This is My Story

Shriyash G.
I'm just a simple 16 year old who sweats a lot. As a sufferer of palmar hyperhidrosis, I even struggle to write this paragraph because of my sweaty hands. I discovered I have this condition just recently and due this I have been facing a lot of problems. I even suffered from social anxiety due to this. Even though hyperhidrosis doesn't let me do and feel what a normal person can do, I am learning to live with it. I even try to explain to people the condition I suffer from known as hyperhidrosis and explain people that this actually is an illness and actually disturbs your everyday activities from having trouble writing in a paper to using your phone to even worse having sweaty armpits (for those have it in the underarms). Hope this inspires people to raise awareness on this topic and help those who suffer from it to not feel embarrassed and come out.