This is My Story

Melvin V. N.
"Raise your voice, break the stigma & live with confidence” Hyperhidrosis has been my problem ever since I was a kid, growing up with low self esteem, feeling extremely self-conscious, insecure, anxious, feeling mental anguish and depressed at times, it really made a big impact on my life, life-changing indeed that affects every detail. These ordinary things that normallu people do is a big challenge for me, which also impairs my daily activity such as wearing slippers, standing in line, having to shake someone’s hand, joining hands in prayer, job interviews, leaving pools of moisture on anything I touch, and holdinghands with my girlfriend! Adolescent romantic life was a mess for me, everytime when my wet hands smeared writing and wrinkled the paper sometimes people think that I was nervous on an exam or test because it was difficult for me to explain my condition. It also discouraged me from joining sports & socializing wasn’t my game at all. My sweaty hands make me paranoid that I will embarrass myself or disgust others; it was when the serious social repercussions of excessive sweating really hit me. It affected everything, now I'm 26 working as a Customer Service representative ata Cruise Ship front desk, where I need to deal and face our 3,000 guests everyday. I know for a long time that this was a real nightmare for me, but I challenged myself to do it normally as much as I can while providing them with good customer service and at the end of their cruise instead of giving them a handshake, I tend to improvise some elbow or fist bump. It is a really awkward situation, however, I need to take care of my profession and image, so I did some research and lots and lots of reading on techinques on how to get rid of this. I have tried herbal medications and home remedies because I can’t afford to spend a fortune for surgery. I read about Dermadry last year in 2019, and i urged myself to earn and buy this iontophoresis machine. Now i am on my 3rd session and the results are amazing, i put my trust on that one day i will live confidently without sweat.