The Voices of Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a highly misunderstood, underreported, and stigmatized condition whose effects are wide-ranging and life-altering. It affects 365 million people worldwide, yet people are still suffering in silence. With your help, we are changing that.
Explore the unique stories of those living with hyperhidrosis below. Read their stories to get a glimpse into the everyday life of a hyperhidrosis sufferer and the unique challenges brought forth by this condition.
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Christianne M.
Ever since I could remember, hyperhidrosis has definitely affected me in numerous ways. • I learned to purposely hold cold drinks in my right hand so I could blame the condensation from the drink for making my hands wet instead of admitting it was sweat • I could never buy colored shoes as my feet would sweat so much they would show visible stains • I wear sweaters in the summer so I have my sleeves to wipe my hands on • I've messed up taking orders on touch screen machines at work because my hands would slip • I usually have to wipe down my couch as my feet get sweaty when I sit cross legged • Hand holding is almost always not an option • At the nail salon, they already know to have a paper towel roll at my station during my appointments I've been told many times that it isn't a big deal, but hyperhidrosis has lowered my self confidence many times and life would definitely be easier if it didn't exist!
United States
I am a lifelong hyperhidrosis sufferer. Although my sweating is definitely inconvenient at times, it's a part of what makes me "me." I suffer mostly in the palmar, axillary, and plantar regions amongst others...I was started on deodorants at the age of 4!!! As a child, having HH was the trickiest when having to hold hands in a circle (it seems this was done for everything!). Kids can be pretty brutal and I definitely remember getting several "ewwws" in my day in response to my wet sweaty hands. It's quite ironic, in spite of my hyperhidrosis, I adore handshakes and hugs. I'm bummed when my hands are too sweaty to engage. Explaining that still remains a small challenge. These days, I limit my exposure to situations of that nature but every so often, when I'm feeling confident mind you, I give a nice firm handshake, sweaty or not! I read a really great Instagram post from @humansofny where a fellow HH sufferer considered the condition a superpower (hello opening those grocery produce bags!). Most days, I pretty much feel the same! Right now I'm working on getting my underarm sweating under better control since detoxing from commercial deodorants and helping to give HH a voice via my meetup support group. I'm so happy to see the HH community coming together and I can't wait to see what's next!
Marcos L.
Since an early age I suffered from excessive sweating, I always worked with computers and this has been a problem, I bought Dermadry in December 2019, and the results are good.
Ever since I was young I had a somewhat psychological and physical condition reaction to sweating. Especially when I am a little nervous. This is a huge hinderance for me in professional settings and it is something I dream of getting rid of. I have tried Botox and it is expensive and very paindful. So I researched and read about the good reviews on Dermadry and decide to give it a try!
Balaji M.
I have suffered a lot with excessive sweating called hyperhidrosis. In my childhood I didn't even know what the condition was called. I always preferred dark colours to wear because of the hyperhidrosis,i can't hold hands with myself because of my hyperhidrosis. In my studying days I continually got excessively sweaty and because of the excessive sweat I did not perform well in my exams. But finally, I got a solution for my hyperhidrosis from Dermadry, thank you.
I have noticed that I have had hyperhidrosis since the age of 10 years old up until now. I have gotten different prescriptions from my doctor but they all didn't work. I have low self esteem because of my hyperhidrosis, and just this year I was able to find the cure for my hyperhidrosis when I found Dermadry. I'm now on my 7th week of treatment on my armpits, hands, and my feet.
I've had this disease since childhood maybe around age ten. I'm now 53 years old. I use socks all the time at home and at work, indoor or outdoor to function properly. Inside the socks I wear paper towels that I replace several times a day on a really bad day. Regular daily routine makes me sweat. This includes grooming in the morning, driving, working on my desk, cooking, washing dishes to name a few. I have to bring lots of paper towels all the time. I use it to pad my underarms, feet and use as a handkerchief. Having this disease made me very shy and I didn't want to be seen by people. I hide and remain anonymous as much as I can. But that of course limited my career advancement and social interactions. I hope that Dermadry would provide a lasting solution. I have been using it for maybe two months now and noticing some improvements. I want to be free wearing beautiful dresses and sandals without hiding in a blazer or wearing socks. I want to interact with people without fear of being embarrassed. I want to still do much more if only I am free of inhibitions.
