This is My Story

Rocel A.
United States
Since my 20s, I've suffered a lot from too much sweating in my underarms, I'm so embarrassed when my clothes get wet because of too much sweating. I'm so frustrated because I can't wear any colorful clothes because I'm always anxious that it might be so obvious when my underarms get wet, I used a certain device before but it had bad effects to my health, I was really hopeless until I found a Duradry product commercial on my Facebook account and read some reviews, it caught my attention, and I was thinking of trying it. I didn't hesitate to order the product after I saw it, and after I finished using the product all I can say is that my sweating problem disappeared and now I'm comfortable to wear any color of clothes. One thing that is really amazing is that even when it is so hot and I walk in the middle of hotness outside I don't even get too wet and my underarms are still dry.