The Voices of Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a highly misunderstood, underreported, and stigmatized condition whose effects are wide-ranging and life-altering. It affects 365 million people worldwide, yet people are still suffering in silence. With your help, we are changing that.
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Roxane C.
Iran, Islamic Republic of
I have been suffering with hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. I feel like I missed out on so much and refrained myself from doing so many things because of this condition. I prevented myself from partaking in any activities that would expose my condition. I never left the house without a towel or packet of tissues, constantly clutching it in my hands to prevent sweat from dripping. I bought the Dermadry late last year and I can honestly say I feel like a new person. As long as I keep on top of my treatments, I have dry hands and feel like I can take on anything thrown my way. I'm even trying new things I was always afraid to try like piano lessons. Dermadry is a life changer for people with hyperhidrosis and would highly recommend.
Justin C.
United States
For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from embarrassing, excessive sweating. I remember being challenged throughout childhood by not having the confidence to participate in most school activities. Simple tasks such as taking a test on paper made me anxious as I knew that I would be leaving sweat stains on not only the paper but also the desk and chair. Holding anyone's hand was simply out of the question and taking my shoes off brought on the fear of someone seeing the sweat marks my soaked socks left behind. Doctors didn't seem to be knowledgeable about the condition and told me that "I would grow out of it". Fast forward to adulthood and my condition worsened. Working jobs where dress shoes were required became complicated. I would end up purchasing new shoes sometimes on a monthly basis as within just a few weeks, my excessive sweating would ruin the inside of my shoes and start deteriorating the outside. Swapping out undershirts multiple times a day helped prevent the underarm sweat from bleeding through to my work shirt and suit. I would hide a hand towel under the desk to dry my hands off when they were dripping with sweat, though coworkers caught on after a while as to what I was doing. Doctors recommended multiple medications that resulted in frustrating side effects such as severely swollen hands where I was unable to type on a keyboard. I began researching clothing that helped minimize the effects of my excessive sweating. I stocked up on undershirts that included a liner to block sweat from reaching my outer shirt. Special, moisture-wicking socks helped keep my feet dry when I wasn't wearing shoes. Breathable, mesh-like dress shoes that were washable helped immensely but still required some form of maintenance to ensure they remained in good condition and without sweat marks. I even used a selection of topical products on a daily basis that helped ever so slightly with minimizing the sweating. All of these measures helped but didn't resolve the underlying issue. During some down-time between jobs, I decided to try iontophoresis. I had learned about Dermadry a while back and purchased the kit when a sale piqued my interest. After all, I had tried most other methods. Why not try this one? I had read so many raving reviews that I actually thought this could be the key to controlling my hyperhidrosis. After just one week, I began seeing seriously impressive results and was able to work the treatment into a routine. After a few months of using this product three times a week, I am so happy to say that this treatment has changed my life. My confidence in a lot of social situations is starting to rebound and I'm enjoying being able to wear different types of clothing that I wouldn't dare try before. While it hasn't permanently solved my hyperhidrosis, it has allowed me to keep it in check and reduce the effects by about 80%. I honestly can't imagine myself living with the amount of excessive sweating that I dealt with for so many years.
Jwency R.
I grew up with severe hyperhidrosis. As a child, I lost my confidence. Many times I choose not to socialize with others. As I grow older, it really makes me feel I am different. I am afraid to shake-hands with corporate people since most of them will wipe their hands after, I always bring extra towels and I feel down every time there are people who will tell a joke about my situation. I am depressed and helpless.
Not only do I sweat so much, I’m wet constantly, but it also smells putrid and ruins my life.
United States
I first knew I had a sweating problem back when I was a young teen at around 14-15 years old. I would tend to sweat a lot just by making any move. Back then, I did not really consider it a problem or even a solvable problem, but I knew that this kind of sweating was not normal. Once I turned 18, before going into college I decided to consider the things that made me uncomfortable with myself and my body. One of them being the amount of sweat that would burst out of my pores the second after leaving my house on a sunny day, or just by walking up a some stairs. I soon became aware that sweating so much was what led me to be so self conscious about myself. Avoiding going out with friends and family just to not sweat and embarrassed myself. Although I have always been a very active person, it annoyed me a lot that I would instantly sweat through whatever I was wearing at a family reunion or meeting some friends. It was not until I turned 20 that I told my sister about how uncomfortable this made me feel, and to my surprise she decided to help me and went with me to meet the dermatologist who told me I had hyperhidrosis and medicated me some pills that would calm the sweating. Since this meeting I have seen a major change in my life as well as in my self awareness allowing me to feel more comfortable in my own skin, freeing myself from my own judgement.
