This is My Story

Hyperhidrosis affects me in many ways; I have had it my whole life. I have to bring a small towel with me when I'm driving for my hands and arm pits. The AC is usually on even when it's cold to dry my hands and feet. I sometimes go through 12 shirts a day when I'm at home. Wearing sandals is usually a no, unless there is memory foam and can soak up the sweat. Doing my hair is a miserable task because my hands can't run through my hair wet and will soak my hair when styling. Skin care and makeup becomes a hassle and takes longer to do because I'm sweating hands, feet and pits. It's just awful... My boyfriend doesn't mind but it does affect us. I was at a fancy dinner and my arm was dripping and I wanted so badly to wipe it but it would have been so obvious :( Sleeves are a must!! And the color black is usually the go-to. Speaking in public and be stressful for fear of where to wipe hands. Handing or receiving things from people is embarrassing. Using public computers or touching things leaves puddle evidence. It can be debilitating in it's own ways at times but you try to find ways to deal with it. Nothing has worked for me yet but I have hope in trying ionto treatment in the future. I want to wear a dress and be dry, and not feel freezing cold because the sweat gets cold and messes with my body temperature.