Dyenkaye S.
My hyperhidrosis started when I was in elementary school until college. It has always been hard for me to do some stuff such as shaking other people's hands, holding some things such as my phone or paper because of the non-stop sweating of my hands. I'm also struggling to write during exams because my paper always gets wet cause of my excessive sweating in my hands. I can't leave the house without bringing a handkerchief or towel. When I was in college I studied in a physical education major where almost everyday we did some physical activity such as playing different sports. One time I noticed that my hyperhidrosis got worse and I almost lost my confidence because my friends were always asking me what happened to my hands, "it's like waterfalls" they said. Before I graduated college, I joined a giveaway hosted by Dermadry and luckily I won. I'm very happy because finally my hyperhidrosis was treated. I'm very happy that Dermadry changed my life when I started using it. Now, I'm free to do some stuff and not struggle because of excessive sweating, I'm happy that I gained my confidence back again.
I’ve been experiencing hyperhidrosis from a very young age. At that time, I didn’t know what it was and how I could reduce it. It just felt like my hands were warm and wet most of the time. In school, I had to choose very specific pens for writing (with rubber grips) so that the pen could actually stay in my hands. I would seldom reach for ink pens unless it was a “good day” for me which seldom happens. Even so, I would eventually switch to ballpoint pen at some point halfway through the day because of my sweaty palms. Even with the use of pens with grips, my handwriting would look horrible while my hands were sweating. As such, I prefer taking down notes digitally. However there are instances where that is not possible, such as in an exam situation. I remember layering tissues under my palm as I move along the paper writing my 1500-word essay during the exam with handwriting that doesn’t even resemble my actual penmanship. My papers would also wrinkle and curl due to my sweaty palms and it was embarrassing when I had to hand that in during the examination. This carried over to my adult life where I had to choose a job that is suitable such that my sweaty palms wouldn’t be a major issue or obstacle. Besides that, I do notice that my technological devices tend to get damaged easily as well. I am also unable to enjoy my hobbies that incidentally involve the use of writing materials. I hope that individuals with this condition will become aware of the possible solutions for hyperhidrosis and that more people will grow to be accepting and understanding towards individuals with these issues because this condition is literally “out of our hands” :’)
Merry R. D. S. C.
I've always had hyperhidrosis since middle school and it's really embarrassing and frustrating for me cause whatever clothes I wore even the loose t-shirts, wet armpits always show. It's really frustrating cause I've tried many kinds of anti-perspirants with the hopes of minimizing it but to no avail. Then I started using underarm pads. It works though I can't wear clothes that will make my armpit pads obvious, it's embarrassing. I really get jealous to people who don't sweat on their armpits even if they feel hot in a certain place. I really hope that the time will come that I will find something that will help me with this problem.
Evhonel C.
Hyperhidrosis affects my daily life especially my job because everything I touches gets wet. I find it very difficult to type in my computer because the keyboard always gets wet. Because of my hyperhidrosis I also did some shameful practices like putting sanitary pads in my armpits to avoid sweat stains in my shirt and it makes me feel very embarrassed. Every time I go outside I always need to bring extra pair of socks so I can change if my first pair of socks already gets soaked in sweat.
Melvin V. N.
"Raise your voice, break the stigma & live with confidence” Hyperhidrosis has been my problem ever since I was a kid, growing up with low self esteem, feeling extremely self-conscious, insecure, anxious, feeling mental anguish and depressed at times, it really made a big impact on my life, life-changing indeed that affects every detail. These ordinary things that normallu people do is a big challenge for me, which also impairs my daily activity such as wearing slippers, standing in line, having to shake someone’s hand, joining hands in prayer, job interviews, leaving pools of moisture on anything I touch, and holdinghands with my girlfriend! Adolescent romantic life was a mess for me, everytime when my wet hands smeared writing and wrinkled the paper sometimes people think that I was nervous on an exam or test because it was difficult for me to explain my condition. It also discouraged me from joining sports & socializing wasn’t my game at all. My sweaty hands make me paranoid that I will embarrass myself or disgust others; it was when the serious social repercussions of excessive sweating really hit me. It affected everything, now I'm 26 working as a Customer Service representative ata Cruise Ship front desk, where I need to deal and face our 3,000 guests everyday. I know for a long time that this was a real nightmare for me, but I challenged myself to do it normally as much as I can while providing them with good customer service and at the end of their cruise instead of giving them a handshake, I tend to improvise some elbow or fist bump. It is a really awkward situation, however, I need to take care of my profession and image, so I did some research and lots and lots of reading on techinques on how to get rid of this. I have tried herbal medications and home remedies because I can’t afford to spend a fortune for surgery. I read about Dermadry last year in 2019, and i urged myself to earn and buy this iontophoresis machine. Now i am on my 3rd session and the results are amazing, i put my trust on that one day i will live confidently without sweat.
