The Voices of Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a highly misunderstood, underreported, and stigmatized condition whose effects are wide-ranging and life-altering. It affects 365 million people worldwide, yet people are still suffering in silence. With your help, we are changing that.
Explore the unique stories of those living with hyperhidrosis below. Read their stories to get a glimpse into the everyday life of a hyperhidrosis sufferer and the unique challenges brought forth by this condition.
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Angeline D.
Hyperhidrosis affects me in many ways. First of all, my hands and feet sweat all the time and it's so hard for me to live with my hyperhidrosis since birth until now. Every time I go somewhere, I always bring my handkerchief to wipe my sweaty hands and feet, that's why it's hard for me to shake people's hands and write papers because of my sweaty hands. Also, when I wear my sandals my feet sweat and slide and all of this is so very embarrassing.
Justin C.
United States
For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from embarrassing, excessive sweating. I remember being challenged throughout childhood by not having the confidence to participate in most school activities. Simple tasks such as taking a test on paper made me anxious as I knew that I would be leaving sweat stains on not only the paper but also the desk and chair. Holding anyone's hand was simply out of the question and taking my shoes off brought on the fear of someone seeing the sweat marks my soaked socks left behind. Doctors didn't seem to be knowledgeable about the condition and told me that "I would grow out of it". Fast forward to adulthood and my condition worsened. Working jobs where dress shoes were required became complicated. I would end up purchasing new shoes sometimes on a monthly basis as within just a few weeks, my excessive sweating would ruin the inside of my shoes and start deteriorating the outside. Swapping out undershirts multiple times a day helped prevent the underarm sweat from bleeding through to my work shirt and suit. I would hide a hand towel under the desk to dry my hands off when they were dripping with sweat, though coworkers caught on after a while as to what I was doing. Doctors recommended multiple medications that resulted in frustrating side effects such as severely swollen hands where I was unable to type on a keyboard. I began researching clothing that helped minimize the effects of my excessive sweating. I stocked up on undershirts that included a liner to block sweat from reaching my outer shirt. Special, moisture-wicking socks helped keep my feet dry when I wasn't wearing shoes. Breathable, mesh-like dress shoes that were washable helped immensely but still required some form of maintenance to ensure they remained in good condition and without sweat marks. I even used a selection of topical products on a daily basis that helped ever so slightly with minimizing the sweating. All of these measures helped but didn't resolve the underlying issue. During some down-time between jobs, I decided to try iontophoresis. I had learned about Dermadry a while back and purchased the kit when a sale piqued my interest. After all, I had tried most other methods. Why not try this one? I had read so many raving reviews that I actually thought this could be the key to controlling my hyperhidrosis. After just one week, I began seeing seriously impressive results and was able to work the treatment into a routine. After a few months of using this product three times a week, I am so happy to say that this treatment has changed my life. My confidence in a lot of social situations is starting to rebound and I'm enjoying being able to wear different types of clothing that I wouldn't dare try before. While it hasn't permanently solved my hyperhidrosis, it has allowed me to keep it in check and reduce the effects by about 80%. I honestly can't imagine myself living with the amount of excessive sweating that I dealt with for so many years.
Have you ever walked out of a movie theatre, classroom, or job interview because you sweat through your clothes? I have. I was never a sweaty child but for some reason as I grew out of my teenage years I became sweatier and sweatier. Now I have to change my shirts and socks several times a day. I can't even play video games because it makes my hands and feet so wet. I can't go out on dates without secretly changing my undershirt in the washroom. I sometimes wear 3 or 4 layers even when it is hot outside only to avoid my sweat stains showing for even an extra hour. I wish there was a cure and an explanation as to why I'm sweating so much!
Maria I.
I only learned a few years ago about the term for this condition when I went to see a specialist. At that time, only the US and UK sold the machine and I didn't want to take pills or have Botox either. I grew up always washing my hands and feet, and wearing dark-colored shirts; bringing handkerchiefs; not wearing sandals or slippers often; wearing cardigans to cover shirts; and did a lot of others things to minimize or hide the excessive sweating. All of my siblings have this condition and the saddest part is that even our nieces and nephews experience this. This condition is uncomfortable and brings down self confidence to the lowest level.
