This is My Story

It all started when I was in Montessori. One day my teacher noticed that my notebook was completely wet. Since i was in a small class, my parents thought it was not a big deal and gradually it would decrease. But the worst stage started in secondary school, where I couldn't complete notes and exams, in the prescribed time. I wasn't able to wear sandals etc. Still, I wasn't bothered much by it at that stage. One day there was a scholarship test, and as a student I was eligible. I completed the whole process, but I wasn't able to write because the machine was unable to scan my fingerprints. When I entered law school, the situation worsened. Specifically, law students need a good social approach, and they deal with more and more papers. Here, I wasn't able to hold papers, pens, or a laptop. I even had to deal with everyone trying to give me a handshake. They would ask why my hands were so wet. Due to this I missed so many opportunities in my law school. When it comes to normal life, it's worse. If someone tells me to take a picture, I can't. Believe it or not I couldn't even hold my sister's child. At the beginning, I suddenly start to sweat. Later if I enter someone's home, again I start to sweat and everyone notices. it is gradually pushing me into a depression.