Nikhil K.
United States
I first noticed my hyperhidrosis in middle school whenever I played on the tennis team. I would not be able to use the normal Wilson grip because it would slip and cause blisters on my hands. To this day, I have to use special Tourna grips to absorb the sweat. In addition, my feet would blister so much due to the hyperhidrosis. This condition worsened in college when I began meeting new people. I felt embarrassed to shake people's hands because of my sweaty palms. Because of this, I reverted to mostly fist bumps. Luckily, because of COVID-19, most people are doing fist or elbow bumps now. I felt uncomfortable when I had to wipe my hands before shaking hands with a professor or a recruiter.
Marlon B.
As a cake artist, it's so frustrating just to deal with even the simplest work every time the tsunami of sweat drips from my hands and ruins everything that my hands lay on. Even the simplest effort becomes excruciatingly difficult especially at work, everything I touch gets soaked and slips off my grip. As a cake decorator, it makes my career difficult.
Yashas S.
When I was 15 I noticed that my hands sweat and they always have a film on them. It has really affected my social life and limits my relationship with my girlfriend. While doing my 12th board exams I still sweat so much that it hinders my writing speed and I just keep on changing pens in the hope of getting a better grip on any of them so that I can finish my exam on time. The real reason I guess is nervousness, anxiety, excitation and well hot and humid environmental conditions. It makes me feel too uncomfortable during eating, studying and even during the examination time, even then I struggle a lot when I am outside. Personally, I have been suffering from sweating on palms (palmar hyperhidrosis) and feet (plantar hyperhidrosis). Public speaking never scared me, but shaking hands with anyone was a thing I dreaded. Nevertheless, it affects one's confidence negatively. I always wished to live a normal life just like other people though I saw other people suffered differently and I kept myself silent and cried in silence. When sweat drips, I feel helpless and it reminds the uncommonness in me. It sucks. The mind quickly sees the happy dry life of people around and compares it with my despair. I was so nervous that someone might notice my sweaty hands, that I would always try to make sure that I avoided shaking hands as much as possible. This condition had caused me a lot of anxiety and stress, while causing severe damage to my self-esteem. I struggle a lot while using laptops, while writing, while shaking hands with people, while driving, and much more. I have tried so many different deodorants and antiperspirants and none of them work. The only thing I can do till now is: 1. To stop closing my hands as a default mode 2. To wash my hands if they start sweating. I have tried visiting a dermatologist, exploring things on internet, using antiperspirants but none of them work. And the last but not least thing I can say is "yes, hyperhidrosis sucks". And the good thing is there are many treatments available today. So this is my long short story :)
United States
For anyone still on the fence, do it - it will change your life! I had excessive sweating in my palms before I used this, had it for the past 20+ years. Now after 3 weeks using the device for 3/4 times per week the improvement is immense. I don't need to worry about trivial things like shaking hands at interviews, high fiving some one or holding hands with a loved one.. I won't have to wipe my palms against my trousers anymore either! Having sweaty hands has always affected my confidence where I've become very self conscious about what other people will think, but this has been able to resolve my issue and my confidence is back to an all time high. My friends and family are sick of me telling them to touch my hands to see how dry & smooth they are now (make sure you apply hand cream so it's not rough/dry). Truly a game changer!
Vishal S. A.
