The Voices of Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a highly misunderstood, underreported, and stigmatized condition whose effects are wide-ranging and life-altering. It affects 365 million people worldwide, yet people are still suffering in silence. With your help, we are changing that.
Explore the unique stories of those living with hyperhidrosis below. Read their stories to get a glimpse into the everyday life of a hyperhidrosis sufferer and the unique challenges brought forth by this condition.
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Subodh K.
I suffer from excessive sweating on my hands, feet, and armpits.
I have suffered from hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. It affects my palms, feet, underarms, chest and lower back mostly. Until my career choice of dentistry it has been something that I've managed to live with, although sometimes it's hard with sweat stains showing through my shirts and clammy hand shakes! However since starting at dental school the issue became more of a problem for me as I had to wear scrubs and lots of PPE, sweat stains often showed through these scrubs and even with a under shirt this has been an issue. The worst thing for me though is putting on gloves! Although washing hands often does help to alleviate this, as I'm sure others in a similar profession will know that often you're working in a hurry and it's not always possible to completely dry your hands. Hyperhidrosis makes putting on gloves increasing difficult which is embarrassing in front of patients, supervising clinicians and fellow students.
Eric C.
Hyperhidrosis started to affect me in my early 20s. Excessive sweating in my armpits has never been easy during my university life. Light color clothes are not in my options anymore. My temporarily solution to this is to insert tissue paper under my armpits to absorb the sweat from time to time just to avoid the stains being visible to other people. I always feel stressed when I am outside of my home and will keep on checking my clothes to see if they are already wet and try as hard to keep them looking dry. The only time I feel relaxed is when I am home and I can take off my shirt without being concerned of the sweat dripping down. I have tried medical antiperspirants and I don't see any improvement. I got a little bit excited when I found out about Dermadry after hours of research regarding treatment for hyperhidrosis. I hope that this machine will really help me!
United States
Since I was in elementary school, I've dealt with extreme overactive sweat glands in my hands, feet, underarms, and most recently, groin. It doesn't matter if I'm cold or hot, nervous or calm. Since 9th grade, I've been taking an oral medication that has significantly decreased the amount of sweat, but even with medicine, it's a huge problem. It comes out so heavily, making me wet, uncomfortable, and self conscious. I've learned to pick outfits according to how sweaty I think I'll be that day. I separated myself from groups of people and Sunday school classes because I didn't want to touch anyone or be called gross. As a child, my pencil would slip out of my hand while writing, and my paper would become soaked. I'd leave puddles on the keyboard in typing class. The driver's ed teacher had to wipe down the steering wheel for the next student. I learned to live a life of hiding. As an adult, I still prefer my distance from people. On my wedding day, I couldn't even hold my husband's hands at the altar because they were dripping and swollen with wetness. I had to go barefoot because the heels kept slipping off my feet. The ring almost didn't fit because my fingers were so swollen (think pool fingers). To top that off, sweat was literally dripping down my arms while I said my vows. I embrace my condition more now than I did, but as a school aged girl, it was so much harder to deal with. While the medicine I take has helped, I get anxious about running out. A day without the pill (& sometimes even if I take a full dose), my whole body becomes a water fountain. I started sleeping with a towel in high school because it was hard to fall asleep with wet hands. Thank God for the medicine I take (glycopyrrolate), but I so desperately want a more permanent and more reliable solution. The creams don't work. The fancy deodorants don't work. Sweatblock worked for a while, but it tore up my skin. Carpe is good to use in addition to, but I wouldn't rely on it working independently, at least for me. Botox is expensive and painful. Someday I hope to get a surgery where they clip a nerve that somehow controls sweat release, but until then, I will gladly be an advocate for hyperhidrosis awareness. It is an under-Researched, misunderstood condition that needs a REAL solution. It physically affects school life, work life, and home life, as well as self esteem.
Melanie D.
United States
I have experienced severe sweating for as long as I can remember. Although I tend to sweat more than normal all over my body, it is most noticeable in my hands, feet and armpits. Some of my biggest daily struggles are: having to change my clothes multiple times a day including going through about 3-4 pairs of socks, using an inordinate amount of paper towels to dry my hands, struggling to use my touch screen phone as well as my touch pad on my laptop, and figuring out what to do with my hands when they are nonstop dripping with sweat.
Mary A. S.
I've been experiencing hyperhidrosis and it affects my daily life. Every single day. It's so embarrassing. I thought it was's become more obvious that it isn't. Although I suffer from hyperhidrosis all over and not just a specific body part, the most extreme parts are my face and armpits. It's so awful and very inconvenient to perform tasks with a sweaty face and armpits. I sweat all the time.
