This is My Story

Danika A.
I avoid participating in activities that make me sweaty. I feel confident about doing the activity but because of my severe sweating of hands, feet and underarms I tend to refuse to avoid embarrassment. • I've always wanted to learn how to draw and paint. But I give up every time the paper is soaked with the sweat of my hands. • I've never owned open high heels. I always want to wear one and attend formal events. I just wear white sneakers and told my friends I didn't have time to buy one. • I only buy white or black colored shirts; any color that won't make my underarm sweat visible. There were times that I have to wear light shirt colors for a day in a school so I avoid interactions as much as possible because it makes me nervous and sweaty. • I sometimes avoid ordering to restaurants because sometimes when the cashier hands out the change I receive them with sweaty hands. • I love playing games mobile, PC or console. I just play for a short amount of time, sometimes the game play can be intense and it makes me nervous. I've been invited to participate in a tournament in our school, but clearly, I refused because of hyperhidrosis. • I love to dance with my friends. For now, I dance alone in my room. The dance floor is dangerously sweaty. • I love to do karaoke with my friends. Passing the microphone after my turn is embarrassing. • I sometimes excuse myself to the bathroom just to shake off my shirt and dry my underarms. • I know myself as a lively and perky person, but in some situations I act shy and quiet so that I won't use up my energy and sweat. Especially when meeting new people. Hyperhidrosis made me regret a lot of my decisions. I use it as an excuse to save myself from embarrassment. Telling the reason alone to other people is embarrassing enough.