Hyperhidrosis has affected me since childhood when I was just 11 years old (currently 20). At first I didn't know that sweating too much is considered abnormal and when I looked around everyone had dry hands but me. Some of my classmates never wanted to shake hands with me while others who did were often seen wiping off their hands with a disgusted look. To write anything, I've to keep a handkerchief or a small towel beneath my hands or else my notebook gets super wet. Many times while in school I had to rewrite again the whole thing due to the wet pages getting torn or smudged with ink. Today I also have to continuously wipe my hands while working on my laptop or else the keyboard gets wet and messy. I can't hold anything for more than 10 seconds or else sweat starts to drip heavily from my palms. Anxiety and nervousness triggers and doubles the amount of sweating. Wearing flip flops and sandals are a disaster as they would just slip out of my sweaty feet. Also my feet stink so much after removing the shoes or socks. Weather doesn't affect anything.My hands and feet still sweat whether it's hot, cold or raining outside. I've seen many doctors from allopathy to homeopathy to ayurveda but every single one of them has failed to cure my palms and feet.
Mariam B.
Saudi Arabia
'- I suffer from palmar, plantar and underarm hyperhidrosis (yeah, lucky me). - My sisters, although they love me, they still think that its gross whenever I show them my sweaty hands and feet. - I live in a desert country so heat+sand+hyperhidrosis=BIG NO. I can’t wear any decent sandals because of that otherwise it would get tacky and all muddy. - I can’t wear my colored clothes, I remember at a party I wore a maroon color shirt out of excitement and it had a huge pit sweat stain so I was constantly struggling to hide it. - I wear loose shirts or tank tops so my pits get aired out and won’t sweat. - I literally have to constantly wash my hands, cool them in front of an air conditioner or use tissue to dry my hands 24hrs a day. - My career choices do get affect a lot, because every time I've had an interview, I’m not sweating because I’m nervous, I’m nervous because I’m sweating (weird though). - It really takes tremendous courage to go out and socialize and meet-up with friends because when I do, half the time I’m thinking about my sweating and hiding it for no one to see. - I’m always isolating emotionally and professionally. Have to make up my mind and think about a thousand other positive things so I don’t get sweaty, but in the end I still do. Sometimes it's quite upsetting to think about how it would be like to someday not be sweating at all. - The things other people take for granted could mean everything for some people like us. - I’m building up courage every day to tell people that we’re so much more than this condition and still have hopes that it would someday fade away.
Ivana H.
United States
I have a problem with excessive sweating on my armpits. It’s embarrassing to go out and have sweat marks under your armpits. I’ve tried all kinds of deodorants but I always seem to sweat through everything.
Erez L.
Living in Thailand, and having the sweating problem in my palms and feet is not easy. (tropic weather). Finding the Dermadry Total was a blessing. As of now it reduced the sweating by over 50%. Looking forward to the future.
Catherine C.
[THE MANY PERSONAS OF CATHERINE] Here’s my hyperhidrosis story, alongside my many personas. In our country, the Philippines, it is hot and humid all-year round. And while tourists enjoy the Philippine sun so much, I’ve grown to despise it. Commuter Catherine commutes to school, and public transportation in our country isn't so advanced. Most of the time, I have to sit through an hour-long drive despite the many buckets I’m filling with my own sweat just to get to school. It has been like that ever since and so, sweating should not be a surprise, right? But there’s more to it than just sweating. It is so excessive to the point that even Student Catherine deals with it on a daily basis. Whenever I write notes for my classes, my palms would sweat a lot, making me lose the tight grip on my pen and wetting my paper. It’s just a hopeless case. Don’t even start me with Physical Catherine. I love doing physical activities and while I understand that it is inevitable to sweat, it’s just too much to bear. I have classmates who put up the same work in these activities as much as I do but here they are, with their underarms up in the air with no trace of anything. Meanwhile, there’s me with a literal map on both sides of my underarms. It doesn’t help that my sports shirt is light-colored. Did I mention that even with dark-colored ones, these literal maps prevail? Oh yes. When I get home from a day of commute-school-activity-commute, it’s still a surprise how much sweat I’ve accumulated. I guess, we just never get used to it, especially when it gets more overwhelming the next day. For all of these personas (Commuter Catherine, Student Catherine, and Physical Catherine), there’s only one truth that remains, and that is the Catherine with hyperhidriosis. While I’m all for empowerment and not letting insecurities get a hold of you, I must admit that having hyperhidrosis truly gets to me. It’s an insecurity of mine that hinders me from maximizing my capabilities as Commuter Catherine, Student Catherine, and Physical Catherine, and essentially from being the Catherine I want to be. But, I have high hopes for the future. Given the rise of technology (as seen in Dermadry’s technologies) now, I’m sure there’d come a time for me to replace this one universal truth with an even better reality- a Catherine that is secured and safe within the limits of her own body. I aspire to have that security for myself.