Jackylyn F.
During grade school I always brought a handkerchief to absorb the sweat from my hands to avoid my notes tearing while writing. When I wear slippers, the dust and sweat from my feet creates muddy footprints on tile floors. As an adolescent I had to distance myself from crowds due to the unpleasant smell from my underarms due to excessive sweating, especially when I’m nervous. I tried to control underarm sweating by using clinical strength antiperspirant but it only budened me because my skin got burnt, irritated, and darkened. I can’t hold hands without putting a hanky on because it’s uncomfortable. My friends compare me to a waterbender and make fun of me by calling me faucet hands. I have no choice but to live a normal life with dripping sweat on my skin during warm weather or if I am tensed. My child who is now 8 years old also has hyperhidrosis.
Since I was 12, I sweat. It was so embarrassing to be a teenager and sweat and then even as an adult. My shirts are soaked, I have to change my shirt on average 5 times a day. I work in healthcare so having sweaty hands really hinders the way I do my job. Hyperhidrosis has really affected me physically and mentally. I don't socialize because I'm too embarrassed to go out. My whole body sweats excessively all the time. Sweating has made me depressed as well. Hyperhidrosis has affected me in all areas of life.
Teresa F.
Having hyperhidrosis means needing to always remember to have a "sweat towel" with me at all times. It means thinking about my future wedding dress and trying to figure out what exact style would hide my armpit sweat. It means touching shoe materials to see if my feet sweat would erode its color within weeks like they usually do. I was trapped in a bubble of my condition, but with Dermadry, I'm free. I have never been more social in my life. I still can't believe I can wear a gray long sleeve and not get stares. I'm finally me.
I’ve never ever felt normal while I was growing up having to deal with hyperhidrosis. I’ve had to give up so many things that I loved to do from sports to hobbies, as I could never excel at it due to this condition. I just wanted to be able to do normal things like everybody else. I’ve always kept this condition to myself as I was embarrassed and never thought many people suffered from it. I would love to be able to play a whole music piece on the piano, without my hand sweating. That would be just a dream come true for me.
Patrick C.
Hyperhidrosis restricts all aspects of my life : I have suffered alienation, self-disgust and a dire hit on my self-esteem. ● When I slide past people they would cover their noses as if I was a passing garbage truck. ● There would always be flies hovering over me. ● I could be fresh out of the bath and I would sweat profusely within seconds. ● I also suffer from psoriasis, where my skin sheds abnormally, forming plaques and when they get damp from sweat, I get skin infections from broken skin. ● I've tried every deodorant and prescriptions to mask the odor but to no avail. Even if I wear jackets the odor would still be pretty bad. ● I became reclused and avoidant. I've stopped going to church and attending social gatherings. I rarely go out of the house. ● Dressing up became tricky business. Most of my clothes have stains on the armpit area. I can't wear the clothes I want. I change damp clothes up to five times a day. ● I cannot shake hands because my palms and dripping and sometimes form a puddle on the floor. ● I gave up my dream to become an artist, because now the paper would soak in sweat instantly. ● I became hunched and developed chronic back pain from curling too much to hide the odor. ● I was depressed and suicidal at one point.
"Would I ever be able to find love?" My whole body, especially my face, neck, and scalp, sweat excessively. Of course even if I don't feel hot, nor exercise... Hyperhidrosis has been disturbing my love life greatly. It is embarrassing indeed when you sweat a lot during a date, while your partner doesn't. I even try not to be intimate if there are no fans or air conditioning. As well, this condition affects my work performance too, which needs close body contact with patients. I feel so ashamed and unattractive as a female whenever I sweat...a lot. I think I would sell my soul if anyone could change this condition I have.
Rocel A.