United States
Since I was in elementary school, I've dealt with extreme overactive sweat glands in my hands, feet, underarms, and most recently, groin. It doesn't matter if I'm cold or hot, nervous or calm. Since 9th grade, I've been taking an oral medication that has significantly decreased the amount of sweat, but even with medicine, it's a huge problem. It comes out so heavily, making me wet, uncomfortable, and self conscious. I've learned to pick outfits according to how sweaty I think I'll be that day. I separated myself from groups of people and Sunday school classes because I didn't want to touch anyone or be called gross. As a child, my pencil would slip out of my hand while writing, and my paper would become soaked. I'd leave puddles on the keyboard in typing class. The driver's ed teacher had to wipe down the steering wheel for the next student. I learned to live a life of hiding. As an adult, I still prefer my distance from people. On my wedding day, I couldn't even hold my husband's hands at the altar because they were dripping and swollen with wetness. I had to go barefoot because the heels kept slipping off my feet. The ring almost didn't fit because my fingers were so swollen (think pool fingers). To top that off, sweat was literally dripping down my arms while I said my vows. I embrace my condition more now than I did, but as a school aged girl, it was so much harder to deal with. While the medicine I take has helped, I get anxious about running out. A day without the pill (& sometimes even if I take a full dose), my whole body becomes a water fountain. I started sleeping with a towel in high school because it was hard to fall asleep with wet hands. Thank God for the medicine I take (glycopyrrolate), but I so desperately want a more permanent and more reliable solution. The creams don't work. The fancy deodorants don't work. Sweatblock worked for a while, but it tore up my skin. Carpe is good to use in addition to, but I wouldn't rely on it working independently, at least for me. Botox is expensive and painful. Someday I hope to get a surgery where they clip a nerve that somehow controls sweat release, but until then, I will gladly be an advocate for hyperhidrosis awareness. It is an under-Researched, misunderstood condition that needs a REAL solution. It physically affects school life, work life, and home life, as well as self esteem.
Christine L.
I've suffered from hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a small child I used to sweat excessively from my hands and feet. I later started sweating under my arms and my back, but it was still manageable. When I turned 25, I had ETS surgery for my hands to stop sweating. I regret not having it done at the same time for my feet. 5 years after having ETS surgery, I noticed I was sweating a lot all over my body. It just started getting worse and worse throughout the years, regardless of the weather or season. At the moment, I'm suffering from extreme compensatory sweating all over. Abdomen, between breasts, my whole back, sides of body, my buttocks and legs. It's so bad it actually drips down my body. I'm constantly wet and my clothes are always sticking to my body as if I've just come out the shower with my clothes on. The only place that doesn't sweat is my face. My left hand is also starting to sweat again. Its ruining my life in every sense. I feel like a lost cause. Does anyone really look for a cure? Will I have my life ruined forever? I'm taking oxybutilin (Ditropan) everyday, the only thing it dries is my mouth. I'm so desperate! I'm literally pouring sweat from my body as I write. I'm dripping all over. Is there anything one can do for compensatory sweating? Will there ever be a treatment/cure? I cannot live like this anymore. I need help desperately and am even prepared to be used for experimental purposes. Anything yo help myself and those going through similar situations. Please, help the HH community. Don't give up! And please do more investigation on compensatory sweat as well. You're our only hope. We count on you. Thanks for all you have done so far.
Shannel K.
United States
I've been living with hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. I've always distanced myself when in family gatherings, social gatherings, etc. It makes me very insecure. I thought I was the only one until I found this website it made me feel better that I'm not alone in suffering from this. I can't afford it yet but when I can I know my life will be changed for the better. I hope sharing my story can make someone feel better and know that they're not alone.
Froilan V.
Since I was a kid I thought it was normal that I sweat a lot in my feet, hands, and all over my body cause I play a lot. But then I realized as I'm getting older that I get sweaty a lot and it's not normal. Already especially meeting other people to have to shake hands and I am embarrassed always getting wet hands and my feet don't smell good every time I removed my shoes. Wish my HH would be cured so that I will be confident dealing with other people, making friends and getting on social activities.
I always have to wipe my forehead and underarms when at work or doing chores around the house.
Cora O.
I’m 21 years old and for as long as I can remember I’ve had sweaty palms. The past few years, I’ve experienced intense hyperhidrosis, always affecting what I choose to wear or clothes to buy, but most noticeably on my forehead. No matter where I go or what I do it ruins my makeup and my hair. I’ve tried over the counter products and ordered special creams but they don’t help. It sucks a lot, and solutions like Botox are expensive, so I just have to deal with the embarrassment every time i leave my house.
Tamba M.
United States
I’ve had hyperhidrosis since I was in elementary school. It’s been difficult in school and with my social life because people get grossed out when they feel my hands and my work always gets soaked.
