The Voices of Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a highly misunderstood, underreported, and stigmatized condition whose effects are wide-ranging and life-altering. It affects 365 million people worldwide, yet people are still suffering in silence. With your help, we are changing that.
Explore the unique stories of those living with hyperhidrosis below. Read their stories to get a glimpse into the everyday life of a hyperhidrosis sufferer and the unique challenges brought forth by this condition.
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Iwona W.
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Ever since I remember, since childhood, I suffered from excessive sweating of my hands and legs. When I had to shake someone's hand it was often a very stressful situation for me. I remember a very unpleasant situation from my childhood, when no one wanted to be with me in kindergarten, only because my hands were always wet. Only when I found Dermadry on Facebook did my life change by 360 degrees. Shaking hands is no longer stressful for me, I do it with a smile on my face, and most importantly in summer I can wear sandals when I couldn't before because my sweaty feet smelled like decaying skin. Today, thanks to the use of Dermadry, I can function normally and enjoy life.
I am 22 and have dealt with hyperhidrosis for more or less my whole life. My hyperhidrosis has been classed as severe by a specialist however due to my age many treatments have been out of bounds and I have found dealing with it (especially now in my adult life) very difficult. I suffer with it all over my body, however my hands, feet and armpits have been the most problematic; My confidence has been completely shattered, I avoid colored clothes altogether for fear of embarrassment and tend to layer up to hide my condition which usually makes everything worse, although I have no choice but to do so. For years and years I have tried my best to hide my condition from the people closest to me as not only am I completely embarrassed by it, but a lot of people don't understand the severity of the condition or the disruption it causes to everyday life. At the moment I have to carry around a portable fan in attempt to keep my hands dry (as driving has become dangerous) and all my sandals have been professionally lined with suede to allow me to at least attempt to be feminine when my feet are not stuffed in trainers. Packing lightly is never an option as I can easily go through 3/4 pairs of socks and T-shirts in a day and deodorant doesn't stand a chance against the amount of sweat I produce. So far I have tried multiple medicated antiperspirants which have done nothing but burn the surface of my skin, 3 different anticholinergics which dried up all the moisture in my body (mouth & skin) but didn't even come close to reducing the sweating and 2 courses of botox in my armpits which unfortunately didn't help either. In general my life is centered around my hyperhidrosis and is at the core of all my fashion and life choices. This condition has caused me to develop very intense social anxiety and I do fear for my future as it weighs so much on my mind and makes me feel worthless. Personally for me Dermadry is the light at the end of the tunnel, it is the last non-surgical method of treating hyperhidrosis that I can try and although I am only just over a week in I am already so confident in it. After the 1st couple of days I did see an increase in my sweating however yesterday was the 1st time EVER that (apart from after a shower) I wasn't forced to take off my soaked t-shirt!!!:) Staff are amazing and so attentive and I cannot wait to share my results with the world.
Rocky R.
I am the only one in my family who is suffering from hyperhidrosis. I always wish to be normal because of this suffering. I get shy every time I meet people, as well as driving with other people. I have smelly feet because of hyperhidrosis. I can't even use slippers outside. I had a job before and my hands were very sweaty and I always got shy.
Marlon B.
As a cake artist, it's so frustrating just to deal with even the simplest work every time the tsunami of sweat drips from my hands and ruins everything that my hands lay on. Even the simplest effort becomes excruciatingly difficult especially at work, everything I touch gets soaked and slips off my grip. As a cake decorator, it makes my career difficult.
It's been too long and too many years of feeling helpless. Using tons of different deodorants or products guaranteed to work, but to no avail. Battling with hyperhidrosis can be crippling, but I finally found a friend in Dermadry to help me battle back. Something I can trust and rely on to get me back to my regular self again. I can finally be happy and enjoy wearing the things I love again.
Eduardo C.
United States
Being young you don’t exactly know what normal feels like, thinking if others sweat as much when you take notes or approach a pretty girl across the hall. I’ve fought this since high school, it turned me away from finishing my engineering degree, and discouraged me to meet others. It didn’t ruin my life but it did affect it in many ways. My hands and feet tremendously sweat, I can’t wear sandals and I need to carry a towel with me at all times in case it gets out of hand. Trying different products, different doctors, taking it into my own hands by building a device, nothing has worked. I’ve learnt by now how to live with it by wearing certain types of clothing and not touching objects that I know will trigger it. It is still very uncertain to me because of how uncontrollable and random it can be, one day my hands will be fine and others they will literally drip and make puddles. I have no other problems as far anxiety or being really nervous so its been a huge mystery to me and burden in my life that I’ve pretty much given up on finding a solution for a very long time now. My parents recently showed me this website and the more I read on it the more hope I got, I’m very positive about the Dermadry product and I know it will put me back onto an even more successful path.