United States
Since my 20s, I've suffered a lot from too much sweating in my underarms, I'm so embarrassed when my clothes get wet because of too much sweating. I'm so frustrated because I can't wear any colorful clothes because I'm always anxious that it might be so obvious when my underarms get wet, I used a certain device before but it had bad effects to my health, I was really hopeless until I found a Duradry product commercial on my Facebook account and read some reviews, it caught my attention, and I was thinking of trying it. I didn't hesitate to order the product after I saw it, and after I finished using the product all I can say is that my sweating problem disappeared and now I'm comfortable to wear any color of clothes. One thing that is really amazing is that even when it is so hot and I walk in the middle of hotness outside I don't even get too wet and my underarms are still dry.
I've had this disease since childhood maybe around age ten. I'm now 53 years old. I use socks all the time at home and at work, indoor or outdoor to function properly. Inside the socks I wear paper towels that I replace several times a day on a really bad day. Regular daily routine makes me sweat. This includes grooming in the morning, driving, working on my desk, cooking, washing dishes to name a few. I have to bring lots of paper towels all the time. I use it to pad my underarms, feet and use as a handkerchief. Having this disease made me very shy and I didn't want to be seen by people. I hide and remain anonymous as much as I can. But that of course limited my career advancement and social interactions. I hope that Dermadry would provide a lasting solution. I have been using it for maybe two months now and noticing some improvements. I want to be free wearing beautiful dresses and sandals without hiding in a blazer or wearing socks. I want to interact with people without fear of being embarrassed. I want to still do much more if only I am free of inhibitions.
Hyperhidrosis has been my life-long struggle. I have always dreamed that if only I didn’t sweat like this, I could have become a much better version of me with nothing to hide from anyone and nothing to be embarrassed about. Nothing would have stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do. People always assume that I just overthink it and it’s the reason why I sweat. In fact, it is a nightmare because when you’re aware that you’re sweating no matter what you do or how calm you are. The moment you know you are sweating you tend to sweat more and more and more until it’s very uncomfortable. Despite the struggle I have to deal with my whole life everyday I try my best to be productive but again I’m so limited with what I can do. It was so embarrassing to be a teenager before to sweat in front of people and even as an adult. My shirts are soaked, I have to change my shirt on average 5 times a day. Hyperhidrosis has really affected me physically and mentally. I don't socialize because I'm too embarrassed to go out. My whole body sweats excessively all the time. Sweating has made me depressed as well. Hyperhidrosis has affected me in all areas of life. I put my trust on that one day I will live confidently without sweat. It’s been so long and years of feeling helpless so I’m writing this story to share and raise awareness! Knowing that I’m not alone and that there are really people out there that understand me and know how hard life is with hyperhidrosis. Now, I’m more positive and looking forward to be using this amazing product I put all my trust and hope that this will help me. Thank you so much DermaDry!
Sachu J.
Hyperhidrosis is what has stopped me from doing everything that I ever wanted.
Carla B.
I've had palmar hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. I've loved arts and crafts ever since I was a kid and just when I thought having small hands will be an advantage in handling intricate details, my sweaty hands get to ruin everything. Back in architecture school, I hated drafting class. All my drawing sheets had wet marks on them not to mention the pencil or pen smudges here and there. I felt glad when computer aid design took place, but then the sweating did stop. Long hours of designing and holding the mouse makes my hands more sweaty and wrinkled eventually. Until now, I'm still dealing with this problem. I'm just trying my best not to let it take over my life, my career and the things that I love doing.
I have always been bullied for my sweaty hands, it’s always been something i’m cautious about. It affects literally everything I do. I sweat on my feet too. I’ve ruined so many pairs of shoes and socks. I can’t even sit in my room without dying of sweating!! I don’t even want to leave my room or go back to work because of it but I can’t afford the machine and really want it. My phone always gets soaking wet from my hands and I have to do SO MUCH laundry because of my feet. my shirts always get ruined because of armpit stains. I'm stuck.
Jwency R.
I grew up with severe hyperhidrosis. As a child, I lost my confidence. Many times I choose not to socialize with others. As I grow older, it really makes me feel I am different. I am afraid to shake-hands with corporate people since most of them will wipe their hands after, I always bring extra towels and I feel down every time there are people who will tell a joke about my situation. I am depressed and helpless.