I always feel embrassed when someone comes to hand over something to me. I always feel embrassed during social events. I can't hold my fiance's hand, this really makes me annoyed.
I have had hyperhidrosis for all of my adult life. It has caused a huge issue in my professional and social life where I am always shy to shake hands. I finally came across Dermadry and am so excited to try the treatment and finally get over my social anxiety.
Natasha L.
I sweat really bad, I only ever wear black tops I never wear color. With using this machine I have started seeing a change in my sweating it is slowing down, which is starting to give me confidence on wearing color. That is huge for me, as I hate always wearing black. I hate sweating as much as I do.
Have you ever walked out of a movie theatre, classroom, or job interview because you sweat through your clothes? I have. I was never a sweaty child but for some reason as I grew out of my teenage years I became sweatier and sweatier. Now I have to change my shirts and socks several times a day. I can't even play video games because it makes my hands and feet so wet. I can't go out on dates without secretly changing my undershirt in the washroom. I sometimes wear 3 or 4 layers even when it is hot outside only to avoid my sweat stains showing for even an extra hour. I wish there was a cure and an explanation as to why I'm sweating so much!
Vanessa Mae A.
I always feel embarrassed for a hand shake thinking that they are grossed out with my wet hands. I am not comfortable wearing my sandals when going out because it would only harbor dirt on my wet feet and also, standing/walking on an inclined path makes me slide frontward. I usually wear a white blouse/shirt in order to conceal sweat marks. I had to put tissue on my soles to wear a closed sandal. I had to put extra tissue/paper on my hand when writing. I had been struggling donning gloves using non-powdered ones so I had to use bigger sizes.
Depuis le primaire j’ai commencé à sentir les effets de hypersustentation, c’était très désagréable, pendant les examens je ne pouvais pas tenir mon stylo, en grandissons je pensais que sa aller passer mais c’est devenu encore pire dans la vie sociale, dans le domaine professionnel j’hésite de serrer la main par manque de rejet, ça me gâche la vie …
Rocky R.
I am the only one in my family who is suffering from hyperhidrosis. I always wish to be normal because of this suffering. I get shy every time I meet people, as well as driving with other people. I have smelly feet because of hyperhidrosis. I can't even use slippers outside. I had a job before and my hands were very sweaty and I always got shy.
Kelli S.
United States
My first boyfriend (when I was very young) refused to hold my hand. People will drop their hands after dancing with me and wipe them with a disgusted look. I am terrified of shaking hands with others because they always wipe their hands after they shake mine. I never give high fives because people always mock me about my sweaty hands.
Eduardo C.
United States
Being young you don’t exactly know what normal feels like, thinking if others sweat as much when you take notes or approach a pretty girl across the hall. I’ve fought this since high school, it turned me away from finishing my engineering degree, and discouraged me to meet others. It didn’t ruin my life but it did affect it in many ways. My hands and feet tremendously sweat, I can’t wear sandals and I need to carry a towel with me at all times in case it gets out of hand. Trying different products, different doctors, taking it into my own hands by building a device, nothing has worked. I’ve learnt by now how to live with it by wearing certain types of clothing and not touching objects that I know will trigger it. It is still very uncertain to me because of how uncontrollable and random it can be, one day my hands will be fine and others they will literally drip and make puddles. I have no other problems as far anxiety or being really nervous so its been a huge mystery to me and burden in my life that I’ve pretty much given up on finding a solution for a very long time now. My parents recently showed me this website and the more I read on it the more hope I got, I’m very positive about the Dermadry product and I know it will put me back onto an even more successful path.
As an aspiring pianist, I find trying to control my palmar hyperhidrosis much more difficult than my actual piano lessons. But huge thanks to DermaDry Iontophoresis I’ve eliminated this problem out of the way and so I can now focus on delivering my favorite piano pieces very well. Plus my piano keys need not suffer from getting soaked from sweat too.