Shandy R.
I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis since I was in the 5th grade. I did not really seem to care because I thought that was normal, not until other kids teased me of being gross for having my shirt dripped with sweat coming from my underarms. Since then, I became really conscious. I only wear colors that may hide my soaked underarms, which I do not have much options aside from the color black or other dark colors. I really wish that I could wear whatever outfit I want to wear without minding what color it is. Aside from choosing colors for my clothes which most of the people take for granted, I can say that hyperhidrosis robbed most of my teenage years because I was not able to socialize, dance, and the list goes on and on, without having sweat marks on my underarms. Furthermore, it also affected my academic performance because I was always shy to raise my hand to answer a question because they will see my wet underarms. Aside from this, I also sweat a lot in my hands and my feet. During exams, I tried my best to keep my paper dry. I always get embarrassed to shake hands and socialize. I am also afraid to remove my shoes when I go to other houses because they might smell my sweaty feet. It makes me really sad and embarrassed whenever someone is looking at me because my underarms, hands or feet are so sweaty. It hurts me to know that they think it is gross or that it will be cured just by showering, without knowing that this condition really exists and it affects millions of people around the world, physically, mentally, and emotionally. These are just some of the challenges that I am facing everyday with hyperhidrosis.
Jwency R.
I grew up with severe hyperhidrosis. As a child, I lost my confidence. Many times I choose not to socialize with others. As I grow older, it really makes me feel I am different. I am afraid to shake-hands with corporate people since most of them will wipe their hands after, I always bring extra towels and I feel down every time there are people who will tell a joke about my situation. I am depressed and helpless.
Girlie H.
It started when I was a little. My aunt first noticed it when she hold my hands and wandered why my hands sweating too much. It’s been burden to me when I grew up and until now especially when I get tense and nervous at work. Fortunately, when I saw your ads in my Facebook I got curious and read how Dermadry works and read all the testimonials. I was convinced and grabbed the opportunity to have bought this device. After a month of treatment I noticeably that my hyperhidrosis stopped and it’s been life changing for me. Thanks Dermadry for coming in to my life.
Joy D.
United Arab Emirates
From wet school papers to a wet mouse at my computer. I keep on replacing my mouse at work because of my sweaty palms. I have my own electric fan at work just to dry my palms and underarm. And this is just one of the many problems I have as a person living with hyperhidrosis.
I am a 25 year old female who suffered from hyperhidrosis and Raynaulds my whole life in my hands and feet. This has made life uncomfortable especially going for interviews, dates, karate, writing paper tests and ruining my drawings and gadgets. My hands would swell up and be soaked to the point that they would be dripping and my rings would become stuck. Having Raynaulds on top of it doesn't help as this is when my hands will turn purplish/ black and freeze over in pain at high risk of frostbite. I have not let my conditions take over my life even though no one will truly understand how difficult it can be. I am a recent graduate from college in trades work doing Plumbing & Heating. I do find using power tools a little nerve racking as my grip is slippery but I insist on finding some good gloves. I am nearly a black belt in karate and self defense distracts others when they feel how sweaty my hands are, lol. I have been happily married now for 2 years with my wife and we are currently trying to have kids together and I am glad my wife can handle my hands and feet although she doesn't love it, ;p Thank you for listening to my story!
Joan C.
I live in the Philippines and I'm a college student now. I was bullied when I was in elementary school because of my hyperhidrosis, that's why when I was young no one wanted to be friends with me, because my underarms were always wet. I don't go out of the house because when I wear slippers it makes my feet sweat a lot. But now I that I am a college student, I feel like my hyperhydrosis is getting worse. When I go to school I always carry a handkerchief to wipe my hands, they are always wet. Once there was an activity at our school that was a photo shoot, I didn't realize that my underarms were already wet. I was embarrassed, when I got home I cried a lot. I just wish I could be cured of my hyperhidrosis.
