The Voices of Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a highly misunderstood, underreported, and stigmatized condition whose effects are wide-ranging and life-altering. It affects 365 million people worldwide, yet people are still suffering in silence. With your help, we are changing that.
Explore the unique stories of those living with hyperhidrosis below. Read their stories to get a glimpse into the everyday life of a hyperhidrosis sufferer and the unique challenges brought forth by this condition.
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I’m a 32 year old female, 5ft2 and weigh 8st7, I have gone through many tablets, deodorants, sat in the doctors tears streaming on more occasions than I haven’t. I can’t wear pretty tops, or jumpers, if it’s got sleeves it’s a no go, I had to turn a promotion down at work due to having to wear a suit if I took the role. It’s life controlling, I wake up every morning to having to change the bed sheets due to being soaked from sweat. I’ve been single a while now and the thought of a new partner scares me, like having to explain that the sheets are wet from sweat. I’m a small skinny girl, I shouldn’t sweat like this. It’s horrible and I hate it, it’s ruining my life.
I've had this disease since childhood maybe around age ten. I'm now 53 years old. I use socks all the time at home and at work, indoor or outdoor to function properly. Inside the socks I wear paper towels that I replace several times a day on a really bad day. Regular daily routine makes me sweat. This includes grooming in the morning, driving, working on my desk, cooking, washing dishes to name a few. I have to bring lots of paper towels all the time. I use it to pad my underarms, feet and use as a handkerchief. Having this disease made me very shy and I didn't want to be seen by people. I hide and remain anonymous as much as I can. But that of course limited my career advancement and social interactions. I hope that Dermadry would provide a lasting solution. I have been using it for maybe two months now and noticing some improvements. I want to be free wearing beautiful dresses and sandals without hiding in a blazer or wearing socks. I want to interact with people without fear of being embarrassed. I want to still do much more if only I am free of inhibitions.
Elizabeth R. C.
It all started when I was 8 years old and since that moment everything changed. I have hyperhidrosis in my hands and feet. At the very beginning I just tried to hide it from my family and friends. There was very little information on the internet about it so I thought I was the only one suffering from this excessive sweating. So far it is still a problem for me to shake hands, to write down on a piece of paper, to wear rings or sandals, to use public transportation, but overall it has been a problem affecting my self-esteem and self-confidence. However, thanks to people's experiences on internet I found out new solutions for hyperhidrosis and fortunately emotional support as well because now I know I am not alone in this journey.
Mary A. S.
I've been experiencing hyperhidrosis and it affects my daily life. Every single day. It's so embarrassing. I thought it was's become more obvious that it isn't. Although I suffer from hyperhidrosis all over and not just a specific body part, the most extreme parts are my face and armpits. It's so awful and very inconvenient to perform tasks with a sweaty face and armpits. I sweat all the time.
Imay J.
I started to notice my excessive underarm sweating when I was in my First year in High School. I was embarrassed and gossiped about during my college days and even at my workplace. That led me to depression and to the point of thinking of ending my life. I never wear colored tops whenever i'm outside the house. People who don't suffer this disease will never understand and will see you as gross entirely. I hope people will open their minds that people like me who have severe hyperhidrosis don't deserve to be criticized and instead deserve to be accepted and understood.
Angeline D.
Hyperhidrosis affects me in many ways. First of all, my hands and feet sweat all the time and it's so hard for me to live with my hyperhidrosis since birth until now. Every time I go somewhere, I always bring my handkerchief to wipe my sweaty hands and feet, that's why it's hard for me to shake people's hands and write papers because of my sweaty hands. Also, when I wear my sandals my feet sweat and slide and all of this is so very embarrassing.
As a financial advisor, I'm constantly shaking hands with clients. Before using Dermadry, my hands were always very clammy and it made shaking hands awkward and embarrassing. After using Dermadry for just 2 months, my palms are completely dry and I can finally hold hands with my wife, high five my friends while watching a game, and confidently shake hands with clients.