Lina Q.
United States
I have suffered from hyperhidrosis since I can recall. I grew up scared of shaking hands with strangers and holding hands with the boy I liked. I never found anyone that sweat as much as me. I would have to put a paper under my hands when writing, walk around with wrinkle clothes from drying my hands so much on them. As I entered my 20s, I was unable to wear heels or cute sandals without slipping. During interviews, it was embarrassing to shake someone’s hand because I could tell in their face they didn’t understand why my hands were wet. Now that I’m 25, I just graduated as a nurse and my biggest fear is maybe taking to long to put my gloves on when a patient starts to code or my patients complaining about my sweaty hands whenever I have to assess them. My parents and boyfriend seem to not care about it anymore but I feel like everyone else feels a bit of disgust whenever they touch my hands even if they don’t want to accept it or say “it’s ok”. After searching up about my condition I realized I’m not the only one and I’m not alone with this. I have others that understand me and experience my everyday struggles with hyperhidrosis.
United States
I have had hyperhidrosis for a decade starting in sixth grade. While I have tried Botox and oral medication to relieve the sweating, it only helps somewhat. I would say I have moderate to severe hyperhidrosis. In times when I am even relaxed, my hands will sweat so profusely, it may be hard to drive or walk when my feet get so sweaty. This has affected me both mentally and emotionally. I work in a communications profession. I love speaking and communicating to others, but when shaking hands or presenting, one would assume I am terrified. I am only terrified of people figuring out how sweaty my hands are. I have been severely embarrassed and been made fun of. I have to strategically find ways why my hands or feet may be wet, I have to wear specific shoes and I avoid going to places to get my nails or feet done because I fear the nail technicians would judge me. I have suffered for so long, and I now am confident enough to share my story with others who also experience the same issues I experience.
It's been too long and too many years of feeling helpless. Using tons of different deodorants or products guaranteed to work, but to no avail. Battling with hyperhidrosis can be crippling, but I finally found a friend in Dermadry to help me battle back. Something I can trust and rely on to get me back to my regular self again. I can finally be happy and enjoy wearing the things I love again.
Since I was 12, I sweat. It was so embarrassing to be a teenager and sweat and then even as an adult. My shirts are soaked, I have to change my shirt on average 5 times a day. I work in healthcare so having sweaty hands really hinders the way I do my job. Hyperhidrosis has really affected me physically and mentally. I don't socialize because I'm too embarrassed to go out. My whole body sweats excessively all the time. Sweating has made me depressed as well. Hyperhidrosis has affected me in all areas of life.
Jeanette T.
United States
Well, you asked for the face of hyperhidrosis. This is the face of hyperhidrosis and the body. I have a very rare version. I wouldn't say it's very rare. It's just not common with females. I inherited it from my father. I was in a research study and I can sweat rolling in the snow. I sweat everywhere on my body with the exception of my hands, my feet, and my armpits barely sweat. So, you know, people are constantly asking me, are you okay? Cause they're thinking I'm having a heart attack. Well, no, this is me on a normal basis. I'm a nurse. And when I introduce myself to a new person, a new patient or resident, I have to tell them, by the way, this normal for me, I sweat all the time and I tell them the story that I can roll in the snow and sweat because...I can. I've had this since I was a teenager as far back as I can remember, really. It's just gotten worse. The older I get the worse it gets. I was just outside for 15 minutes and here's the sweat. This is just the beginning of the sweat. My face will be drenched. And if I sit outside for more than 15, 20 minutes, I will be not only burned, but completely drenched. My arms right now are drenched. My legs have sweat on them as well, but again, my hands are dry. My armpits are dry. My feet, dry. So again, you wanted the face of hyperhidrosis, that's it. My name's Jen, I'm a nurse and I have hyperhidrosis.
Mary Jane S. G.
So grateful I have known this product through Facebook. It changed my life back to normal again. Goodbye social fears, worries and anxieties. Now I'm enjoying my life again free to attend meetings, social occasions and hold anything I want. I can wear any clothes and footwear. Thank you so much Dermadry and I highly recommended it to my friends I've known who suffers like mine.
