This is My Story

I have chronic hyperhidrosis, affecting my underarms, hands and feet. I tried so many things and sadly nothing ever worked. I moved to Canada and I thought that was going to be a nice solution since it's a very cold country. Unfortunately that wasn't the solution either. I have noticed that my hyperhidrosis is very related to my anxiety levels (and sadly, anxiety is another condition that I deal with). So, at work for example, if I encounter a situation that is stressful, I would start sweating with no control. When I work out I also sweat a bunch! Hyperhidrosis has affected every single part of my life. I was discouraged to learn how to play the guitar due to my excessive hand sweating. After years I didn't care and I learnt how to play the guitar, and let me tell you, my hands are crazy sweaty that I drip. You can see the multiple drops sliding from my hand to my elbow when I play my guitar. Love life? Oh yeah it has affected me as well, the embarrassment of holding hands :( Educationally? Of course, hyperhidrosis has affected that area as well, I would never participate in class just cause I would get very nervous and sweat incredibly much. I'm not able to wear all types of shoes. Whenever I wear sandals, I totally slide out of them due to my sweaty feet. Just by sitting and doing 0 physical activity I sweat, and when as I mentioned, when I work out, I sweat way more than anybody else :( I have tried to control my anxiety and of course to use Dermadry, which so far is the only thing that has reduced my sweat, I now sweat between 50-70% less than I used to, thanks to iontophoresis. To me 70% is a great deal! Even sweating 50% less is a gigantic difference than with no treatment whatsoever.