This is My Story

I am 22 and have dealt with hyperhidrosis for more or less my whole life. My hyperhidrosis has been classed as severe by a specialist however due to my age many treatments have been out of bounds and I have found dealing with it (especially now in my adult life) very difficult. I suffer with it all over my body, however my hands, feet and armpits have been the most problematic; My confidence has been completely shattered, I avoid colored clothes altogether for fear of embarrassment and tend to layer up to hide my condition which usually makes everything worse, although I have no choice but to do so. For years and years I have tried my best to hide my condition from the people closest to me as not only am I completely embarrassed by it, but a lot of people don't understand the severity of the condition or the disruption it causes to everyday life. At the moment I have to carry around a portable fan in attempt to keep my hands dry (as driving has become dangerous) and all my sandals have been professionally lined with suede to allow me to at least attempt to be feminine when my feet are not stuffed in trainers. Packing lightly is never an option as I can easily go through 3/4 pairs of socks and T-shirts in a day and deodorant doesn't stand a chance against the amount of sweat I produce. So far I have tried multiple medicated antiperspirants which have done nothing but burn the surface of my skin, 3 different anticholinergics which dried up all the moisture in my body (mouth & skin) but didn't even come close to reducing the sweating and 2 courses of botox in my armpits which unfortunately didn't help either. In general my life is centered around my hyperhidrosis and is at the core of all my fashion and life choices. This condition has caused me to develop very intense social anxiety and I do fear for my future as it weighs so much on my mind and makes me feel worthless. Personally for me Dermadry is the light at the end of the tunnel, it is the last non-surgical method of treating hyperhidrosis that I can try and although I am only just over a week in I am already so confident in it. After the 1st couple of days I did see an increase in my sweating however yesterday was the 1st time EVER that (apart from after a shower) I wasn't forced to take off my soaked t-shirt!!!:) Staff are amazing and so attentive and I cannot wait to share my results with the world.