Norval B.
United States
I have hyperhidrosis and it seriously hinders my everyday life. I am unable to shake hands or touch others without embarrassment. Social settings can be awkward. To add insult to injury, I can’t even do things I love without accommodations such as gaming or drawing. I am professional artist. My instagram page is — this is a serious problem when drawing on iPad. I have to wait so long for it to subside and get through a piece. It’s trash!
Roxanne B.
I was so shy with my hyperhidrosis even before when I was young. As a Christian, we used to have prayer meetings and as we pray we holds hands are always dripping and I feel so bad about it. Sometimes it’s my reason for not attending the prayer meetings, I feel awful not attending sometimes. Back when I was at school, we'd write a lot in our notebooks and sometimes when I need to review some of the notes I can’t read the words because they're already faded because of my sweaty hands. I can’t run with slippers because it’s slippery. I can’t even go get my nails done because of sweaty hands and feet. Now as a new mom my struggle with my hyperhidrosis is holding my baby’s hand or giving him some body rubs. One big struggle is also pushing the stroller.
Mary A. S.
I've been experiencing hyperhidrosis and it affects my daily life. Every single day. It's so embarrassing. I thought it was's become more obvious that it isn't. Although I suffer from hyperhidrosis all over and not just a specific body part, the most extreme parts are my face and armpits. It's so awful and very inconvenient to perform tasks with a sweaty face and armpits. I sweat all the time.
Not only do I sweat so much, I’m wet constantly, but it also smells putrid and ruins my life.
I always have to wipe my forehead and underarms when at work or doing chores around the house.
Shriyash G.
I'm just a simple 16 year old who sweats a lot. As a sufferer of palmar hyperhidrosis, I even struggle to write this paragraph because of my sweaty hands. I discovered I have this condition just recently and due this I have been facing a lot of problems. I even suffered from social anxiety due to this. Even though hyperhidrosis doesn't let me do and feel what a normal person can do, I am learning to live with it. I even try to explain to people the condition I suffer from known as hyperhidrosis and explain people that this actually is an illness and actually disturbs your everyday activities from having trouble writing in a paper to using your phone to even worse having sweaty armpits (for those have it in the underarms). Hope this inspires people to raise awareness on this topic and help those who suffer from it to not feel embarrassed and come out.
I've been suffering from armpit sweat for 30 years, but I was ashamed of myself and couldn't tell my friends, family, or staff at work. I tried various products that are out in the world to solve the problem, but I could not get the desired results, so I considered Botox injection and sweat gland surgery. Occasionally, I used a tight medicine to make my skin shattered. Then I met Dermadry. It has changed my life. I have a lover and can go out to play in the summer. Above all, I am confident in myself and everything is fine. I would like to recommend it to people who have the same problems, and I want them to gain confidence and live with vitality.
Adam G.
United States
Ever since I started puberty, my life has been a constant battle to stay dry. Hyperhidrosis affected my every waking moment, a struggle that anyone with this condition can surely relate to. Constantly wiping my hands, smearing ink on my papers, yellowing nice white shirts, fearing handshakes, changing clothes three times a day to avoid sweat stains, and trying every known remedy under the sun- it was a nightmare. It took several years but I’m so happy to say that I’ve found the medicine combo that works for me. It’s still a daily struggle, but with solutions like glycopyrrolate and Dermadry to help, life is a whole lot drier.
Hama C.
多汗症level2 昔から多汗症に悩んでいます、人と手も繋げないしペンも持てない。欲しい、だからと言ってそんな簡単に買える値段でもない😥本当に悩んでます。
Jordan B.
United States
I am 25 years old, & I’ve been experiencing hyperhidrosis since I was 9 years old (at least that’s how far I can remember). I remember at some doctor's appointments or anything that triggers stress, I would sweat so bad that I literally had sweat dripping off of my finger tips. It also made it more difficult to do my career as I wear gloves practically all day. Ever since using Dermadry, my life has literally changed. I have severe hyperhidrosis & I have it under control now, thanks to Dermadry.