S. M.
Throughout my life, I have suffered from severe hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet. It is hard to explain the feeling because it is endless. There are no breaks and no medicine could even reduce it temporarily, like before an exam or an interview. It was a curse unlike any other and one that constantly would make you feel embarrassed with strangers and friends alike. I remember this interview that I really aced, but in the end while exiting the room and shaking the manager's hands, I could see his facial expression change to one of disgust and he gave a look to the other supervisor as well -- 'What the hell is this?' sort of a look. I did not get the job. That's just one of a thousand more examples from my life alone. I am using Dermadry for the last 3 months, and this is the FIRST time in my life that my sweating has subsided, almost entirely. There are absolutely no words to explain the impact of it -- if you know it you know it. I can finally be confident and live my life without avoiding touching my loved ones and shaking hands with people. Best of luck to everyone. Awareness is extremely important. If I had not come to North America from my small country in Asia, I probably would have never heard of products like this. Carpe Diem.
Throughout my life, I have been suffering with hyperhidrosis. I did not realize then that it was even considered a clinical condition. Living in a tropical country makes it difficult to move around with this condition because it gives me a hard time to walk around with flip flops because of my sweaty feet. If I wear shoes, the socks will get soiled and will end up smelly once I remove them. The embarrassment it gives me is something that I have faced back in my country, the Philippines. But when I moved to Dubai, I was not prepared for what was waiting for me there. I am a keen runner and running outdoors is one of my favorite forms of exercise. That picture was taken on a humid day of August 12, 2016. During this period, between June to September, the weather in the Middle east could reach up to 50 degrees Celsius (basically an outdoor sauna). The sweat is simply dripping off of my shorts and down to my shoes making it impossible to even walk, let alone run. Because of this, every time I run or walk, I would leave a wet foot print from my soaking wet shoes. This is more than embarrassing, its uncomfortable and humiliating.
Kelli S.
United States
My first boyfriend (when I was very young) refused to hold my hand. People will drop their hands after dancing with me and wipe them with a disgusted look. I am terrified of shaking hands with others because they always wipe their hands after they shake mine. I never give high fives because people always mock me about my sweaty hands.
Soffro di iperidrosi da quando sono piccola. Ho iniziato a notarlo quando alle elementari macchiavo le pagine del quaderno dopo aver scritto a lungo e rimanevano delle pieghe sui fogli e per questo venivo sgridata dalla maestra ma io ci rimanevo molto male perché non era una cosa che riuscivo a controllare. Con il passare degli anni è stato sempre peggio, mi ricordo al grest estivo facevo l’animatrice e dovevo tenere la mano ai bambini e loro mi dicevano “perché hai la mano bagnata?” E io sprofondavo dalla vergogna. Mi ricordo anche che per me era un incubo andare in chiesa perché odiavo il momento del segno di pace in cui avrei dovuto stringere la mano a perfetti sconosciuti e per questo ho smesso di andare in chiesa. Negli anni questo problema mi ha limitato tanto, non sono riuscita a iniziare un corso di ballo per questo, mi sono bloccata in tante occasioni o lavori in cui c’erano da usare le mani come massaggi ecc. Negli ultimi anni la situazione è ulteriormente peggiorata per via dell’ansia. Ho mani, piedi e ascelle che sudano molto, soprattutto nella stagione estiva o in situazione di stress e agitazione. Me la vivo molto male perche sono una perfezionista e non accetto questa mia condizione. Vorrei trovare un modo per risolvere questo problema perché davvero mi sta condizionando la vita e vorrei solo avere mani, piedi e ascelle asciutte e calde.
I always struggled with my hyperhidrosis that I can't even shake people's hands. Now, I got a driver's license, and I discovered I can't drive with those sweaty hands. Don't worry I'm using gloves to drive :p
It's been too long and too many years of feeling helpless. Using tons of different deodorants or products guaranteed to work, but to no avail. Battling with hyperhidrosis can be crippling, but I finally found a friend in Dermadry to help me battle back. Something I can trust and rely on to get me back to my regular self again. I can finally be happy and enjoy wearing the things I love again.
Ibrahim I.I.