Lauren S
United States
I've suffered from hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I thought it was normal, but as I grew older it became more obvious that it wasn’t. Although I suffer from hyperhidrosis all over and not just a specific body part, the most extreme parts are my hands and feet. It was especially stressful when I had to write essays in school or had to take exams because I had to keep wiping my hands every few seconds. I made sure to wear fabrics that would absorb sweat such as cotton shirts and denim jeans instead of wooly sweatshirts and workout leggings. The sweat also made it super difficult to find summer shoes. I couldn’t wear normal sandals or flip flops because my feet would slip within them and made it very hard to walk. I could only wear sandals with a suede footbed such as Birkenstock’s which I am so grateful to have found. It seemed like such a mission to find a pair that worked for me and accommodated the sweat that would inevitably come from my feet. I took a chance with purchasing an iontophoresis machine from Dermadry but I figured I had nothing to lose and they had such a good return policy. After about 2 weeks of treatment I saw it working and I am so happy with it that I can’t even believe it actually works. I have suffered with hyperhidrosis for so long and tried many different things to prevent it such as only wearing certain fabrics, changing my diet, and purchasing antiperspirant sprays that only left me feeling very itchy. I am so thrilled to find something that finally works.
Subodh K.
I suffer from excessive sweating on my hands, feet, and armpits.
Sasha S.
United States
I have suffered with hyperhidrosis since middle school. Being an athlete made it no better. It has been embarrassing and I have went from underarm pads, to every deodorant and anti-perspirant you can think of. It seems to have gotten worse over time to the point where I could just be sitting still and sweat would leak down from my underarm I’m drops like I had just finished a mile run and due to my underarm being constantly wet, I would get like diaper rashes. It was stressful! I can honestly say that now, thanks to Duradry, I have yet to experience any wet armpits! I am so excited that I no longer have to continuously throw away shirts due to sweat stains! I’m never going back!!!
Candice F.
I have suffered with severe sweating on my hands and feet since I can remember. Hyperhidrosis affected my confidence, causing social and emotional stress. I am so happy that I found a successful treatment using iontophoresis.
Danika A.
I avoid participating in activities that make me sweaty. I feel confident about doing the activity but because of my severe sweating of hands, feet and underarms I tend to refuse to avoid embarrassment. • I've always wanted to learn how to draw and paint. But I give up every time the paper is soaked with the sweat of my hands. • I've never owned open high heels. I always want to wear one and attend formal events. I just wear white sneakers and told my friends I didn't have time to buy one. • I only buy white or black colored shirts; any color that won't make my underarm sweat visible. There were times that I have to wear light shirt colors for a day in a school so I avoid interactions as much as possible because it makes me nervous and sweaty. • I sometimes avoid ordering to restaurants because sometimes when the cashier hands out the change I receive them with sweaty hands. • I love playing games mobile, PC or console. I just play for a short amount of time, sometimes the game play can be intense and it makes me nervous. I've been invited to participate in a tournament in our school, but clearly, I refused because of hyperhidrosis. • I love to dance with my friends. For now, I dance alone in my room. The dance floor is dangerously sweaty. • I love to do karaoke with my friends. Passing the microphone after my turn is embarrassing. • I sometimes excuse myself to the bathroom just to shake off my shirt and dry my underarms. • I know myself as a lively and perky person, but in some situations I act shy and quiet so that I won't use up my energy and sweat. Especially when meeting new people. Hyperhidrosis made me regret a lot of my decisions. I use it as an excuse to save myself from embarrassment. Telling the reason alone to other people is embarrassing enough.
Mary C. W.
United States
I have had hyperhidrosis since I can remember. I remember in school no one wanted to hold my hand at ring around the Rosie, that’s when I first realized I was different. My mom would make me soak my hands and feet in formaldehyde for 30 min to an hour to see if it would help and it did not. I have tried several therapies over the years like electrical stimulation and creams. Now that I am 42 I have just learned to live with it and tell people about it instead of being embarrassed. I do Jujitsu which normally you would not wear socks , I wear socks though so to my feet being so sweaty. I try to avoid handshaking and shoes without socks. I hope that maybe I release more toxins because of it but who knows. I just have learned to live with it and it doesn’t bring me down anymore, but was very difficult as a teen.
Erica V.
I have hyperhidrosis all over my body, but my feet seem to sweat the most. I almost always wear socks and close toed shoes for fear of other people noticing the sweat dripping off my feet. I can’t count the number of times I’ve dried my feet off with toilet paper in the bathroom during an event for which I wore heels. The discomfort and embarrassment from my sweating have caused me to always focus on trying to hide my condition when I’m out, rather than just enjoy myself.
United States
I have suffered from hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. My goal has always been to be comfortable wearing shoes without socks on. For many years I have always only been able to buy sandals with suede soles because of how sweaty my feet would get in plastic sandals. I have already noticed a difference with DermaDry. I am looking forward to wearing the shoes in the picture for my upcoming wedding!
Mary D
These are my underarm sweat stains. My hyperhidrosis started in my childhood and it bothers my life so bad, and it hinders me from doing what I love. It affects the quality of my life.
I’m 25 years old, and a future doctor. I suffer from severe hyperhidrosis since I was a child. I don’t know what it's like to wear sandals or flip flops, to wear colorful t-shirts and pretty dresses, and I am always embarrassed if someone notices that I have paper tissues in my hands, and asks about them. I really want to get rid of this problem, because now it’s going to interfere with my medical career, for which I’ve worked so hard, and it’s been enough. I’m tired, and I don’t want to hide anymore
I was 7 years old when I realized that there was something wrong with both my hands and feet. I used to carry a handkerchief to wipe the sweat in my hands and I used to wear slippers with cloth material so that it can absorb the sweat from my feet. Because of hyperhidrosis. I'm losing my confidence.