Sumit M.
It's been 20 years that I'm suffering form hyperhidrosis. Every summer is disgusting for me. I can't shake hands and i need to hide from everyone. Some of the people find this thing funny, but for me this is a curse. Every day is very difficult with hyperhidrosis.
Dyenkaye S.
My hyperhidrosis started when I was in elementary school until college. It has always been hard for me to do some stuff such as shaking other people's hands, holding some things such as my phone or paper because of the non-stop sweating of my hands. I'm also struggling to write during exams because my paper always gets wet cause of my excessive sweating in my hands. I can't leave the house without bringing a handkerchief or towel. When I was in college I studied in a physical education major where almost everyday we did some physical activity such as playing different sports. One time I noticed that my hyperhidrosis got worse and I almost lost my confidence because my friends were always asking me what happened to my hands, "it's like waterfalls" they said. Before I graduated college, I joined a giveaway hosted by Dermadry and luckily I won. I'm very happy because finally my hyperhidrosis was treated. I'm very happy that Dermadry changed my life when I started using it. Now, I'm free to do some stuff and not struggle because of excessive sweating, I'm happy that I gained my confidence back again.
Jahaziel C. J.
United States
If you look at the picture of my sweaty palm, you might assume that something nerve-wracking had just occurred to me. Was I going to have a job interview? Was I going to speak in front of a large crowd? Was I about to take my final examinations for college? No. I was simply watching my favorite TV show. I was performing the most mundane task of my everyday life and yet, my palms were soaking wet. Perhaps the single most egregious assumption about hyperhidrosis is that we are not strong-willed enough to control it. “Don’t be so nervous,” they say not knowing that the more I think about my hands, the sweatier that they get. My whole life I’ve been made fun of and ridiculed for this condition. I never knew what caused it and for years, I’d blame myself. Maybe if I were stronger, maybe if I wasn’t so soft, maybe if I were more collected then maybe, just maybe, I could control it. But the truth is that we can’t. I wish I knew that when I was younger and I had to hide my hands in my pockets and wear dark clothing just in case I had to swipe the sweat off on it. Or when I when for a fist bump every time my friends wanted a high-five and I had to play it off as if I thought they wanted a fist bump. Or when I went to my first job interview and the interviewee groaned when we shook hands. Safe to say, I didn’t get that job. I developed social anxiety as a consequence of this condition. I even chose to not pursue romantic relationships knowing how uncomfortable I would make my partner feel. My whole life I remember saying, “if I could change one thing about myself, it would be my sweaty hands.” So, I looked online. And online, I found a community of people with similar stories and experiences as my own. For the first time in my entire life, I felt understood. I felt accepted. My whole life I thought I was alone but I never was. Thank you for helping me love myself just a little more.
Roy H.
I have always suffered with hyperhIdrosis, since I was young my hands have always been sweaty, I am always afraid of touching someone or shaking someone's hand, even holding my girlfriend's hand. 3 years ago I also started suffering from excessive sweating in my armpits, I started to use underarm pads, I even tried a lot of antiperspirants but it is getting worse. At university, I used to run away after classes because of my sweaty armpits, and I always damaged the papers because of my sweaty hands.
Depuis le primaire j’ai commencé à sentir les effets de hypersustentation, c’était très désagréable, pendant les examens je ne pouvais pas tenir mon stylo, en grandissons je pensais que sa aller passer mais c’est devenu encore pire dans la vie sociale, dans le domaine professionnel j’hésite de serrer la main par manque de rejet, ça me gâche la vie …
United States
I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis since I was 13. My hands, feet, and armpits always get wet when I get nervous or the weather is hot. I refuse or avoid handshakes when around people. I am afraid of what others think of me when they know about my sweaty hands, therefore I don't have a lot of friends. I had to change my school major and dream career due to my sweaty hands.
I am a 25 year old female who suffered from hyperhidrosis and Raynaulds my whole life in my hands and feet. This has made life uncomfortable especially going for interviews, dates, karate, writing paper tests and ruining my drawings and gadgets. My hands would swell up and be soaked to the point that they would be dripping and my rings would become stuck. Having Raynaulds on top of it doesn't help as this is when my hands will turn purplish/ black and freeze over in pain at high risk of frostbite. I have not let my conditions take over my life even though no one will truly understand how difficult it can be. I am a recent graduate from college in trades work doing Plumbing & Heating. I do find using power tools a little nerve racking as my grip is slippery but I insist on finding some good gloves. I am nearly a black belt in karate and self defense distracts others when they feel how sweaty my hands are, lol. I have been happily married now for 2 years with my wife and we are currently trying to have kids together and I am glad my wife can handle my hands and feet although she doesn't love it, ;p Thank you for listening to my story!