United States
I've had this problem since I was a child and it’s been my embarrassment since then, especially whenever I get in contact with people (e.g. shake hands) or even just doing my chores or just holding my phone it annoys me a lot so I always have to carry a handkerchief with me. The weirdest part is that I don’t really sweat in other parts of my body but the sweat from my hand and feet are excessive, especially my hands that look like a water fountain sometimes. I usually experience it when it’s humid. I really hope this product will help me and fix my lifetime problem.
Jiin K.
I am severely suffering from heavy sweat on my hands and feet. I often sweat on my hands, like sweat drips down year-round since I was a little girl. I believe that the photo shows everything about my hyperhidrosis.
United States
I've been suffering for a while and it's hard because i work close to people, it's intimidating and it makes me lose my confidence. But now, I will try Dermadry. Hoping for the best.
Catherine C.
[THE MANY PERSONAS OF CATHERINE] Here’s my hyperhidrosis story, alongside my many personas. In our country, the Philippines, it is hot and humid all-year round. And while tourists enjoy the Philippine sun so much, I’ve grown to despise it. Commuter Catherine commutes to school, and public transportation in our country isn't so advanced. Most of the time, I have to sit through an hour-long drive despite the many buckets I’m filling with my own sweat just to get to school. It has been like that ever since and so, sweating should not be a surprise, right? But there’s more to it than just sweating. It is so excessive to the point that even Student Catherine deals with it on a daily basis. Whenever I write notes for my classes, my palms would sweat a lot, making me lose the tight grip on my pen and wetting my paper. It’s just a hopeless case. Don’t even start me with Physical Catherine. I love doing physical activities and while I understand that it is inevitable to sweat, it’s just too much to bear. I have classmates who put up the same work in these activities as much as I do but here they are, with their underarms up in the air with no trace of anything. Meanwhile, there’s me with a literal map on both sides of my underarms. It doesn’t help that my sports shirt is light-colored. Did I mention that even with dark-colored ones, these literal maps prevail? Oh yes. When I get home from a day of commute-school-activity-commute, it’s still a surprise how much sweat I’ve accumulated. I guess, we just never get used to it, especially when it gets more overwhelming the next day. For all of these personas (Commuter Catherine, Student Catherine, and Physical Catherine), there’s only one truth that remains, and that is the Catherine with hyperhidriosis. While I’m all for empowerment and not letting insecurities get a hold of you, I must admit that having hyperhidrosis truly gets to me. It’s an insecurity of mine that hinders me from maximizing my capabilities as Commuter Catherine, Student Catherine, and Physical Catherine, and essentially from being the Catherine I want to be. But, I have high hopes for the future. Given the rise of technology (as seen in Dermadry’s technologies) now, I’m sure there’d come a time for me to replace this one universal truth with an even better reality- a Catherine that is secured and safe within the limits of her own body. I aspire to have that security for myself.
I’ve never ever felt normal while I was growing up having to deal with hyperhidrosis. I’ve had to give up so many things that I loved to do from sports to hobbies, as I could never excel at it due to this condition. I just wanted to be able to do normal things like everybody else. I’ve always kept this condition to myself as I was embarrassed and never thought many people suffered from it. I would love to be able to play a whole music piece on the piano, without my hand sweating. That would be just a dream come true for me.
Melvin V. N.
"Raise your voice, break the stigma & live with confidence” Hyperhidrosis has been my problem ever since I was a kid, growing up with low self esteem, feeling extremely self-conscious, insecure, anxious, feeling mental anguish and depressed at times, it really made a big impact on my life, life-changing indeed that affects every detail. These ordinary things that normallu people do is a big challenge for me, which also impairs my daily activity such as wearing slippers, standing in line, having to shake someone’s hand, joining hands in prayer, job interviews, leaving pools of moisture on anything I touch, and holdinghands with my girlfriend! Adolescent romantic life was a mess for me, everytime when my wet hands smeared writing and wrinkled the paper sometimes people think that I was nervous on an exam or test because it was difficult for me to explain my condition. It also discouraged me from joining sports & socializing wasn’t my game at all. My sweaty hands make me paranoid that I will embarrass myself or disgust others; it was when the serious social repercussions of excessive sweating really hit me. It affected everything, now I'm 26 working as a Customer Service representative ata Cruise Ship front desk, where I need to deal and face our 3,000 guests everyday. I know for a long time that this was a real nightmare for me, but I challenged myself to do it normally as much as I can while providing them with good customer service and at the end of their cruise instead of giving them a handshake, I tend to improvise some elbow or fist bump. It is a really awkward situation, however, I need to take care of my profession and image, so I did some research and lots and lots of reading on techinques on how to get rid of this. I have tried herbal medications and home remedies because I can’t afford to spend a fortune for surgery. I read about Dermadry last year in 2019, and i urged myself to earn and buy this iontophoresis machine. Now i am on my 3rd session and the results are amazing, i put my trust on that one day i will live confidently without sweat.
