’ve learnt by now how to live with it by wearing certain types of clothing and not touching objects that I know will trigger it. It is still very uncertain to me because of how uncontrollable and random it can be, one day my hands will be fine and others they will literally drip and make puddles. I have no other problems as far anxiety or being really nervous so its been a huge mystery to me and burden in my life that I’ve pretty much given up on finding a solution for a very long time now. My parents recently showed me this website and the more I read on it the more hope I got, I’m very positive about the Dermadry product and I know it will put me back onto an even more successful path.