This is My Story

Marvelyn O.
I'm one of those people suffering from face, hands, feet and underarm HH. Hyperhidrosis really affects my life (physical, mental and emotional). I have tried several over the counter antiperspirant but it didn't help. It just makes my HH worse because this year my face also sweats (not just a normal sweat but an excessive sweat). I really want to have a normal life again and the Ionto Machine is my last hope but can't afford since I am still a student. I observed that I sweat more than normal when i was just a teenager but I didn't mind this before because it was just my hands and feet and thought it will just fade away. My parents said this is just "pasma" and I just have to pee on my hands and feet every morning to be cured, but it didn't. I was 18 when i observed my underarms start sweating but still didn't mind at first cause I was working as a factory worker that time. It's not that bad though and I go to work in the early morning and go home at night. And I work in an air-conditioned workplace. But in 2018 I decided to go back to school to study college. That is the time I started to mind my HH cause I experienced bullying from other students. I became conscious with my sweating so I've tried several over the counter antiperspirant but it's just gotten worse. I'm now an incoming 3rd year College student and worried cause I know my HH might affect my incoming OJT. The photo shows my underarm after just a minutes of changing my clothes.