I’ve had hyperhidrosis ever since middle school. It has recently gotten worse and is very embarrassing in social situations.
Throughout my life, I have been suffering with hyperhidrosis. I did not realize then that it was even considered a clinical condition. Living in a tropical country makes it difficult to move around with this condition because it gives me a hard time to walk around with flip flops because of my sweaty feet. If I wear shoes, the socks will get soiled and will end up smelly once I remove them. The embarrassment it gives me is something that I have faced back in my country, the Philippines. But when I moved to Dubai, I was not prepared for what was waiting for me there. I am a keen runner and running outdoors is one of my favorite forms of exercise. That picture was taken on a humid day of August 12, 2016. During this period, between June to September, the weather in the Middle east could reach up to 50 degrees Celsius (basically an outdoor sauna). The sweat is simply dripping off of my shorts and down to my shoes making it impossible to even walk, let alone run. Because of this, every time I run or walk, I would leave a wet foot print from my soaking wet shoes. This is more than embarrassing, its uncomfortable and humiliating.
"Would I ever be able to find love?" My whole body, especially my face, neck, and scalp, sweat excessively. Of course even if I don't feel hot, nor exercise... Hyperhidrosis has been disturbing my love life greatly. It is embarrassing indeed when you sweat a lot during a date, while your partner doesn't. I even try not to be intimate if there are no fans or air conditioning. As well, this condition affects my work performance too, which needs close body contact with patients. I feel so ashamed and unattractive as a female whenever I sweat...a lot. I think I would sell my soul if anyone could change this condition I have.
I am 22 and have dealt with hyperhidrosis for more or less my whole life. My hyperhidrosis has been classed as severe by a specialist however due to my age many treatments have been out of bounds and I have found dealing with it (especially now in my adult life) very difficult. I suffer with it all over my body, however my hands, feet and armpits have been the most problematic; My confidence has been completely shattered, I avoid colored clothes altogether for fear of embarrassment and tend to layer up to hide my condition which usually makes everything worse, although I have no choice but to do so. For years and years I have tried my best to hide my condition from the people closest to me as not only am I completely embarrassed by it, but a lot of people don't understand the severity of the condition or the disruption it causes to everyday life. At the moment I have to carry around a portable fan in attempt to keep my hands dry (as driving has become dangerous) and all my sandals have been professionally lined with suede to allow me to at least attempt to be feminine when my feet are not stuffed in trainers. Packing lightly is never an option as I can easily go through 3/4 pairs of socks and T-shirts in a day and deodorant doesn't stand a chance against the amount of sweat I produce. So far I have tried multiple medicated antiperspirants which have done nothing but burn the surface of my skin, 3 different anticholinergics which dried up all the moisture in my body (mouth & skin) but didn't even come close to reducing the sweating and 2 courses of botox in my armpits which unfortunately didn't help either. In general my life is centered around my hyperhidrosis and is at the core of all my fashion and life choices. This condition has caused me to develop very intense social anxiety and I do fear for my future as it weighs so much on my mind and makes me feel worthless. Personally for me Dermadry is the light at the end of the tunnel, it is the last non-surgical method of treating hyperhidrosis that I can try and although I am only just over a week in I am already so confident in it. After the 1st couple of days I did see an increase in my sweating however yesterday was the 1st time EVER that (apart from after a shower) I wasn't forced to take off my soaked t-shirt!!!:) Staff are amazing and so attentive and I cannot wait to share my results with the world.
United States
I drip sweat from my armpits, hands, and feet at all hours of the day. I haven't worn anything but black clothing in over a decade to prevent sweat stains and constantly looking like I just finished a marathon. I dare not shake hands with anyone unless they insist, and often feel the need to apologize when they reflexively wipe my sweat away. I'm anemic, so even when I'm ice cold my body is covered in sweat; making it even more difficult to get warm enough to stop the chills. I can't wear sandals, or go anywhere barefoot because I slip around on my sweat and leave wet footprints in my wake. My hand sweat limits my ability to grip anything smooth, making safety features almost entirely useless to me (like hand rails on stairs). On top of how gross it must look from the outside seeing someone drenched in sweat regardless of activity and weather, I also can't do enough to prevent how quickly I smell dreadful from the excessive sweating. My job requires me to wear gloves for paramedical tasks and that requires me to dry my hands before and after each pair of gloves; as well as change my gloves more often than most because they pool with sweat and drip down my arms. I have to remove the gloves and dry myself again to re-glove so that I can finish my task while remaining sterile. There isn't an avenue in my life that isn't affected by my relentless sweating, and I can only hope we find better ways to treat and manage hyperhidrosis.