New Zealand
I've had hyperhidrosis on my hands and feet for as long as I can remember. As anyone who's suffered from excessive sweating would know, it can be extremely debilitating. Growing up, it affected my confidence, I had to deal with snarky comments from other kids and it made simple tasks (such as typing on a computer or walking in flip-flops) difficult. Shaking hands was my worst fear. I'm 22 now and have tried a bunch of methods, none of which worked to stop the sweating... that was until I got my hands on a Dermadry machine. It took a couple of weeks before I saw results but after that, it was a game-changer! I now use the machine about 3 times a week and it's so worth it. As long as I'm consistent with it, my hands and feet stay dry which is amazing! I highly recommend trying it if you suffer from hyperhidrosis because having relief from this condition truly changed my life.
I have been affected by hyperhidrosis for as long as I could remember. Hands, feet and underarms. It has affected me in so many ways. My dream growing up was to be a makeup artist but having sweaty hands and touching people's faces does not work with my condition. Now I work in PR so I'm always meeting people, introducing myself. I tend to go straight in for a hug and a kiss rather than a handshake! Silver lining about Covid-19 is not having to shake hands anymore which is the best thing to happen to me recently! :-)
My hyperhidrosis started in my early teenage years. It impacted my social life quite a lot, especially with clubbing in later years because my hair gets wet because of sweating so much. I only wear black or white t-shirts and going out in summer with friends is still awkward cause of sweat. Also, dancing sometimes is hard when you don't have enough grip because of sweat.
All of my life I’ve been living with this hyperhidrosis. Every time I’m a little bit nervous or a little hot, I start sweating. I am now a medical doctor and a large part of my job involves dealing with and examining patients. This has been particularly difficult to deal with as I can't really hide it anymore, from patients or my colleagues. It makes me appear nervous when I am not, and if I am nervous the sweating is so much worse. I can’t wait to get Dermadry as soon as possible so that I can finally live like other normal people.
Adam G.
United States
Ever since I started puberty, my life has been a constant battle to stay dry. Hyperhidrosis affected my every waking moment, a struggle that anyone with this condition can surely relate to. Constantly wiping my hands, smearing ink on my papers, yellowing nice white shirts, fearing handshakes, changing clothes three times a day to avoid sweat stains, and trying every known remedy under the sun- it was a nightmare. It took several years but I’m so happy to say that I’ve found the medicine combo that works for me. It’s still a daily struggle, but with solutions like glycopyrrolate and Dermadry to help, life is a whole lot drier.
Destiny T.
I have been struggling with severe hyperhidrosis in the armpits, hands, and feet since I was 8 years old and I am now 17 years old turning 18 soon. I have gone to the doctors and have tried almost everything and nothing has helpful, I was gonna try Botox but I can’t get it covered and my house hold is low income. I've always have been super self conscious about it and it has held me back from dressing the way I want to dress I mostly stick with black or something that could be put over it. To be honest I just want to be able to not worry about sweating all the time and what clothes I am wearing because of it and what other people think of it.
Marta K.
Hyperhidrosis affected me since I was a child. My hands and feet become so wet, that you can see drops of sweat. Whenever I write something, my notebook pages get wet and my writing blurry. I'm afraid of shaking my hand with new people. In summer I can only wear sandals with raw leather, because they can absorb some of my sweat. I've seen many doctors and they never acknowledged my problem, they usually say that I'm young and recommend some cream. When I'm taking exam in school I can't focus on what I'm writing, because I need to wipe my hands all the time. I don't feel comfortable with touching anything in public or handing my money while paying. Sometimes when I take off my shoes and have only socks on, they become so damp that I leave wet footprints on the floor. When I use my computer mouse and keyboard I tend to leave puddles of sweat on my desk. I feel like I can't do many activities because of my wet hands and it bothers me everyday.
Marlon B.
As a cake artist, it's so frustrating just to deal with even the simplest work every time the tsunami of sweat drips from my hands and ruins everything that my hands lay on. Even the simplest effort becomes excruciatingly difficult especially at work, everything I touch gets soaked and slips off my grip. As a cake decorator, it makes my career difficult.
Roxane C.