Sri Lanka
I'm 26 years old and suffering from Hyperhidrosis since my childhood (6 years old). It was a minor problem only on my palms until 11 years old. But, now I suffer from this on my palms, feet, under arms, thigh, breast and groin. I'm facing lots of problems in my day to day life in every second. Nowadays, I feel like I'm in a very critical situation due to this because of my excessive sweating in all mentioned areas above. 1. I can't write on papers or books due to getting dampened by sweating from palms and surroundings. 2. I can't make speeches in front of people due to showering water drops, a problem from sweating of my palms. 3. I can't do hand shake with friends or someone because of excessive sweating even as quick as wipe my palms with tissue or cloth (set of tissue is not enough for a single time wipe). 4. I can't use smart phone due to wetness of palms. 5. I can't wear color shirts, T-shirts and trousers rather than black & white due to wet appearance of sweating from under arm, breast and groin. 6. I can't use computer mouse more than one minute because of getting wetness of area where I place my palms. 7. I cannot sit in a place in public because of getting a wet appearance in my groin due to excessive sweating in that area. 8. I can't stand on cemented floor for more than one minute; because my feet get wet and water flows from the place where my feet are. There are lots of situation that can be described, but, I'm hesitating to describe all of this. I'm still single and not married yet. I'm getting reluctant about that because of how can I manage with a life partner with this severe problem. Even in my career I face lots of problems in every situation. I can't do anything like what my colleagues or staff do. I lose many good job opportunities because I can't manage myself with this hyperhidrosis in those working environments. These words are not enough to describe my story with hyperhidrosis.
United States
I drip sweat from my armpits, hands, and feet at all hours of the day. I haven't worn anything but black clothing in over a decade to prevent sweat stains and constantly looking like I just finished a marathon. I dare not shake hands with anyone unless they insist, and often feel the need to apologize when they reflexively wipe my sweat away. I'm anemic, so even when I'm ice cold my body is covered in sweat; making it even more difficult to get warm enough to stop the chills. I can't wear sandals, or go anywhere barefoot because I slip around on my sweat and leave wet footprints in my wake. My hand sweat limits my ability to grip anything smooth, making safety features almost entirely useless to me (like hand rails on stairs). On top of how gross it must look from the outside seeing someone drenched in sweat regardless of activity and weather, I also can't do enough to prevent how quickly I smell dreadful from the excessive sweating. My job requires me to wear gloves for paramedical tasks and that requires me to dry my hands before and after each pair of gloves; as well as change my gloves more often than most because they pool with sweat and drip down my arms. I have to remove the gloves and dry myself again to re-glove so that I can finish my task while remaining sterile. There isn't an avenue in my life that isn't affected by my relentless sweating, and I can only hope we find better ways to treat and manage hyperhidrosis.
United States
I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis since I was 13. My hands, feet, and armpits always get wet when I get nervous or the weather is hot. I refuse or avoid handshakes when around people. I am afraid of what others think of me when they know about my sweaty hands, therefore I don't have a lot of friends. I had to change my school major and dream career due to my sweaty hands.
Jiin K.
I am severely suffering from heavy sweat on my hands and feet. I often sweat on my hands, like sweat drips down year-round since I was a little girl. I believe that the photo shows everything about my hyperhidrosis.
Ryan T.
I'm always ashamed to shake hands with others, even holding hands with my wife cause my hands are always wet. That's why I always bring a handkerchief with me. During work, I keep hold of handkerchiefs for a long time.
I still can't believe that I am writing my story with dry hands right now. I am a trainee commercial Pilot from India. A country where even the doctors don't not know much about Hyperhidrosis. You cannot find Iontophoresis machines nor any treatments here. I was depressed as being in the field of Aviation, you meet new people everyday and shaking hands is the first gesture one should make. I would always find some excuse to avoid it to prevent myself from being embarrassed. It lowered my confidence. I had never been so helpless in my life before. I did a lot of research on the internet and found out about Dermadry and they ship to my country. But it was expensive and sadly my parents didn't understand my problem because they can never know what I went through everyday. It's not their fault because Hyperhidrosis is a highly underrepresented condition. I had saved some money for 5 years but still was not enough. I did not lose hope and went on the website. A chat window popped up and I told the unknown person on the other side of the screen my story. The representative not only understood my condition but was very kind to offer me a discount. That was my second most happiest day in my life, First being the day when the love of my life proposed me :D. It changed my life. Once being enslaved to sweat, Dermadry set me free. Now I am happy and confident in my life. In my picture I made half heart and the other half is completed by Dermadry and team because they gave me a new life. Thank you all of you from the bottom of my heart.
United States
I've had sweaty hands since I was 5 years old until now. Hyperhidrosis makes you shy to deal with people. I also have underarm and feet sweating as well. I am very embarrassed to have anyone around me.
I am suffering from hyperhidrosis since childhood and I suffer from this on my palms, feet and underarms. This excessive sweating is affecting me in my daily activities. I just hope that this treatment works well for me.
Cherry M. S.