Depuis le primaire j’ai commencé à sentir les effets de hypersustentation, c’était très désagréable, pendant les examens je ne pouvais pas tenir mon stylo, en grandissons je pensais que sa aller passer mais c’est devenu encore pire dans la vie sociale, dans le domaine professionnel j’hésite de serrer la main par manque de rejet, ça me gâche la vie …
Evhonel C.
Hyperhidrosis affects my daily life especially my job because everything I touches gets wet. I find it very difficult to type in my computer because the keyboard always gets wet. Because of my hyperhidrosis I also did some shameful practices like putting sanitary pads in my armpits to avoid sweat stains in my shirt and it makes me feel very embarrassed. Every time I go outside I always need to bring extra pair of socks so I can change if my first pair of socks already gets soaked in sweat.
Shannen B.
I experience excessive sweating of the hands and feet. It is very embarrassing, especially when I go out every day, and it is very difficult when I am at work, especially since I have to work on a computer and use a ball pen and paper. I can't work properly when my hands are sweating. It is very difficult when something like this happens every day.
Isabelle W.
United States
I have had hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. From wiping my hands before a handshake to struggling to hold a pencil while soaking my paper with sweat, I am no stranger to the discomfort it comes with. It had been a constant cause of discomfort for me for a long time. I discovered DermaDry earlier this year after finally researching a solution and immediately purchased one. I was skeptical at first because my hyperhidrosis was so severe and I had dealt with it for so long, however my constant sweating was gone within two weeks! Now, I can't even imagine living with sweaty hands. I am so grateful for my DermaDry!
Megan W.
Hyperhidrosis has always been a part of my life, it has impacted me in various ways growing up. I live in Scotland and part of our schooling includes learning Scottish country dancing, which meant I had to dance with a boy! Dancing with boys was embarrassing enough as a young girl but my hyperhidrosis made it so much worse. Word got around about my sweaty hands and I could see the dread in each boy's eyes if they were paired with me, they could be quite vocal about it too. I ended up with the nickname Sweaty Betty and was bullied quite badly throughout my school years. When I started dating I experienced new challenges. I remember wearing gloves every time I held hands with my first boyfriend in an attempt to hide my hands from him. Spring came around and I had to tell him, thankfully he was very supportive and never made it an issue. On a second date I was making cupcakes and the sprinkles kept sticking to my hands… my secret was revealed earlier than I had planned. I have been with my current partner for 7 years so thankfully hyperhidrosis doesn't invade my romantic life anymore. Generally I try to hide it from people, I am not a hand shaker for example! It may come up if I am at the nail salon or if I give someone something I have been holding - it's gonna be sweaty! I find that sometimes people actually laugh when I explain it, I am not sure if others find that too. However, I am now a medical student and a large part of my learning and future job involves examining patients. This has been particularly difficult to deal with as I can't really hide it anymore, from patients or my peers. It makes me appear nervous when I am not, and if I am nervous the sweating is so much worse. Practicing CPR on a dummy is mortifying, I leave behind a puddle of sweat. I've had to confront the emotional and psychological toll it is taken on me regarding my self-confidence, I am a rather sensitive soul. Thankfully, I have recently been given a Dermadry machine and that has made a huge difference to my sweating. It's taking time to find a place for it in my schedule and get into a routine, but I am much more hopeful for the future.
I have suffered from hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. It affects my palms, feet, underarms, chest and lower back mostly. Until my career choice of dentistry it has been something that I've managed to live with, although sometimes it's hard with sweat stains showing through my shirts and clammy hand shakes! However since starting at dental school the issue became more of a problem for me as I had to wear scrubs and lots of PPE, sweat stains often showed through these scrubs and even with a under shirt this has been an issue. The worst thing for me though is putting on gloves! Although washing hands often does help to alleviate this, as I'm sure others in a similar profession will know that often you're working in a hurry and it's not always possible to completely dry your hands. Hyperhidrosis makes putting on gloves increasing difficult which is embarrassing in front of patients, supervising clinicians and fellow students.
Fatima A.
I started noticing excessive sweating when I was about 12 years old. My hands would constantly be wet and my clothes started getting unusually damp around my armpits. I was afraid of wearing colours as they showed my sweat marks. Every clothing purchase I made, I had to analyze through my sweating issue: Will it make me more sweaty? Will it show my sweat stains? It started affecting my life more and more, and put me into uncomfortable situations with my friends, co-workers, classmates, and other people I interact with. On the bus, every handle and pole i touch becomes slick with sweat, and I’m conscious of holding the straps at the top of the bus since my sweat circles are more apparent when I lift my arms. When going to interviews, I constantly have to excuse myself from shaking the interviewer’s hand by saying, “Sorry, my hands are clammy,” in order to not put them into an uncomfortable situation. When writing tests, my hands leave wet marks on the paper which often smears my written work. My phone rarely recognizes my fingerprint because of the sweat. I am constantly conscious of any sweat smells others may be feeling around me, no matter what and how much deodorant I use. I am in constant need of wiping my hands on a tissue or on my clothes before I touch any objects or hold any for long periods of time.
