This is My Story

Ibrahim I.I.
Sri Lanka
I'm 26 years old and suffering from Hyperhidrosis since my childhood (6 years old). It was a minor problem only on my palms until 11 years old. But, now I suffer from this on my palms, feet, under arms, thigh, breast and groin. I'm facing lots of problems in my day to day life in every second. Nowadays, I feel like I'm in a very critical situation due to this because of my excessive sweating in all mentioned areas above. 1. I can't write on papers or books due to getting dampened by sweating from palms and surroundings. 2. I can't make speeches in front of people due to showering water drops, a problem from sweating of my palms. 3. I can't do hand shake with friends or someone because of excessive sweating even as quick as wipe my palms with tissue or cloth (set of tissue is not enough for a single time wipe). 4. I can't use smart phone due to wetness of palms. 5. I can't wear color shirts, T-shirts and trousers rather than black & white due to wet appearance of sweating from under arm, breast and groin. 6. I can't use computer mouse more than one minute because of getting wetness of area where I place my palms. 7. I cannot sit in a place in public because of getting a wet appearance in my groin due to excessive sweating in that area. 8. I can't stand on cemented floor for more than one minute; because my feet get wet and water flows from the place where my feet are. There are lots of situation that can be described, but, I'm hesitating to describe all of this. I'm still single and not married yet. I'm getting reluctant about that because of how can I manage with a life partner with this severe problem. Even in my career I face lots of problems in every situation. I can't do anything like what my colleagues or staff do. I lose many good job opportunities because I can't manage myself with this hyperhidrosis in those working environments. These words are not enough to describe my story with hyperhidrosis.