When I was young my hands and feet were sweating all the time. I realized it wasn’t normal and I learned my excessive sweating had a real name: hyperhidrosis. It is very difficult to live with it. Especially when I'm writing something, the paper gets wet because of my hand sweat. Also I use gloves for work but when my hands are sweating, it is very hard to wear them. Mostly, I’m suffering in the summer time. I tried Botox treatment as well but it only lasted half a month..also my fingertips were still sweating. Hopefully this treatment helps my life.
Lowhat L.
I am 17 years old, and for as long as I can remember I have always struggled with hyperhidrosis. The older I got the more it affected me. This has affected me very negatively, where it ruined my everyday tasks. It is difficult to write on paper without my hands sliding and smudging the ink. I can’t wear any type of clothing I want and it’s a struggle to even wear sandals/heels.I dread shaking hands with anyone, because I am embarrassed of what people will think.This has caused me to be depressed and it is definitely something not to take lightly. I hope we can shed more light on this topic and someone could read this and relate tremendously.
United States
I drip sweat from my armpits, hands, and feet at all hours of the day. I haven't worn anything but black clothing in over a decade to prevent sweat stains and constantly looking like I just finished a marathon. I dare not shake hands with anyone unless they insist, and often feel the need to apologize when they reflexively wipe my sweat away. I'm anemic, so even when I'm ice cold my body is covered in sweat; making it even more difficult to get warm enough to stop the chills. I can't wear sandals, or go anywhere barefoot because I slip around on my sweat and leave wet footprints in my wake. My hand sweat limits my ability to grip anything smooth, making safety features almost entirely useless to me (like hand rails on stairs). On top of how gross it must look from the outside seeing someone drenched in sweat regardless of activity and weather, I also can't do enough to prevent how quickly I smell dreadful from the excessive sweating. My job requires me to wear gloves for paramedical tasks and that requires me to dry my hands before and after each pair of gloves; as well as change my gloves more often than most because they pool with sweat and drip down my arms. I have to remove the gloves and dry myself again to re-glove so that I can finish my task while remaining sterile. There isn't an avenue in my life that isn't affected by my relentless sweating, and I can only hope we find better ways to treat and manage hyperhidrosis.
The first time i remember struggling with this issue was when i was in junior kindergarten. I was playing in school and my hands slipped off when i was on a pull up bar. Shoes/Socks were and still are my favorite as i don't have to bother wiping my sweat on my feet and can concentrate on other work. I have always given my exams using a ball pen and placing a thick towel under my palms while writing the exam or any other notes during class. It is quite embarrassing during any social interaction when I have to shake hands & greet especially new people who are not aware that I have this issue. Then I started reading about this and realized I am not the only one, there are many people suffering from hyperhidrosis. People usually don't talk about this or sometimes just ignore it. I think there should be awareness and acceptance as I have seen and heard people making fun and cracking jokes. It's my dream to have a dry life.
I was struggling with hyperhidrosis my whole life. I stated using the Dermadry device like two weeks ago and cannot believe it really works. Now, I feel more confident, can go out in public, shake hands, and even wear all types of clothes I could not wear before. My hands, feet, and underarms were always sweating.
Chelsea K.
United States
I am 24 year old female and this is my story. I noticed I had excessive sweating when I would soak through my shirts at school when I was a teenager. The more I got older the worse I got. I sweat excessively from my underarms, feet, and hands. This affects my daily routines like picking out clothes to wear, driving, and writing. I constantly worry of someone touching my hand and feeling how sweaty they are.
Justine S.
United States
I could have had a different life if it wasn’t for hyperhidrosis. At least that's how I feel. I have had severe generalized hyperhidrosis since I was a little girl. It has prevented me from feeling comfortable doing any outdoor activities. It has cut conversations short. It has made me go home on nights I just wanted to stay out and hang with my friends. I am such an outgoing person and this very much limits me participating in many things. Even indoors if I get anxiety, it comes on fast and furious within minutes I'm dripping. I would love the ETS surgery but I'm scared of the side effects of compensatory sweating. Despite all of this, I have gotten married, had a child and have a well respected corporate IT job which I am very proud of. Thanks for listening to my story!