United States
I have struggled with excessive sweating since I was a baby. As a child my sweating didn't really bother me I just had to change my shirt more than once a day and drink a lot of water, as I've grown up its become really embarrassing and now i have to change not only my shirt but my pants and undergarments as well. I don't even like going outside anymore because I will sweat even on a nice day. I've tried everything in the book to get it to stop and nothing has helped, no medicines, not even botox. And because it's on my back and sides and chest that's not a common thing so there aren’t a lot of other treatment options as the underarms or hands/feet. That picture doesn't even show the worst of it because i actually changed my shirt previously that day. It's a struggle and no one really understands how much not only physically it effects me but mentally as well. I wish there was more awareness of it as well as more treatment options.
United States
From funny experiences to personal inconveniences I can be thankful for Hyperhidrosis for it is a huge factor to what made me, me. As I am writing this I can feel the beads of sweat forming on my palms, and feet, slowly turning to rivers and ultimately to what feels like oceans. Every couple lines that I write I am obliged to wipe my hands or be forced to bear a waterlogged (in this case, sweat-logged) keyboard. As of right now my home is a comfy 75 degrees Fahrenheit but even in the chilliest of temperatures reaching below the freezing point of water, my hands and subsequently feet are inclined to cool me off. Whatever it may be in my hands for a long period of time will eventually feel the presence of a gradual to an unyielding flood. Though, sometimes I forget about my hyperhidrosis when I’m having a good time. As in playing with my dog, Bella. We would chase one another around the house, most notably through the kitchen and dining room area where the kitchen had laminate flooring and the dining room had carpet. I get so caught up that Bella might catch me that I don’t notice the ends of my appendages starting to sweat in anticipation I might “lose”, that is until my feet hit a 90 degree turn from the kitchen toward the dining room and my feet have absolutely no grip. I also remember back when I was still going to daycare and they had a game room I would always play the stand up arcade Sonic the Hedgehog game. I would get so into the game I didn’t notice my hands sweating but when it came time to switch players I was forced to remember since the daycare lady would make a big deal of it and come in with a spray bottle and paper towels. She never understood why every time I was done playing, the console was pretty much always soaked, even going on to assume I was sucking or spitting on the controls, which was never the case. This evolved to my consciousness to my electronics keyboard/mouse/phone which I have to pause from time to time wherever I’m at to wipe off the excess amount of pooled sweat because my phone can’t distinguish where I am pressing or I could potentially short another keyboard/mouse. This also brings me to when I first held the hand of my significant other, not only is it embarrassing for me to leave a sweat print on my partner but in some instances they refuse to hold my hand because of that very fact. There’s also good things that come out of this condition as well like the extra grip I have whenever my hands first begin to sweat, or when they’re soaking I have in essence some heat resistance, or even perhaps a neat nickname! When I was in high school and the people I’ve grown up with all my life knew me and of my condition, found it strange when my hands were dry. On the bus going home one day one of these friends felt my hand by accident and noticed they were dry and even went on to comment something along the lines of “Woah! Your hands are dry for once!”. Growing up with this condition I began to notice when my hands would sweat, so I replied with “I bet I can make them start sweating”. As they held my hand, I closed my eyes and started thinking in depth about falling off of a skyscraper, when I truly thought about it and put myself in that situation, my hands started sweating! To their surprise and somewhat mine, I was dubbed then onward “Aquaman”. Some might suggest wearing gloves, I too thought of this and for a brief time wore latex gloves since they were easy to get plus disposable. At the end of a mere 15 minutes, when I took those gloves off my hands were quite literally dripping with sweat, let alone the sample collected in the gloves. Needless to say, I didn’t go the glove route, not even cotton gloves since when I lay in bed at night and my feet begin to create cesspools which soak into my blankets. When my feet stopped producing sweat I was forced to still feel the coldness of the markings they left. For those of you without hyperhidrosis, I implore you to dump a quarter cup of water on the foot section of your blanket you’re wrapped in and move your feet across it, then you will feel my nightly struggle. I have also been to the doctor to get prescribed a solution to rub on my hands and feet at night to eradicate my problem but after a week I fall off of this newfound regiment with the thought that one day it might come in handy. Along with the fact that it is just a part of me. While I have to be self aware about it, I started carrying around a handkerchief to wipe my hands whenever they become too bad. Who knows, one day it might actually be useful and bring an advantage others without this condition might not have.
United States
I feel very uncomfortable and stressed out because of hyperhidrosis.
Maria I.
I only learned a few years ago about the term for this condition when I went to see a specialist. At that time, only the US and UK sold the machine and I didn't want to take pills or have Botox either. I grew up always washing my hands and feet, and wearing dark-colored shirts; bringing handkerchiefs; not wearing sandals or slippers often; wearing cardigans to cover shirts; and did a lot of others things to minimize or hide the excessive sweating. All of my siblings have this condition and the saddest part is that even our nieces and nephews experience this. This condition is uncomfortable and brings down self confidence to the lowest level.