United States
I grew up with really sweaty hands and feet, and I was very embarrassed about this. I remember smearing my paper when I would write, so I learned a technique where I would lift my hand a little so that my hand wouldn't touch the paper and the ink wouldn't smear. Every time we played a game involving hand holding- I refused to play or I would knowingly be the first one out because of how nervous I was that the person next to me felt how sweaty my hands were. I grew up with this and always thought this is something I would have to live with. I went through plenty of job interviews and would always have to shake my hands or wipe them on my jeans so they aren't so drenched. I recently graduated college and will be working in the healthcare field. I took a class demonstrating techniques and I would hate when the teacher called on me to present a technique. The first step for each technique was putting on gloves. Anyone who has sweaty hands knows that gloves are our worst enemy. It took me, I kid you not, five minutes struggling and tugging on those gloves in-front of my classmates. I was extremely embarrassed and just wanted to leave. I am going into graduate school soon and I cannot keep living like this. My feet are really sweaty too but I always hide that with socks, I cannot hide my hands. I will use my hands every single day for the rest of my life, especially in my field, I am desperate. I want this to go away and I'm hoping Dermadry can help. PLEASE!!
United States
I have always suffered from excessive sweating, mostly in my armpits. I was diagnosed with hyperhidrosis as a teen and was prescribed many antiperspirants that didn’t help, they just made my armpits burn and itch. I’ve also paid for the Miradry procedure which was very expensive with no relief. I was wearing this shirt for less than an hour, the flowy material didn’t even touch my armpits, this was all sweat that dripped down. I wear black and sweaters most of the time to hide the sweat, which is really rough since I live in a desert climate and I frequently suffer from itching and burning from the wet fabric. I hope one day I can be free from the sweat that I feel like is holding me hostage.
Evhonel C.
Hyperhidrosis affects my daily life especially my job because everything I touches gets wet. I find it very difficult to type in my computer because the keyboard always gets wet. Because of my hyperhidrosis I also did some shameful practices like putting sanitary pads in my armpits to avoid sweat stains in my shirt and it makes me feel very embarrassed. Every time I go outside I always need to bring extra pair of socks so I can change if my first pair of socks already gets soaked in sweat.
Adam G.
United States
Ever since I started puberty, my life has been a constant battle to stay dry. Hyperhidrosis affected my every waking moment, a struggle that anyone with this condition can surely relate to. Constantly wiping my hands, smearing ink on my papers, yellowing nice white shirts, fearing handshakes, changing clothes three times a day to avoid sweat stains, and trying every known remedy under the sun- it was a nightmare. It took several years but I’m so happy to say that I’ve found the medicine combo that works for me. It’s still a daily struggle, but with solutions like glycopyrrolate and Dermadry to help, life is a whole lot drier.
Have you ever walked out of a movie theatre, classroom, or job interview because you sweat through your clothes? I have. I was never a sweaty child but for some reason as I grew out of my teenage years I became sweatier and sweatier. Now I have to change my shirts and socks several times a day. I can't even play video games because it makes my hands and feet so wet. I can't go out on dates without secretly changing my undershirt in the washroom. I sometimes wear 3 or 4 layers even when it is hot outside only to avoid my sweat stains showing for even an extra hour. I wish there was a cure and an explanation as to why I'm sweating so much!
I had since birthday but i started noticing it more when i was 8 years old
Not the best story, but a guy who loves to interact and play sports gets introvert and shy when the sweat hits. I am trying to overcome, hope this device will help me achieve nirvana.
Roxanne B.