It is very uncomfortable, whenever I go outside I prefer to wear socks and rubber shoes. Even nowadays (I'm 35 years old), I don't even buy sandals because it's very useless since I cannot wear them because it gets very slippery and sticky. I prefer to wear socks even at home to prevent washing my feet always. Even on my palms the sweat is terrible . Also my 5 year old daughter has already inherited it, I feel sad for her when she's always complaining why her hands are sweating all the time. She will stop writing or do her drawings just to pat dry her hands. Our armpit, hands, feet and even our whole bodies are sweating.
Aoibhin M.
Iran, Islamic Republic of
I have been living with hyperhidrosis since early childhood.I first noticed my excessive sweating when I was about 8 years old on holiday. It was really warm weather and I was wearing flip flops. When I took of my flip flops they were black in sweat, the other kids at the camp site made fun of me and I was very self conscious for the rest of the holiday. I presumed it was just due to the warm weather but it seemed to continue. When I got to secondary school I met a girl who played hockey with me. One day she mentioned something about sweating so much and then we started googling it. I really thought for many years that it was just me struggling with the sweat. I got to the point where I wouldn’t take of my jumpers or wear t-shirts under my jumpers because I would just sweat too much and felt there was nothing to help me. Situations like shaking or holding someone's hand became very stressful. When I realised Dermadry we’re raising awareness I realised I had to start telling people about my problem. I was fed up of getting embarrassed by my sweating. I also dread going to bed because that is when my hands and feet get their worst, my feet stick to the sheets and i feel very uncomfortable. In school my pens and pencils slip out of my hand and the paper gets wet. I recently started learning to drive and I had to stop because I was embarrassed my how wet the steering wheel got. I don’t think there is any part of hyperhidrosis that I am happy with, some people think it’s good because it keeps you warm when it’s cold outside or it’s good because you burn more fat sweating but this isn’t the truth.
Mariam B.
Saudi Arabia
'- I suffer from palmar, plantar and underarm hyperhidrosis (yeah, lucky me). - My sisters, although they love me, they still think that its gross whenever I show them my sweaty hands and feet. - I live in a desert country so heat+sand+hyperhidrosis=BIG NO. I can’t wear any decent sandals because of that otherwise it would get tacky and all muddy. - I can’t wear my colored clothes, I remember at a party I wore a maroon color shirt out of excitement and it had a huge pit sweat stain so I was constantly struggling to hide it. - I wear loose shirts or tank tops so my pits get aired out and won’t sweat. - I literally have to constantly wash my hands, cool them in front of an air conditioner or use tissue to dry my hands 24hrs a day. - My career choices do get affect a lot, because every time I've had an interview, I’m not sweating because I’m nervous, I’m nervous because I’m sweating (weird though). - It really takes tremendous courage to go out and socialize and meet-up with friends because when I do, half the time I’m thinking about my sweating and hiding it for no one to see. - I’m always isolating emotionally and professionally. Have to make up my mind and think about a thousand other positive things so I don’t get sweaty, but in the end I still do. Sometimes it's quite upsetting to think about how it would be like to someday not be sweating at all. - The things other people take for granted could mean everything for some people like us. - I’m building up courage every day to tell people that we’re so much more than this condition and still have hopes that it would someday fade away.
United States
Awful and very inconvenient to perform tasks with sweaty hands, axilla, and feet.
Jackylyn F.
During grade school I always brought a handkerchief to absorb the sweat from my hands to avoid my notes tearing while writing. When I wear slippers, the dust and sweat from my feet creates muddy footprints on tile floors. As an adolescent I had to distance myself from crowds due to the unpleasant smell from my underarms due to excessive sweating, especially when I’m nervous. I tried to control underarm sweating by using clinical strength antiperspirant but it only budened me because my skin got burnt, irritated, and darkened. I can’t hold hands without putting a hanky on because it’s uncomfortable. My friends compare me to a waterbender and make fun of me by calling me faucet hands. I have no choice but to live a normal life with dripping sweat on my skin during warm weather or if I am tensed. My child who is now 8 years old also has hyperhidrosis.
When I was young my hands and feet were sweating all the time. I realized it wasn’t normal and I learned my excessive sweating had a real name: hyperhidrosis. It is very difficult to live with it. Especially when I'm writing something, the paper gets wet because of my hand sweat. Also I use gloves for work but when my hands are sweating, it is very hard to wear them. Mostly, I’m suffering in the summer time. I tried Botox treatment as well but it only lasted half a month..also my fingertips were still sweating. Hopefully this treatment helps my life.