United States
I have the same problem here same issue here there is millions of us with this issue I know how it feels I know what you feel
I always have to wipe my forehead and underarms when at work or doing chores around the house.
Christine L.
I've suffered from hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a small child I used to sweat excessively from my hands and feet. I later started sweating under my arms and my back, but it was still manageable. When I turned 25, I had ETS surgery for my hands to stop sweating. I regret not having it done at the same time for my feet. 5 years after having ETS surgery, I noticed I was sweating a lot all over my body. It just started getting worse and worse throughout the years, regardless of the weather or season. At the moment, I'm suffering from extreme compensatory sweating all over. Abdomen, between breasts, my whole back, sides of body, my buttocks and legs. It's so bad it actually drips down my body. I'm constantly wet and my clothes are always sticking to my body as if I've just come out the shower with my clothes on. The only place that doesn't sweat is my face. My left hand is also starting to sweat again. Its ruining my life in every sense. I feel like a lost cause. Does anyone really look for a cure? Will I have my life ruined forever? I'm taking oxybutilin (Ditropan) everyday, the only thing it dries is my mouth. I'm so desperate! I'm literally pouring sweat from my body as I write. I'm dripping all over. Is there anything one can do for compensatory sweating? Will there ever be a treatment/cure? I cannot live like this anymore. I need help desperately and am even prepared to be used for experimental purposes. Anything yo help myself and those going through similar situations. Please, help the HH community. Don't give up! And please do more investigation on compensatory sweat as well. You're our only hope. We count on you. Thanks for all you have done so far.
I have suffered from hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. It affects my palms, feet, underarms, chest and lower back mostly. Until my career choice of dentistry it has been something that I've managed to live with, although sometimes it's hard with sweat stains showing through my shirts and clammy hand shakes! However since starting at dental school the issue became more of a problem for me as I had to wear scrubs and lots of PPE, sweat stains often showed through these scrubs and even with a under shirt this has been an issue. The worst thing for me though is putting on gloves! Although washing hands often does help to alleviate this, as I'm sure others in a similar profession will know that often you're working in a hurry and it's not always possible to completely dry your hands. Hyperhidrosis makes putting on gloves increasing difficult which is embarrassing in front of patients, supervising clinicians and fellow students.
United States
I first knew I had a sweating problem back when I was a young teen at around 14-15 years old. I would tend to sweat a lot just by making any move. Back then, I did not really consider it a problem or even a solvable problem, but I knew that this kind of sweating was not normal. Once I turned 18, before going into college I decided to consider the things that made me uncomfortable with myself and my body. One of them being the amount of sweat that would burst out of my pores the second after leaving my house on a sunny day, or just by walking up a some stairs. I soon became aware that sweating so much was what led me to be so self conscious about myself. Avoiding going out with friends and family just to not sweat and embarrassed myself. Although I have always been a very active person, it annoyed me a lot that I would instantly sweat through whatever I was wearing at a family reunion or meeting some friends. It was not until I turned 20 that I told my sister about how uncomfortable this made me feel, and to my surprise she decided to help me and went with me to meet the dermatologist who told me I had hyperhidrosis and medicated me some pills that would calm the sweating. Since this meeting I have seen a major change in my life as well as in my self awareness allowing me to feel more comfortable in my own skin, freeing myself from my own judgement.
Sabrina D. S.
United Arab Emirates
I have been experiencing hyperhidrosis since the age of 13 and have been suffering from it on my hands, feet and underarms. It’s really hard to get things done, and especially when certain activities involve more hands on work.
I am 25 years old and I’ve had hyperhidrosis (excessive sweat on my hands and feet) since my childhood. I have been ashamed and failed in many places and times because of this problem. For example, in sports, exams, friends, family, school, college, and work. Most of the time I would try to avoid important meetings, which also affected my career and relationships. In school, people were not mature enough to understand this. Sometimes, I thought it would cure itself automatically and my mom also told me that. When I finished my school studies, I went to the hospital, but they didn’t have any idea about this and they gave me some useless medicine, it was a waste of my time and money and made me sad. I had some trouble when I started searching jobs for my future. I did mechanical engineering and it was field-work related. When I go to interviews, I get so nervous and feel a lot of pressure. I finally tried to search about hyperhidrosis and what are treatments are available. Through the internet I found ETS surgery. but my family will not allow me to do this because of the side effects of this surgery. Then I found iontophoresis treatment, a low risk treatment with less side effects. I searched and studied a lot about iontophoresis. Finally, I got Dermadry, after seeing positive reviews everywhere. The team also gave me a good response for answering all my doubts and questions. Finally, I took the decision to try it. This is one of the greatest decisions I have ever taken in my life. I am in Oman, and I ordered from here. After one week I got it and immediately started the treatment 5 times per week for 6 weeks. I have no more sweat now and am doing it 2 times per week and have experienced life-changing results. Unfortunately, now that I actually feel confident shaking hands, I can’t because of COVID-19!