I was so shy with my hyperhidrosis even before when I was young. As a Christian, we used to have prayer meetings and as we pray we holds hands are always dripping and I feel so bad about it. Sometimes it’s my reason for not attending the prayer meetings, I feel awful not attending sometimes. Back when I was at school, we'd write a lot in our notebooks and sometimes when I need to review some of the notes I can’t read the words because they're already faded because of my sweaty hands. I can’t run with slippers because it’s slippery. I can’t even go get my nails done because of sweaty hands and feet. Now as a new mom my struggle with my hyperhidrosis is holding my baby’s hand or giving him some body rubs. One big struggle is also pushing the stroller.
Kelli S.
United States
My first boyfriend (when I was very young) refused to hold my hand. People will drop their hands after dancing with me and wipe them with a disgusted look. I am terrified of shaking hands with others because they always wipe their hands after they shake mine. I never give high fives because people always mock me about my sweaty hands.
I've been experiencing hyperhidrosis since I was a young teen. At first, it was just my hands that would sweat when I would get nervous but it was never a concern and I thought it was normal. As I got older, I began to sweat in more places, such as my feet, underarms and other areas. This became more of a problem as I would generate so much sweat, it started to affect my confidence and self-image. It pushed me to distance myself from others, give up on hobbies I once enjoyed and decrease my confidence. I'm still learning to navigate my hyperhidrosis but I hope I will soon enjoy the activities I once enjoy and my confidence again.
Bas V.
I can't remember a day without sweaty hands. You can call it a lifestyle. I always have to think about how it will affect me, others and my actions. I can't just do things, I had to give up some hobbies which really made me feel down. I'm glad hyperhidrosis is becoming more 'normal'. Hopefully others will understand our struggle.
Camron H.
At the age of 11, I began to notice that when I was nervous my hands became damp. It took until about 13 for that dampness to develop into a 24/7 stream of sweat for my adolescent brain to fixate on. Then began the era of avoidance, doing anything and everything to avoid physical touch. Running from life experiences because my hyperhidrosis & the embarrassment that came with it deemed me inadequate. At the age of 15, I even went as far as to begin taking Xanax to avoid the ever present discomfort of simply existing in my body. Now at the age of 19, I am sober, I am taking my health & life into my own hands, & with the help of Dermadry have gotten my hands down to a very manageable sweat level, making everyday seem a little more promising, and my avoidant nature a little less present. For those who don’t suffer with hyperhidrosis, it would be almost impossible to understand the isolation this condition can put a human through, but it is important for those suffering to know that there is hope to reclaiming your physical homeostasis, and there is a world where you can hold a loved ones hand, shake hands with someone new, hold your baby free of discomfort, & reach out for love without a sense of embarrassment or inadequacy, & you deserve it.
Lalenn M. F.
Hyperhidrosis affects my confidence so much. Excessive sweating in my underarms is my biggest problem when it comes to wearing colored dresses or tees, even white and sleeveless. I had applied different deodorant, ant perspirant and even tawas that were bought over the counter. It is so disgusting that when I look at my underarms after I take a bath, a few minutes later it will sweat already even though the weather is cold. Even when I stay in the air conditioned room after applying on my underarm. What I wonder is that I applied the deodorant or antiperspirant but then it just keeps on sweating. I can see the drops of sweat. I change my upper tees twice a day and I can smell the bad odor on it.
Colin H.
I have had a major problem with my palms sweating all the time, I was unable to shake hands and felt embarrassed. I would leave wet marks on papers and every time I signed documents you could see the wet marks. I tried every remedy but nothing worked. I saw the Dermadry device online and thought it wouldn't work, however I was prepared to give it a go and now I can honestly say it’s the best purchase best treatment that really works. I honestly recommend this to those who have the same problem. It works.
Elsie B
I can't think of a time where this condition did not affect me in some way. I've had it for as long as I can remember. My mother said that when I was young she would reach back to touch my feet when she was driving the car to check I was okay and wonder what she had grabbed that was so wet. It was my sweaty little toddler feet. For a short time in primary school I would pretend I had superpowers and show the other kids that I could leave wet handprints on the desks after barely putting my hands down. Then someone pointed out that it was gross and yucky, and that's when the shame began. When I was a teenager I would agonise over the fact that I couldn't hold a future partners hand and I was scared to touch my friends in case they would notice. I also wore lots of baggy clothing to hide the sweat stains from my armpits, which I would obsessively check on throughout the day. I've had people tell me it's awful, off-putting, disgusting, and uncomfortable when they've accidentally touched me. Going to university and meeting new people where handshakes are expected as well as job interviews have been incredibly challenging for me to cope with. I'm a very physically reserved person now as an adult, and I truly believe it is because I was very scared that people would be disgusted by my sweating. Recently I've started being more forthcoming about it and speaking openly, and I've found a few other people around me who also suffer. I think it's time for myself and others to let go of the shame that surrounds this condition. Especially as it is not something we can control.