Eric C.
Hyperhidrosis started to affect me in my early 20s. Excessive sweating in my armpits has never been easy during my university life. Light color clothes are not in my options anymore. My temporarily solution to this is to insert tissue paper under my armpits to absorb the sweat from time to time just to avoid the stains being visible to other people. I always feel stressed when I am outside of my home and will keep on checking my clothes to see if they are already wet and try as hard to keep them looking dry. The only time I feel relaxed is when I am home and I can take off my shirt without being concerned of the sweat dripping down. I have tried medical antiperspirants and I don't see any improvement. I got a little bit excited when I found out about Dermadry after hours of research regarding treatment for hyperhidrosis. I hope that this machine will really help me!
I have had hyperhidrosis for as long as I remember. I excessively sweart from all my body but specifically from my hands, feet, and underarms. It affects every aspect of my life but I remind myself that I am not any less of a person because of it :)
Marvelyn O.
I'm one of those people suffering from face, hands, feet and underarm HH. Hyperhidrosis really affects my life (physical, mental and emotional). I have tried several over the counter antiperspirant but it didn't help. It just makes my HH worse because this year my face also sweats (not just a normal sweat but an excessive sweat). I really want to have a normal life again and the Ionto Machine is my last hope but can't afford since I am still a student. I observed that I sweat more than normal when i was just a teenager but I didn't mind this before because it was just my hands and feet and thought it will just fade away. My parents said this is just "pasma" and I just have to pee on my hands and feet every morning to be cured, but it didn't. I was 18 when i observed my underarms start sweating but still didn't mind at first cause I was working as a factory worker that time. It's not that bad though and I go to work in the early morning and go home at night. And I work in an air-conditioned workplace. But in 2018 I decided to go back to school to study college. That is the time I started to mind my HH cause I experienced bullying from other students. I became conscious with my sweating so I've tried several over the counter antiperspirant but it's just gotten worse. I'm now an incoming 3rd year College student and worried cause I know my HH might affect my incoming OJT. The photo shows my underarm after just a minutes of changing my clothes.
I have had hyperhidrosis my entire life, I always need a ton of tissues when I write my exams. It has always been embarrassing.
Natasha L.
I sweat really bad, I only ever wear black tops I never wear color. With using this machine I have started seeing a change in my sweating it is slowing down, which is starting to give me confidence on wearing color. That is huge for me, as I hate always wearing black. I hate sweating as much as I do.
Rocel A.
United States
Since my 20s, I've suffered a lot from too much sweating in my underarms, I'm so embarrassed when my clothes get wet because of too much sweating. I'm so frustrated because I can't wear any colorful clothes because I'm always anxious that it might be so obvious when my underarms get wet, I used a certain device before but it had bad effects to my health, I was really hopeless until I found a Duradry product commercial on my Facebook account and read some reviews, it caught my attention, and I was thinking of trying it. I didn't hesitate to order the product after I saw it, and after I finished using the product all I can say is that my sweating problem disappeared and now I'm comfortable to wear any color of clothes. One thing that is really amazing is that even when it is so hot and I walk in the middle of hotness outside I don't even get too wet and my underarms are still dry.
Shandy R.
I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis since I was in the 5th grade. I did not really seem to care because I thought that was normal, not until other kids teased me of being gross for having my shirt dripped with sweat coming from my underarms. Since then, I became really conscious. I only wear colors that may hide my soaked underarms, which I do not have much options aside from the color black or other dark colors. I really wish that I could wear whatever outfit I want to wear without minding what color it is. Aside from choosing colors for my clothes which most of the people take for granted, I can say that hyperhidrosis robbed most of my teenage years because I was not able to socialize, dance, and the list goes on and on, without having sweat marks on my underarms. Furthermore, it also affected my academic performance because I was always shy to raise my hand to answer a question because they will see my wet underarms. Aside from this, I also sweat a lot in my hands and my feet. During exams, I tried my best to keep my paper dry. I always get embarrassed to shake hands and socialize. I am also afraid to remove my shoes when I go to other houses because they might smell my sweaty feet. It makes me really sad and embarrassed whenever someone is looking at me because my underarms, hands or feet are so sweaty. It hurts me to know that they think it is gross or that it will be cured just by showering, without knowing that this condition really exists and it affects millions of people around the world, physically, mentally, and emotionally. These are just some of the challenges that I am facing everyday with hyperhidrosis.