I have chronic hyperhidrosis, affecting my underarms, hands and feet. I tried so many things and sadly nothing ever worked. I moved to Canada and I thought that was going to be a nice solution since it's a very cold country. Unfortunately that wasn't the solution either. I have noticed that my hyperhidrosis is very related to my anxiety levels (and sadly, anxiety is another condition that I deal with). So, at work for example, if I encounter a situation that is stressful, I would start sweating with no control. When I work out I also sweat a bunch! Hyperhidrosis has affected every single part of my life. I was discouraged to learn how to play the guitar due to my excessive hand sweating. After years I didn't care and I learnt how to play the guitar, and let me tell you, my hands are crazy sweaty that I drip. You can see the multiple drops sliding from my hand to my elbow when I play my guitar. Love life? Oh yeah it has affected me as well, the embarrassment of holding hands :( Educationally? Of course, hyperhidrosis has affected that area as well, I would never participate in class just cause I would get very nervous and sweat incredibly much. I'm not able to wear all types of shoes. Whenever I wear sandals, I totally slide out of them due to my sweaty feet. Just by sitting and doing 0 physical activity I sweat, and when as I mentioned, when I work out, I sweat way more than anybody else :( I have tried to control my anxiety and of course to use Dermadry, which so far is the only thing that has reduced my sweat, I now sweat between 50-70% less than I used to, thanks to iontophoresis. To me 70% is a great deal! Even sweating 50% less is a gigantic difference than with no treatment whatsoever.
Sumit M.
It's been 20 years that I'm suffering form hyperhidrosis. Every summer is disgusting for me. I can't shake hands and i need to hide from everyone. Some of the people find this thing funny, but for me this is a curse. Every day is very difficult with hyperhidrosis.
United States
Since a young age, having sweaty palms and feet was always a huge insecurity. It is really hard shaking someone's hand especially when it comes to a professional setting due to my palms being wet. When I write notes, do homework, or take exams, the paper always gets soaked due to the sweat on my palms. I have been bullied a lot back when I was in middle school due to having sweaty hands. I have even been to multiple dermatologists and even tried using certain types of prescribed medication. It is a huge insecurity and a struggle when everything you touch becomes wet. As a college student, I have been able to face my fear and insecurity of hyperhidrosis. Instead, I am now in the search of finding a solution that will cure it.
Marta K.
Hyperhidrosis affected me since I was a child. My hands and feet become so wet, that you can see drops of sweat. Whenever I write something, my notebook pages get wet and my writing blurry. I'm afraid of shaking my hand with new people. In summer I can only wear sandals with raw leather, because they can absorb some of my sweat. I've seen many doctors and they never acknowledged my problem, they usually say that I'm young and recommend some cream. When I'm taking exam in school I can't focus on what I'm writing, because I need to wipe my hands all the time. I don't feel comfortable with touching anything in public or handing my money while paying. Sometimes when I take off my shoes and have only socks on, they become so damp that I leave wet footprints on the floor. When I use my computer mouse and keyboard I tend to leave puddles of sweat on my desk. I feel like I can't do many activities because of my wet hands and it bothers me everyday.
I have been affected by hyperhidrosis for as long as I could remember. Hands, feet and underarms. It has affected me in so many ways. My dream growing up was to be a makeup artist but having sweaty hands and touching people's faces does not work with my condition. Now I work in PR so I'm always meeting people, introducing myself. I tend to go straight in for a hug and a kiss rather than a handshake! Silver lining about Covid-19 is not having to shake hands anymore which is the best thing to happen to me recently! :-)
Lina Q.