I always struggled with my hyperhidrosis that I can't even shake people's hands. Now, I got a driver's license, and I discovered I can't drive with those sweaty hands. Don't worry I'm using gloves to drive :p
"Would I ever be able to find love?" My whole body, especially my face, neck, and scalp, sweat excessively. Of course even if I don't feel hot, nor exercise... Hyperhidrosis has been disturbing my love life greatly. It is embarrassing indeed when you sweat a lot during a date, while your partner doesn't. I even try not to be intimate if there are no fans or air conditioning. As well, this condition affects my work performance too, which needs close body contact with patients. I feel so ashamed and unattractive as a female whenever I sweat...a lot. I think I would sell my soul if anyone could change this condition I have.
Ryan T.
I'm always ashamed to shake hands with others, even holding hands with my wife cause my hands are always wet. That's why I always bring a handkerchief with me. During work, I keep hold of handkerchiefs for a long time.
Imay J.
I started to notice my excessive underarm sweating when I was in my First year in High School. I was embarrassed and gossiped about during my college days and even at my workplace. That led me to depression and to the point of thinking of ending my life. I never wear colored tops whenever i'm outside the house. People who don't suffer this disease will never understand and will see you as gross entirely. I hope people will open their minds that people like me who have severe hyperhidrosis don't deserve to be criticized and instead deserve to be accepted and understood.
Since a young age, having sweaty palms and feet were always a huge insecurity. It is really hard shaking someone's hand especially when it comes to a professional setting due to my palms being wet. When I write notes, do homework, or take exams, the paper always gets soaked due to the sweat on my palms. I have been bullied a lot back when I was in middle school due to having sweaty hands. I have even been to multiple dermatologists and even tried using certain types of prescribed medication. It is a huge insecurity and a struggle when everything you touch becomes wet. As a college student, I have been able to face my fear and insecurity of hyperhidrosis. Instead, I am now in the search of finding a solution that will cure it.
Chanel W
South Africa
A typical day of mine involves planning around sweating. My hands, feet and underarms are the worst parts affected. I pack extra clothing and shoes to change into in case things get messy (literally). I have previously broken around three pairs of sandals in one month due to my feet sliding around. I’ve had some really embarrassing moments with my feet, one of them being that the dye from my shoes rubs off on my feet. Try explaining to onlookers why your feet are blue or why you have left a blue puddle behind on their nicely mopped floors! I dread getting my fingerprints taken as I have to retake them several times. My hands sweat way too much for the scanners. I get really frustrated stares and I’m sure some even think I’m a fraud (well, at least that’s what it feels like) Hyperhidrosis affects me physically and emotionally. I feel completely defeated some days. My friends and family can see a total decline in my mood when I’m having a really sweaty day.
United States
I have struggled with excessive sweating since I was a baby. As a child my sweating didn't really bother me I just had to change my shirt more than once a day and drink a lot of water, as I've grown up its become really embarrassing and now i have to change not only my shirt but my pants and undergarments as well. I don't even like going outside anymore because I will sweat even on a nice day. I've tried everything in the book to get it to stop and nothing has helped, no medicines, not even botox. And because it's on my back and sides and chest that's not a common thing so there aren’t a lot of other treatment options as the underarms or hands/feet. That picture doesn't even show the worst of it because i actually changed my shirt previously that day. It's a struggle and no one really understands how much not only physically it effects me but mentally as well. I wish there was more awareness of it as well as more treatment options.