Christianne M.
Ever since I could remember, hyperhidrosis has definitely affected me in numerous ways. • I learned to purposely hold cold drinks in my right hand so I could blame the condensation from the drink for making my hands wet instead of admitting it was sweat • I could never buy colored shoes as my feet would sweat so much they would show visible stains • I wear sweaters in the summer so I have my sleeves to wipe my hands on • I've messed up taking orders on touch screen machines at work because my hands would slip • I usually have to wipe down my couch as my feet get sweaty when I sit cross legged • Hand holding is almost always not an option • At the nail salon, they already know to have a paper towel roll at my station during my appointments I've been told many times that it isn't a big deal, but hyperhidrosis has lowered my self confidence many times and life would definitely be easier if it didn't exist!
Roxanne B.
I was so shy with my hyperhidrosis even before when I was young. As a Christian, we used to have prayer meetings and as we pray we holds hands are always dripping and I feel so bad about it. Sometimes it’s my reason for not attending the prayer meetings, I feel awful not attending sometimes. Back when I was at school, we'd write a lot in our notebooks and sometimes when I need to review some of the notes I can’t read the words because they're already faded because of my sweaty hands. I can’t run with slippers because it’s slippery. I can’t even go get my nails done because of sweaty hands and feet. Now as a new mom my struggle with my hyperhidrosis is holding my baby’s hand or giving him some body rubs. One big struggle is also pushing the stroller.
I am 22 and have dealt with hyperhidrosis for more or less my whole life. My hyperhidrosis has been classed as severe by a specialist however due to my age many treatments have been out of bounds and I have found dealing with it (especially now in my adult life) very difficult. I suffer with it all over my body, however my hands, feet and armpits have been the most problematic; My confidence has been completely shattered, I avoid colored clothes altogether for fear of embarrassment and tend to layer up to hide my condition which usually makes everything worse, although I have no choice but to do so. For years and years I have tried my best to hide my condition from the people closest to me as not only am I completely embarrassed by it, but a lot of people don't understand the severity of the condition or the disruption it causes to everyday life. At the moment I have to carry around a portable fan in attempt to keep my hands dry (as driving has become dangerous) and all my sandals have been professionally lined with suede to allow me to at least attempt to be feminine when my feet are not stuffed in trainers. Packing lightly is never an option as I can easily go through 3/4 pairs of socks and T-shirts in a day and deodorant doesn't stand a chance against the amount of sweat I produce. So far I have tried multiple medicated antiperspirants which have done nothing but burn the surface of my skin, 3 different anticholinergics which dried up all the moisture in my body (mouth & skin) but didn't even come close to reducing the sweating and 2 courses of botox in my armpits which unfortunately didn't help either. In general my life is centered around my hyperhidrosis and is at the core of all my fashion and life choices. This condition has caused me to develop very intense social anxiety and I do fear for my future as it weighs so much on my mind and makes me feel worthless. Personally for me Dermadry is the light at the end of the tunnel, it is the last non-surgical method of treating hyperhidrosis that I can try and although I am only just over a week in I am already so confident in it. After the 1st couple of days I did see an increase in my sweating however yesterday was the 1st time EVER that (apart from after a shower) I wasn't forced to take off my soaked t-shirt!!!:) Staff are amazing and so attentive and I cannot wait to share my results with the world.
United States
I have struggled with excessive sweating since I was a baby. As a child my sweating didn't really bother me I just had to change my shirt more than once a day and drink a lot of water, as I've grown up its become really embarrassing and now i have to change not only my shirt but my pants and undergarments as well. I don't even like going outside anymore because I will sweat even on a nice day. I've tried everything in the book to get it to stop and nothing has helped, no medicines, not even botox. And because it's on my back and sides and chest that's not a common thing so there aren’t a lot of other treatment options as the underarms or hands/feet. That picture doesn't even show the worst of it because i actually changed my shirt previously that day. It's a struggle and no one really understands how much not only physically it effects me but mentally as well. I wish there was more awareness of it as well as more treatment options.