I've been suffering from armpit sweat for 30 years, but I was ashamed of myself and couldn't tell my friends, family, or staff at work. I tried various products that are out in the world to solve the problem, but I could not get the desired results, so I considered Botox injection and sweat gland surgery. Occasionally, I used a tight medicine to make my skin shattered. Then I met Dermadry. It has changed my life. I have a lover and can go out to play in the summer. Above all, I am confident in myself and everything is fine. I would like to recommend it to people who have the same problems, and I want them to gain confidence and live with vitality.
Ayman M.
Starting at age 14 I began to experience social embarrassment. School dances, shaking hands with friends, sweaty armpits. It is a silent burden. Nobody sees it, but when you touch them they feel it. Over the last few years I have learned a lot more about hyperhidrosis and how to cope with it in a much healthier way. I am optimistic about how things are turning out!
Karina V. M.
Both my palms and the soles of my feet sweat profusely ever since I was a kid. They make everyday tasks really difficult, most especially writing. My pens will slip from my grip and even my phone and it is really uncomfortable. Really, I am embarrassed about everything. I was worried about my future and that it might hinder me from doing specific tasks (even the simple ones) just because of this. I tried almost every topical product out there on the market, I even considered going under the knife just to get rid of this, until I learned about the iontophoresis machine, and I didn’t regret spending for it. It was life-altering. I am now able to do things without worrying about sweating in the most inconvenient times of the day. I’m so satisfied and I was telling my friends (who are also suffering from hyperhidrosis) to try it and I was trying to spread the news about it so that they too, will experience the best thing that changed my life.
Marcella F.
United States
Every since I was a kid, my hands and feet have been stopping me from doing things that I love, like: gymnastics, rock climbing, wrestling, and just playing on a jungle gym with friends. Because of my hyperhidrosis I couldn’t do things that involved grip or activities where you have to take off your shoes and socks. I was also very embarrassed because my hands and feet would drip sweat unless I had a towel with me to dry them, which caused people to always ask me about why my hands were so sweaty and why I wouldn’t go on the monkey bars. I would even cry at night because my feet were so sweaty that I couldn’t fall asleep. I tried many different medications and none of them worked for me until about a month ago when my dad surprised me with the Dermadry machine. To be honest, it changed my life and now I can enjoy things that I couldn’t before. Thank you, Dermadry for helping to cure my hyperhidrosis in such a short amount of time.
Diane C. N.
I never enjoyed my life because of hyperhidrosis. I became an introvert because of my anxieties and depression. I wasn't able to do all the things that I wanted to. Every time I think of something to do or to achieve I need to consider my condition and most of the time I ended up on my bed crying and thinking how awful having this. I've been bullied a lot of times especially during my school days. I am intensely sweating all over my body and I've been living my life soaking in sweat. I live in a tropical country so even during rainy season it's still warm, So imagine that. My husband helped me to accept my condition and I'm very thankful for him because I was able to do things with his encouragement and help.
Ruwenzori R.
I’ve had hyperhidrosis since I was twelve years old. The first time I noticed it was when I was with friends and they all started laughing at me, but at the time I had thought we were all laughing together, since we were chatting etc. I later found out that there were laughing because of the huge sweat stains that had bled through the armpits of my light colored clothing. Back then, it didn’t really think much of it, though, because I figured it was just a one time thing. But, as I grew older and entered the 7th grade, it started to pose more of a problem to me, because not only were my armpits sweating excessively, but my palms and feet started sweating as well. I recalled at one point it got so bad that my shoes would permanently be odorous and once a classmate of mine stole my shoe and had everyone in the classroom smell it. Which was very damaging to my self esteem. Not only that, but on many occasions I would sweat off my deodorant and it would literally be leaking down my forearms and to my elbows, and It always seemed to happen when I was around other people. So, it wasn’t exactly a confidence booster. It has given me a lot of anxiety, especially in situations where I’ll have to shake someone’s hand. Since nervousness only makes it worse. A notable problem, however, is that I don’t even have to be nervous for it to be triggered. Hyperhidrosis has also impacted me on a daily basis as I am afraid to hold people’s hands, be in social setting or even touch people’s belongings, because I know that within seconds my palms or body will start dripping and probably cause all involved parties discomfort . It also affects my ability to walk somewhat, in the sense that if I wear flip flops or any shoe without straps I’ll slip out of it, which can happen while I’m crossing a road or just taking a stroll, and can even damage my health. It prevents me from wearing the clothes I want to, because of fear of the sweat stains that will be left on the clothing; since I not only sweat from my armpits, palms and feet, but also my arms, the back of my legs and basically anywhere you could imagine. Which leaves me feeling uncomfortable and having to take several baths a day just to feel clean. It also causes me trouble when taking exams or simply doing school work, since sometimes it’s so bad that I am unable to even hold my pencil or pen to write, and even wiping off my hands or sitting in air conditioning doesn’t help. Hyperhidrosis has made me cautious over the years. It has made me overthink many things that people take for granted, even simple things like sitting on certain types of chairs, because I know then when I get up there will be seat stains left behind. Also because of the stigma surrounding the condition. Because of this, I’ve only told a few, select people that I know, one of them being my mother, who is my only family member who knows. Which causes me problems , since everyone else assumes that I’ll be able to do the same things as them and wear the same things as them, etc. but I’m not comfortable telling them, yet, thinking about it upsets me on a daily basis, because it also affects what careers I can choose and how comfortably I will live. I’m 19 now, and even though I’ve been living with it for many years, it has not ceased to cause me discomfort or damage my self esteem when with friends and family or Even when I’m by myself. And it has hardly ever shown any signs of disappearing. So, If I must live with this for the rest of my life, then I at least hope that I’ll be able to find a method of coping with it. But, this is why I’ve chosen to add my voice to the many suffering from Hyperhidrosis, because if I can play my part in raising awareness for a condition that so many suffer from, but is greatly overlooked, then it’s only right that I do so. Many suffer in silence and, from personal experience, knowing that there are more people out there who I can relate to has at least given me a sense of comfort.