I was 7 years old when I realized that there was something wrong with both my hands and feet. I used to carry a handkerchief to wipe the sweat in my hands and I used to wear slippers with cloth material so that it can absorb the sweat from my feet. Because of hyperhidrosis. I'm losing my confidence.
United States
I have struggled with excessive sweating since I was a baby. As a child my sweating didn't really bother me I just had to change my shirt more than once a day and drink a lot of water, as I've grown up its become really embarrassing and now i have to change not only my shirt but my pants and undergarments as well. I don't even like going outside anymore because I will sweat even on a nice day. I've tried everything in the book to get it to stop and nothing has helped, no medicines, not even botox. And because it's on my back and sides and chest that's not a common thing so there aren’t a lot of other treatment options as the underarms or hands/feet. That picture doesn't even show the worst of it because i actually changed my shirt previously that day. It's a struggle and no one really understands how much not only physically it effects me but mentally as well. I wish there was more awareness of it as well as more treatment options.
Mildred D. C.
It is so hard to have hyperhidrosis because my hand are always wet especially when I was taking a written exam for my work. My test paper looked like a tissue paper because of my wet hands but after using the machine I bought., my sweaty hands got under control. Thanks Dermadry.
Fatima A.
I started noticing excessive sweating when I was about 12 years old. My hands would constantly be wet and my clothes started getting unusually damp around my armpits. I was afraid of wearing colours as they showed my sweat marks. Every clothing purchase I made, I had to analyze through my sweating issue: Will it make me more sweaty? Will it show my sweat stains? It started affecting my life more and more, and put me into uncomfortable situations with my friends, co-workers, classmates, and other people I interact with. On the bus, every handle and pole i touch becomes slick with sweat, and I’m conscious of holding the straps at the top of the bus since my sweat circles are more apparent when I lift my arms. When going to interviews, I constantly have to excuse myself from shaking the interviewer’s hand by saying, “Sorry, my hands are clammy,” in order to not put them into an uncomfortable situation. When writing tests, my hands leave wet marks on the paper which often smears my written work. My phone rarely recognizes my fingerprint because of the sweat. I am constantly conscious of any sweat smells others may be feeling around me, no matter what and how much deodorant I use. I am in constant need of wiping my hands on a tissue or on my clothes before I touch any objects or hold any for long periods of time.
Eric C.
Hyperhidrosis started to affect me in my early 20s. Excessive sweating in my armpits has never been easy during my university life. Light color clothes are not in my options anymore. My temporarily solution to this is to insert tissue paper under my armpits to absorb the sweat from time to time just to avoid the stains being visible to other people. I always feel stressed when I am outside of my home and will keep on checking my clothes to see if they are already wet and try as hard to keep them looking dry. The only time I feel relaxed is when I am home and I can take off my shirt without being concerned of the sweat dripping down. I have tried medical antiperspirants and I don't see any improvement. I got a little bit excited when I found out about Dermadry after hours of research regarding treatment for hyperhidrosis. I hope that this machine will really help me!
Isabelle W.
United States
I have had hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. From wiping my hands before a handshake to struggling to hold a pencil while soaking my paper with sweat, I am no stranger to the discomfort it comes with. It had been a constant cause of discomfort for me for a long time. I discovered DermaDry earlier this year after finally researching a solution and immediately purchased one. I was skeptical at first because my hyperhidrosis was so severe and I had dealt with it for so long, however my constant sweating was gone within two weeks! Now, I can't even imagine living with sweaty hands. I am so grateful for my DermaDry!