United States
I have suffered from hyperhidrosis since I can recall. I grew up scared of shaking hands with strangers and holding hands with the boy I liked. I never found anyone that sweat as much as me. I would have to put a paper under my hands when writing, walk around with wrinkle clothes from drying my hands so much on them. As I entered my 20s, I was unable to wear heels or cute sandals without slipping. During interviews, it was embarrassing to shake someone’s hand because I could tell in their face they didn’t understand why my hands were wet. Now that I’m 25, I just graduated as a nurse and my biggest fear is maybe taking to long to put my gloves on when a patient starts to code or my patients complaining about my sweaty hands whenever I have to assess them. My parents and boyfriend seem to not care about it anymore but I feel like everyone else feels a bit of disgust whenever they touch my hands even if they don’t want to accept it or say “it’s ok”. After searching up about my condition I realized I’m not the only one and I’m not alone with this. I have others that understand me and experience my everyday struggles with hyperhidrosis.
Epanu I. S.
I suffer from hyperhidrosis since I've known myself. This affects me in so many ways: - I can't touch any paperwork, I always use gloves and wipes at work (even if gloves makes this even worse). - I can't handshake with anyone. - Because of my sweat from my feet, I can't wear sandals. - I can't dance with anybody, because I'm afraid they're gonna be disgusted. - It's so hard to drive without tissues or gloves. - Sometimes my hands are so wet, I can't even hold a glass. And so many more... It's sad, but I try to live with this and be happy.
As an aspiring pianist, I find trying to control my palmar hyperhidrosis much more difficult than my actual piano lessons. But huge thanks to DermaDry Iontophoresis I’ve eliminated this problem out of the way and so I can now focus on delivering my favorite piano pieces very well. Plus my piano keys need not suffer from getting soaked from sweat too.
Mariam B.
Saudi Arabia
'- I suffer from palmar, plantar and underarm hyperhidrosis (yeah, lucky me). - My sisters, although they love me, they still think that its gross whenever I show them my sweaty hands and feet. - I live in a desert country so heat+sand+hyperhidrosis=BIG NO. I can’t wear any decent sandals because of that otherwise it would get tacky and all muddy. - I can’t wear my colored clothes, I remember at a party I wore a maroon color shirt out of excitement and it had a huge pit sweat stain so I was constantly struggling to hide it. - I wear loose shirts or tank tops so my pits get aired out and won’t sweat. - I literally have to constantly wash my hands, cool them in front of an air conditioner or use tissue to dry my hands 24hrs a day. - My career choices do get affect a lot, because every time I've had an interview, I’m not sweating because I’m nervous, I’m nervous because I’m sweating (weird though). - It really takes tremendous courage to go out and socialize and meet-up with friends because when I do, half the time I’m thinking about my sweating and hiding it for no one to see. - I’m always isolating emotionally and professionally. Have to make up my mind and think about a thousand other positive things so I don’t get sweaty, but in the end I still do. Sometimes it's quite upsetting to think about how it would be like to someday not be sweating at all. - The things other people take for granted could mean everything for some people like us. - I’m building up courage every day to tell people that we’re so much more than this condition and still have hopes that it would someday fade away.
Lauren S
United States
I've suffered from hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I thought it was normal, but as I grew older it became more obvious that it wasn’t. Although I suffer from hyperhidrosis all over and not just a specific body part, the most extreme parts are my hands and feet. It was especially stressful when I had to write essays in school or had to take exams because I had to keep wiping my hands every few seconds. I made sure to wear fabrics that would absorb sweat such as cotton shirts and denim jeans instead of wooly sweatshirts and workout leggings. The sweat also made it super difficult to find summer shoes. I couldn’t wear normal sandals or flip flops because my feet would slip within them and made it very hard to walk. I could only wear sandals with a suede footbed such as Birkenstock’s which I am so grateful to have found. It seemed like such a mission to find a pair that worked for me and accommodated the sweat that would inevitably come from my feet. I took a chance with purchasing an iontophoresis machine from Dermadry but I figured I had nothing to lose and they had such a good return policy. After about 2 weeks of treatment I saw it working and I am so happy with it that I can’t even believe it actually works. I have suffered with hyperhidrosis for so long and tried many different things to prevent it such as only wearing certain fabrics, changing my diet, and purchasing antiperspirant sprays that only left me feeling very itchy. I am so thrilled to find something that finally works.