Iran, Islamic Republic of
I have been suffering with hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. I feel like I missed out on so much and refrained myself from doing so many things because of this condition. I prevented myself from partaking in any activities that would expose my condition. I never left the house without a towel or packet of tissues, constantly clutching it in my hands to prevent sweat from dripping. I bought the Dermadry late last year and I can honestly say I feel like a new person. As long as I keep on top of my treatments, I have dry hands and feel like I can take on anything thrown my way. I'm even trying new things I was always afraid to try like piano lessons. Dermadry is a life changer for people with hyperhidrosis and would highly recommend.
Ralph P.
United States
I’ve dealt with the problem of hyperhidrosis for more or less my whole life. Over the years, hyperhidrosis has been a major point of discomfort, especially in social settings and business. I even went as far as to have the medical sympathectomy procedure which helped with my hands, but unfortunately it redirected a lot of the sweating to my feet area. I couldn’t wear sandals and avoided moving to living in very humid climates because my feed would be drenched in sweat, sometimes to the point of dangerously slipping and sliding on slippery floors.. After dealing with this for so long and having tried so many other solutions, I had pretty much given up until someone recommended the Demadry system.. After using Dermadry for just 2 weeks my feet are completely dry and I can wear sandals again and walk around barefoot again.
Isabel C.
I have had sweaty hands and feet all my life. My dad told me he used to have it in his youth and that it would stop once I reached adulthood, but unfortunately this never happened for me. I come from Singapore and because of the humidity there, I was always sweaty. I think my sweating is mainly caused by anxiety, and when it is hot. I remember during school exams, I would tear through the writing paper because the paper got too wet from my sweat, and embarrassingly I had to ask for more paper to write on. Once when I was on the bus, a man told me to keep away from him because he saw all my sweat from my hands on the grabrails. This made me very upset but I try not to let other people’s comments bring me down. Because they don’t understand what people with hyperhidrosis have to endure. Now that I live in Adelaide it is better. I don’t sweat as often, only when I exercise or it’s extremely hot, like in summer. I also started pole dancing last year and discovered that there are other people like me! It’s nice to meet other people who have hyperhidrosis, so that I don’t feel like I am the only person with this condition.
I am 25 years old and I’ve had hyperhidrosis (excessive sweat on my hands and feet) since my childhood. I have been ashamed and failed in many places and times because of this problem. For example, in sports, exams, friends, family, school, college, and work. Most of the time I would try to avoid important meetings, which also affected my career and relationships. In school, people were not mature enough to understand this. Sometimes, I thought it would cure itself automatically and my mom also told me that. When I finished my school studies, I went to the hospital, but they didn’t have any idea about this and they gave me some useless medicine, it was a waste of my time and money and made me sad. I had some trouble when I started searching jobs for my future. I did mechanical engineering and it was field-work related. When I go to interviews, I get so nervous and feel a lot of pressure. I finally tried to search about hyperhidrosis and what are treatments are available. Through the internet I found ETS surgery. but my family will not allow me to do this because of the side effects of this surgery. Then I found iontophoresis treatment, a low risk treatment with less side effects. I searched and studied a lot about iontophoresis. Finally, I got Dermadry, after seeing positive reviews everywhere. The team also gave me a good response for answering all my doubts and questions. Finally, I took the decision to try it. This is one of the greatest decisions I have ever taken in my life. I am in Oman, and I ordered from here. After one week I got it and immediately started the treatment 5 times per week for 6 weeks. I have no more sweat now and am doing it 2 times per week and have experienced life-changing results. Unfortunately, now that I actually feel confident shaking hands, I can’t because of COVID-19!
May Ann A.
Hyperhidrosis has been my "boyfriend" for a very very long time. But then, I realized that all this time, it is not helping me to grow and improve my way of living. I realized that to have a better life, I need to seek and find happiness and using Dermadry helps me to look into meaningful living without limitations.
I have suffered from palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. It shattered my self confidence. It prevented me from pursuing relationships, going after certain careers where you use your hands, and participating in certain activities. I was always embarrassed and thought there was nothing I could do about it until I found iontophoresis. This has helped me cope and live a normal life!
Michael S.
Throughout my life, I never worried much about my condition, but when I stepped into high school, everything changed. My hyperhidrosis started to show, which did not only show at some parts of my body, but literally everywhere; my hands, my palms, my legs, my chest, my tummy, my back, my foot—everywhere. I thought it was just some kind of change that will eventually disappear, but it is not. It ruined my confidence and self-esteem all through out high school up until now. As a law student, it is hard for me to keep and maintain my calm and confidence if my whole body is sweating. Every time I am being called to answer or defend something I’m not sure of, I’ll get nervous and then all of a sudden my whole body sweats. It is really confidence-wracking. In law school, we are required to wear polo shirt or polo (may it be short-sleeves or long-sleeves) and a guy like me who sweats a lot can’t actually have the freedom to choose light colors (aside from white) and even wear long-sleeves, because it will just contribute to sweat. This hyperhidrosis is really making my life sad and less-confident.