It all started when I was in Montessori. One day my teacher noticed that my notebook was completely wet. Since i was in a small class, my parents thought it was not a big deal and gradually it would decrease. But the worst stage started in secondary school, where I couldn't complete notes and exams, in the prescribed time. I wasn't able to wear sandals etc. Still, I wasn't bothered much by it at that stage. One day there was a scholarship test, and as a student I was eligible. I completed the whole process, but I wasn't able to write because the machine was unable to scan my fingerprints. When I entered law school, the situation worsened. Specifically, law students need a good social approach, and they deal with more and more papers. Here, I wasn't able to hold papers, pens, or a laptop. I even had to deal with everyone trying to give me a handshake. They would ask why my hands were so wet. Due to this I missed so many opportunities in my law school. When it comes to normal life, it's worse. If someone tells me to take a picture, I can't. Believe it or not I couldn't even hold my sister's child. At the beginning, I suddenly start to sweat. Later if I enter someone's home, again I start to sweat and everyone notices. it is gradually pushing me into a depression.
I always feel embrassed when someone comes to hand over something to me. I always feel embrassed during social events. I can't hold my fiance's hand, this really makes me annoyed.
Stefanie I.
It all started when I was 15. I had begun my tryouts for a new soccer club (a very highly ranking one) and noticed that I was sweating much more than normal. I was used to sweating while playing, but at school I noticed it too. I would be in 2nd period and my underarms were soaked. It was embarrassing. I tried all kinds of tricks over the years to hide my hyperhidrosis, even so much as wearing hoodies in the middle of summer to hide my embarrassing armpits. I shared with my mom my concerns, and she re-assured me she had gone through the same thing during puberty, so I chalked it up to that in the hopes that as I got closer to 20, it would disappear. I was very wrong. My sweating continued and nothing could keep it away. I tried every “medical strength” deodorant, those underarm pads (which didn’t even stick to the shirts?!), but nothing could stop it. I got so upset having to throw out shirts because they got stained so badly and as much as I wanted to buy shirts that I loved the style of, I couldn’t bear doing it because I knew what would happen to them due to my sweating. Going to events as an adult was horrible because it would only be 20 minutes in, and my underarms were totally soaked. It made me very unsocial. I looked into the laser removal but it was far too expensive for me. I got to trying a product I found called ZeroSweat and it actually was working! I wasn’t sweating as much, but it was a bit of a painful product to use. It also required me to grow out my armpit hair which was a bit awkward for me in the summertime. Eventually it didn’t feel like it worked all that well anymore. About 2 months ago, a company called Dermadry reached out to me wondering if I would like to try their machine in exchange for review on my social media. After looking into the product, I was excited. Since using it, I have noticed a staggering difference! I’m not as embarrassed anymore to put on shirts, and I feel far more comfortable going out in public or with friends because I don’t feel like my sweating will be as bad. It is an ongoing journey but I have discovered that the good people won’t point it out to embarrass you, they won’t pay it any mind and if you want to bring it up, they will be happy to listen.
Maria A. A.
I've been suffering with hyperhidrosis since I was in grade school. And everyday, hyperhidrosis affects my daily life. I listed below my following experiences with it: 1. I really get self-conscious when someone needs to shake my hands, so I prefer fist bumps. However, in a formal event, shaking hands is commonly practiced. I have to wipe first my hand either on my pants or shirt before I could hold the hand of whoever that person is and sometimes they would say that my hands are 'cold' and 'wet'. 2. I rarely use lotion because my hyperhidrosis starts whenever I apply it on my skin. 3. My hands and feet can get wet even if the weather is cold and breezy. 4. In my profession, I need to use surgical gloves to do my job. My gloves gets soaked inside with sweat and would start dripping along to my wrist up to my elbow. After the long use of soaked gloves, my hands get these tiny wrinkles which we usually experience after staying in the pool for a certain period of time. 5. Holding a piece of paper is a real struggle. I had my board exam last 2015, and I had to use my handkerchief while I'm doing my exams because I don't want to ruin my answer sheet and fail just because of my sweaty hands. 6. When I am on my slippers or sandals, my sweaty feet absorbs all kinds of dirt and dust, thus I felt like I've soaked my feet in mud soil. :/ 7. I rarely wear plain colored shirt because it's prone of getting sweat marks on my underarms. Wearing checkered or stripes is my safe zone. 8. Connecting with people with a sense of touch is good, but due to hyperhidrosis, I distance myself from such situations. People like us don't want to get things awkward and sweaty.