Joan C.
I live in the Philippines and I'm a college student now. I was bullied when I was in elementary school because of my hyperhidrosis, that's why when I was young no one wanted to be friends with me, because my underarms were always wet. I don't go out of the house because when I wear slippers it makes my feet sweat a lot. But now I that I am a college student, I feel like my hyperhydrosis is getting worse. When I go to school I always carry a handkerchief to wipe my hands, they are always wet. Once there was an activity at our school that was a photo shoot, I didn't realize that my underarms were already wet. I was embarrassed, when I got home I cried a lot. I just wish I could be cured of my hyperhidrosis.
Julia Z.
Growing up with hyperhidrosis, while not knowing what it was, nor that I had the condition, took a toll on my self-confidence and mental health. Especially being a kid who was surrounded with judgmental children and adults who couldn't tell me why I would sweat uncontrollably, and also having people not believe me, because I was just a kid, was difficult. The hidden struggles of hyperhidrosis eventually accumulated and manifested itself into this powerful being that made me feel overly anxious about how I was being perceived by others and into being shy. That is, until I changed my perspective on my struggles. At some point in my journey with hyperhidrosis, I decided to own this insecurity, and to take the power away from things that used to control me. I became open with my hyperhidrosis while educating my friends, instead of hiding it the best that I could. The worst thing for people who suffer with hyperhidrosis is to feel like they should be ashamed of it, and to hide it, instead of seeking help and owning it! Making this change made me feel free, and not tied down by things I couldn't control, because I've taught myself better than that. (no, seriously. learning more about hyperhidrosis made me realize that I could actually adopt treatments that would get rid of my sweating, like Dermadry, which I use now). I hope my story can get out there and encourage others to conquer the anxiety and the sweat, and to let them know that they aren't alone!
Camron H.
At the age of 11, I began to notice that when I was nervous my hands became damp. It took until about 13 for that dampness to develop into a 24/7 stream of sweat for my adolescent brain to fixate on. Then began the era of avoidance, doing anything and everything to avoid physical touch. Running from life experiences because my hyperhidrosis & the embarrassment that came with it deemed me inadequate. At the age of 15, I even went as far as to begin taking Xanax to avoid the ever present discomfort of simply existing in my body. Now at the age of 19, I am sober, I am taking my health & life into my own hands, & with the help of Dermadry have gotten my hands down to a very manageable sweat level, making everyday seem a little more promising, and my avoidant nature a little less present. For those who don’t suffer with hyperhidrosis, it would be almost impossible to understand the isolation this condition can put a human through, but it is important for those suffering to know that there is hope to reclaiming your physical homeostasis, and there is a world where you can hold a loved ones hand, shake hands with someone new, hold your baby free of discomfort, & reach out for love without a sense of embarrassment or inadequacy, & you deserve it.
New Zealand
I've had hyperhidrosis on my hands and feet for as long as I can remember. As anyone who's suffered from excessive sweating would know, it can be extremely debilitating. Growing up, it affected my confidence, I had to deal with snarky comments from other kids and it made simple tasks (such as typing on a computer or walking in flip-flops) difficult. Shaking hands was my worst fear. I'm 22 now and have tried a bunch of methods, none of which worked to stop the sweating... that was until I got my hands on a Dermadry machine. It took a couple of weeks before I saw results but after that, it was a game-changer! I now use the machine about 3 times a week and it's so worth it. As long as I'm consistent with it, my hands and feet stay dry which is amazing! I highly recommend trying it if you suffer from hyperhidrosis because having relief from this condition truly changed my life.
I was struggling with hyperhidrosis my whole life. I stated using the Dermadry device like two weeks ago and cannot believe it really works. Now, I feel more confident, can go out in public, shake hands, and even wear all types of clothes I could not wear before. My hands, feet, and underarms were always sweating.