Hyperhidrosis has been my life-long struggle. I have always dreamed that if only I didn’t sweat like this, I could have become a much better version of me with nothing to hide from anyone and nothing to be embarrassed about. Nothing would have stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do. People always assume that I just overthink it and it’s the reason why I sweat. In fact, it is a nightmare because when you’re aware that you’re sweating no matter what you do or how calm you are. The moment you know you are sweating you tend to sweat more and more and more until it’s very uncomfortable. Despite the struggle I have to deal with my whole life everyday I try my best to be productive but again I’m so limited with what I can do. It was so embarrassing to be a teenager before to sweat in front of people and even as an adult. My shirts are soaked, I have to change my shirt on average 5 times a day. Hyperhidrosis has really affected me physically and mentally. I don't socialize because I'm too embarrassed to go out. My whole body sweats excessively all the time. Sweating has made me depressed as well. Hyperhidrosis has affected me in all areas of life. I put my trust on that one day I will live confidently without sweat. It’s been so long and years of feeling helpless so I’m writing this story to share and raise awareness! Knowing that I’m not alone and that there are really people out there that understand me and know how hard life is with hyperhidrosis. Now, I’m more positive and looking forward to be using this amazing product I put all my trust and hope that this will help me. Thank you so much DermaDry!
Anca U.
Hyperhidrosis has been in my life for as long as I can remember. Even though I have learned to cope with it in time, it never stopped affecting my confidence. Once I found out this was my genetic footprint, I had to adapt my behavior to my condition: from avoiding to wear a wide range of colors to avoiding handshakes or touching specific surfaces, from adding absorbent insoles to every new pair of shoes to not being able to write in school without resting my hand on blotting paper and from treating my itchy skin to explaining my condition to every new friend I got. No matter how creative I became, it never stopped being a burden.
Yashas S.
When I was 15 I noticed that my hands sweat and they always have a film on them. It has really affected my social life and limits my relationship with my girlfriend. While doing my 12th board exams I still sweat so much that it hinders my writing speed and I just keep on changing pens in the hope of getting a better grip on any of them so that I can finish my exam on time. The real reason I guess is nervousness, anxiety, excitation and well hot and humid environmental conditions. It makes me feel too uncomfortable during eating, studying and even during the examination time, even then I struggle a lot when I am outside. Personally, I have been suffering from sweating on palms (palmar hyperhidrosis) and feet (plantar hyperhidrosis). Public speaking never scared me, but shaking hands with anyone was a thing I dreaded. Nevertheless, it affects one's confidence negatively. I always wished to live a normal life just like other people though I saw other people suffered differently and I kept myself silent and cried in silence. When sweat drips, I feel helpless and it reminds the uncommonness in me. It sucks. The mind quickly sees the happy dry life of people around and compares it with my despair. I was so nervous that someone might notice my sweaty hands, that I would always try to make sure that I avoided shaking hands as much as possible. This condition had caused me a lot of anxiety and stress, while causing severe damage to my self-esteem. I struggle a lot while using laptops, while writing, while shaking hands with people, while driving, and much more. I have tried so many different deodorants and antiperspirants and none of them work. The only thing I can do till now is: 1. To stop closing my hands as a default mode 2. To wash my hands if they start sweating. I have tried visiting a dermatologist, exploring things on internet, using antiperspirants but none of them work. And the last but not least thing I can say is "yes, hyperhidrosis sucks". And the good thing is there are many treatments available today. So this is my long short story :)
Danika A.
I avoid participating in activities that make me sweaty. I feel confident about doing the activity but because of my severe sweating of hands, feet and underarms I tend to refuse to avoid embarrassment. • I've always wanted to learn how to draw and paint. But I give up every time the paper is soaked with the sweat of my hands. • I've never owned open high heels. I always want to wear one and attend formal events. I just wear white sneakers and told my friends I didn't have time to buy one. • I only buy white or black colored shirts; any color that won't make my underarm sweat visible. There were times that I have to wear light shirt colors for a day in a school so I avoid interactions as much as possible because it makes me nervous and sweaty. • I sometimes avoid ordering to restaurants because sometimes when the cashier hands out the change I receive them with sweaty hands. • I love playing games mobile, PC or console. I just play for a short amount of time, sometimes the game play can be intense and it makes me nervous. I've been invited to participate in a tournament in our school, but clearly, I refused because of hyperhidrosis. • I love to dance with my friends. For now, I dance alone in my room. The dance floor is dangerously sweaty. • I love to do karaoke with my friends. Passing the microphone after my turn is embarrassing. • I sometimes excuse myself to the bathroom just to shake off my shirt and dry my underarms. • I know myself as a lively and perky person, but in some situations I act shy and quiet so that I won't use up my energy and sweat. Especially when meeting new people. Hyperhidrosis made me regret a lot of my decisions. I use it as an excuse to save myself from embarrassment. Telling the reason alone to other people is embarrassing enough.