I've always struggled with hyperhidrosis for as long as i can remember. Whether it be carrying around napkins in my pocket in case I ever had to shake hands with someone or only wearing black clothes when going out to try and hide the sweat stains. Recently, I've taken up golf and even that is a struggle with sweaty hands soaking through my gloves and making the game much harder.
I’m a 32 year old female, 5ft2 and weigh 8st7, I have gone through many tablets, deodorants, sat in the doctors tears streaming on more occasions than I haven’t. I can’t wear pretty tops, or jumpers, if it’s got sleeves it’s a no go, I had to turn a promotion down at work due to having to wear a suit if I took the role. It’s life controlling, I wake up every morning to having to change the bed sheets due to being soaked from sweat. I’ve been single a while now and the thought of a new partner scares me, like having to explain that the sheets are wet from sweat. I’m a small skinny girl, I shouldn’t sweat like this. It’s horrible and I hate it, it’s ruining my life.
Ibrahim I.I.
Sri Lanka
I'm 26 years old and suffering from Hyperhidrosis since my childhood (6 years old). It was a minor problem only on my palms until 11 years old. But, now I suffer from this on my palms, feet, under arms, thigh, breast and groin. I'm facing lots of problems in my day to day life in every second. Nowadays, I feel like I'm in a very critical situation due to this because of my excessive sweating in all mentioned areas above. 1. I can't write on papers or books due to getting dampened by sweating from palms and surroundings. 2. I can't make speeches in front of people due to showering water drops, a problem from sweating of my palms. 3. I can't do hand shake with friends or someone because of excessive sweating even as quick as wipe my palms with tissue or cloth (set of tissue is not enough for a single time wipe). 4. I can't use smart phone due to wetness of palms. 5. I can't wear color shirts, T-shirts and trousers rather than black & white due to wet appearance of sweating from under arm, breast and groin. 6. I can't use computer mouse more than one minute because of getting wetness of area where I place my palms. 7. I cannot sit in a place in public because of getting a wet appearance in my groin due to excessive sweating in that area. 8. I can't stand on cemented floor for more than one minute; because my feet get wet and water flows from the place where my feet are. There are lots of situation that can be described, but, I'm hesitating to describe all of this. I'm still single and not married yet. I'm getting reluctant about that because of how can I manage with a life partner with this severe problem. Even in my career I face lots of problems in every situation. I can't do anything like what my colleagues or staff do. I lose many good job opportunities because I can't manage myself with this hyperhidrosis in those working environments. These words are not enough to describe my story with hyperhidrosis.
I have had hyperhidrosis for as long as I remember. I excessively sweart from all my body but specifically from my hands, feet, and underarms. It affects every aspect of my life but I remind myself that I am not any less of a person because of it :)
Bayden C.
I’m an 18 year old student living in Toronto, Canada with hyperhidrosis in my palms and feet. I actually didn’t know I had hyperhidrosis until a couple of years ago when someone I shook hands with pulled away and asked why my hands were “so freaking sweaty”. Up until then I hadn’t thought it was that out of the ordinary or known that it was a medical condition, even though it had been happening my entire life. Looking back I remember writing essays where my hands would smudge the ink as I was working and gym classes where the baseball bat or basketball would be desperately trying to slip out of my grasp. While as a child I could get away with sweaty hands more easily, however now that I’m older I’ve found that it affects more aspects of my life than I ever imagined. For example, I can’t apply to jobs that require me to handle food or serve customers directly, eliminating a lot of the part time work students like me tend to find. I’m also going to be studying business in university, but I have massive fears about what will happen when I have to shake peoples hands, work with documents, and generally interact with people hands on. While my feet are less of an issue, I’ve found myself going through two or three pairs of socks in a day and I have to be mindful of my foot hygiene all of the time. Thankfully my parents are extremely supportive and have done everything they can to mitigate the problem, including buying me a Dermadry kit to help manage my sweating. I am so grateful for what Dermadry is doing and that Voices of Hyperhidrosis is building awareness for a condition that no one I ever speak to seems to know about. I hope that someday the stigma will be lifted and more progress can be made in helping people live with and overcome this condition.
Mildred D. C.
It is so hard to have hyperhidrosis because my hand are always wet especially when I was taking a written exam for my work. My test paper looked like a tissue paper because of my wet hands but after using the machine I bought., my sweaty hands got under control. Thanks Dermadry.