Abega A.
United States
It started when i was in high school but at first it was just sweat & I didn't pay much attention to it and I just pretended like it was normal. But 3 ago, all of a sudden my hands and underarms started sweating excessively and it smells. It makes me break up with all my friends and it keeps me from having a job!! But after using Dermadry's iontophoresis device I am planning to start a job and meet new peoples like everyone else!
Balaji M.
I have suffered a lot with excessive sweating called hyperhidrosis. In my childhood I didn't even know what the condition was called. I always preferred dark colours to wear because of the hyperhidrosis,i can't hold hands with myself because of my hyperhidrosis. In my studying days I continually got excessively sweaty and because of the excessive sweat I did not perform well in my exams. But finally, I got a solution for my hyperhidrosis from Dermadry, thank you.
Elizabeth R. C.
It all started when I was 8 years old and since that moment everything changed. I have hyperhidrosis in my hands and feet. At the very beginning I just tried to hide it from my family and friends. There was very little information on the internet about it so I thought I was the only one suffering from this excessive sweating. So far it is still a problem for me to shake hands, to write down on a piece of paper, to wear rings or sandals, to use public transportation, but overall it has been a problem affecting my self-esteem and self-confidence. However, thanks to people's experiences on internet I found out new solutions for hyperhidrosis and fortunately emotional support as well because now I know I am not alone in this journey.
Iwona W.
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Ever since I remember, since childhood, I suffered from excessive sweating of my hands and legs. When I had to shake someone's hand it was often a very stressful situation for me. I remember a very unpleasant situation from my childhood, when no one wanted to be with me in kindergarten, only because my hands were always wet. Only when I found Dermadry on Facebook did my life change by 360 degrees. Shaking hands is no longer stressful for me, I do it with a smile on my face, and most importantly in summer I can wear sandals when I couldn't before because my sweaty feet smelled like decaying skin. Today, thanks to the use of Dermadry, I can function normally and enjoy life.
I had since birthday but i started noticing it more when i was 8 years old
Catherine C.
[THE MANY PERSONAS OF CATHERINE] Here’s my hyperhidrosis story, alongside my many personas. In our country, the Philippines, it is hot and humid all-year round. And while tourists enjoy the Philippine sun so much, I’ve grown to despise it. Commuter Catherine commutes to school, and public transportation in our country isn't so advanced. Most of the time, I have to sit through an hour-long drive despite the many buckets I’m filling with my own sweat just to get to school. It has been like that ever since and so, sweating should not be a surprise, right? But there’s more to it than just sweating. It is so excessive to the point that even Student Catherine deals with it on a daily basis. Whenever I write notes for my classes, my palms would sweat a lot, making me lose the tight grip on my pen and wetting my paper. It’s just a hopeless case. Don’t even start me with Physical Catherine. I love doing physical activities and while I understand that it is inevitable to sweat, it’s just too much to bear. I have classmates who put up the same work in these activities as much as I do but here they are, with their underarms up in the air with no trace of anything. Meanwhile, there’s me with a literal map on both sides of my underarms. It doesn’t help that my sports shirt is light-colored. Did I mention that even with dark-colored ones, these literal maps prevail? Oh yes. When I get home from a day of commute-school-activity-commute, it’s still a surprise how much sweat I’ve accumulated. I guess, we just never get used to it, especially when it gets more overwhelming the next day. For all of these personas (Commuter Catherine, Student Catherine, and Physical Catherine), there’s only one truth that remains, and that is the Catherine with hyperhidriosis. While I’m all for empowerment and not letting insecurities get a hold of you, I must admit that having hyperhidrosis truly gets to me. It’s an insecurity of mine that hinders me from maximizing my capabilities as Commuter Catherine, Student Catherine, and Physical Catherine, and essentially from being the Catherine I want to be. But, I have high hopes for the future. Given the rise of technology (as seen in Dermadry’s technologies) now, I’m sure there’d come a time for me to replace this one universal truth with an even better reality- a Catherine that is secured and safe within the limits of her own body. I aspire to have that security for myself.