I've been suffering from armpit sweat for 30 years, but I was ashamed of myself and couldn't tell my friends, family, or staff at work. I tried various products that are out in the world to solve the problem, but I could not get the desired results, so I considered Botox injection and sweat gland surgery. Occasionally, I used a tight medicine to make my skin shattered. Then I met Dermadry. It has changed my life. I have a lover and can go out to play in the summer. Above all, I am confident in myself and everything is fine. I would like to recommend it to people who have the same problems, and I want them to gain confidence and live with vitality.
Joy D.
United Arab Emirates
From wet school papers to a wet mouse at my computer. I keep on replacing my mouse at work because of my sweaty palms. I have my own electric fan at work just to dry my palms and underarm. And this is just one of the many problems I have as a person living with hyperhidrosis.
Jaime J.
Hyperhidrosis has affected and challenged me in many ways. My first memory is when I was just 10 years old during physical education dance class. No one wanted to be my partner because they didn’t want to hold my hand. Similar scenarios continued throughout my adolescence and into adulthood, including: Growing up trying to date and explain to your date or boyfriend why your hands are soaking wet (thanks to my partner now, he’s very supportive, but I still miss hand-holding!) Having an anxiety attack right before an interview, but not fear of the questions but because of the obligatory handshake. Constant slipping on my yoga mat. Not being able to give high fives to my students. Only wearing linen or cotton clothes; polyester is an absolute sin for us hyperhidrosis folk! Carrying a cloth in my handbag at all times for a quick wipe of the palms. Leaving a puddle of sweat where my palms rest on computer keyboards. Unable to unlock my phone because it requires a dry fingerprint. Only being able to wear certain sandals that can absorb sweat. Having to purchase new shoes frequently because of how quickly the excessive sweat destroys the insoles (and the smell too!) *See the photo of my footwear that is less than a year old - I feel this image captures the accuracy of excessive sweat from my feet more so than a photograph of the beads of sweat. And so the list goes on. From simple daily tasks, to social, emotional or occupational turmoil. But I mostly feel sorry for the little girl at the beginning who was so vulnerable and didn’t feel in control of her own body. And with no one to talk to who could understand or empathize with her. Now I am a confident woman who does not feel ashamed or embarrassed to speak out about the silent condition of excessive sweating known as hyperhidrosis. I now openly talk about it to friends, family, acquaintances and strangers as a topic of conversation. I now understand I am not alone; we are a community. So let’s share our voices and stories in hopes to reach out to those who need to hear it the most - just know, you are not alone.
I was 7 years old when I realized that there was something wrong with both my hands and feet. I used to carry a handkerchief to wipe the sweat in my hands and I used to wear slippers with cloth material so that it can absorb the sweat from my feet. Because of hyperhidrosis. I'm losing my confidence.
Erica V.
I have hyperhidrosis all over my body, but my feet seem to sweat the most. I almost always wear socks and close toed shoes for fear of other people noticing the sweat dripping off my feet. I can’t count the number of times I’ve dried my feet off with toilet paper in the bathroom during an event for which I wore heels. The discomfort and embarrassment from my sweating have caused me to always focus on trying to hide my condition when I’m out, rather than just enjoy myself.
Epanu I. S.
I suffer from hyperhidrosis since I've known myself. This affects me in so many ways: - I can't touch any paperwork, I always use gloves and wipes at work (even if gloves makes this even worse). - I can't handshake with anyone. - Because of my sweat from my feet, I can't wear sandals. - I can't dance with anybody, because I'm afraid they're gonna be disgusted. - It's so hard to drive without tissues or gloves. - Sometimes my hands are so wet, I can't even hold a glass. And so many more... It's sad, but I try to live with this and be happy.
Mary D
These are my underarm sweat stains. My hyperhidrosis started in my childhood and it bothers my life so bad, and it hinders me from doing what I love. It affects the quality of my life.
My armpits started sweating at the age of 13. When I was at school my both armpits were fully drenched. I am suffering from it everyday since my puberty. It smells. Now I am 18 and my hands have also started sweating. My sister suffers the same problem in both her underarms and hands. We didn’t do any Botox yet. It may be genetic.