Yashas S.
When I was 15 I noticed that my hands sweat and they always have a film on them. It has really affected my social life and limits my relationship with my girlfriend. While doing my 12th board exams I still sweat so much that it hinders my writing speed and I just keep on changing pens in the hope of getting a better grip on any of them so that I can finish my exam on time. The real reason I guess is nervousness, anxiety, excitation and well hot and humid environmental conditions. It makes me feel too uncomfortable during eating, studying and even during the examination time, even then I struggle a lot when I am outside. Personally, I have been suffering from sweating on palms (palmar hyperhidrosis) and feet (plantar hyperhidrosis). Public speaking never scared me, but shaking hands with anyone was a thing I dreaded. Nevertheless, it affects one's confidence negatively. I always wished to live a normal life just like other people though I saw other people suffered differently and I kept myself silent and cried in silence. When sweat drips, I feel helpless and it reminds the uncommonness in me. It sucks. The mind quickly sees the happy dry life of people around and compares it with my despair. I was so nervous that someone might notice my sweaty hands, that I would always try to make sure that I avoided shaking hands as much as possible. This condition had caused me a lot of anxiety and stress, while causing severe damage to my self-esteem. I struggle a lot while using laptops, while writing, while shaking hands with people, while driving, and much more. I have tried so many different deodorants and antiperspirants and none of them work. The only thing I can do till now is: 1. To stop closing my hands as a default mode 2. To wash my hands if they start sweating. I have tried visiting a dermatologist, exploring things on internet, using antiperspirants but none of them work. And the last but not least thing I can say is "yes, hyperhidrosis sucks". And the good thing is there are many treatments available today. So this is my long short story :)
Sachu J.
Hyperhidrosis is what has stopped me from doing everything that I ever wanted.
United States
For anyone still on the fence, do it - it will change your life! I had excessive sweating in my palms before I used this, had it for the past 20+ years. Now after 3 weeks using the device for 3/4 times per week the improvement is immense. I don't need to worry about trivial things like shaking hands at interviews, high fiving some one or holding hands with a loved one.. I won't have to wipe my palms against my trousers anymore either! Having sweaty hands has always affected my confidence where I've become very self conscious about what other people will think, but this has been able to resolve my issue and my confidence is back to an all time high. My friends and family are sick of me telling them to touch my hands to see how dry & smooth they are now (make sure you apply hand cream so it's not rough/dry). Truly a game changer!
S. M.
Throughout my life, I have suffered from severe hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet. It is hard to explain the feeling because it is endless. There are no breaks and no medicine could even reduce it temporarily, like before an exam or an interview. It was a curse unlike any other and one that constantly would make you feel embarrassed with strangers and friends alike. I remember this interview that I really aced, but in the end while exiting the room and shaking the manager's hands, I could see his facial expression change to one of disgust and he gave a look to the other supervisor as well -- 'What the hell is this?' sort of a look. I did not get the job. That's just one of a thousand more examples from my life alone. I am using Dermadry for the last 3 months, and this is the FIRST time in my life that my sweating has subsided, almost entirely. There are absolutely no words to explain the impact of it -- if you know it you know it. I can finally be confident and live my life without avoiding touching my loved ones and shaking hands with people. Best of luck to everyone. Awareness is extremely important. If I had not come to North America from my small country in Asia, I probably would have never heard of products like this. Carpe Diem.
I’ve been suffering excessive sweating since elementary. My hands, feet, face, and underarms, it's so embarrassing and it lowered my self confidence. I'm really shy to shake hands, to hold hands, can't wear flip flops longer because it's too slippery, Mostly I wear black and white color shirts, I remember when I was in school I'd write on paper and caused a big struggle because my paper and pen get wet. Now i use my cellphone it's so annoying too because my hands and fingers get so sweaty. I tried different stuff to treat this condition but nothing worked. So hoping this machine can help me treat this. I have not received my order yet but it's on its way.
I always feel embrassed when someone comes to hand over something to me. I always feel embrassed during social events. I can't hold my fiance's hand, this really makes me annoyed.
United States
I am a lifelong hyperhidrosis sufferer. Although my sweating is definitely inconvenient at times, it's a part of what makes me "me." I suffer mostly in the palmar, axillary, and plantar regions amongst others...I was started on deodorants at the age of 4!!! As a child, having HH was the trickiest when having to hold hands in a circle (it seems this was done for everything!). Kids can be pretty brutal and I definitely remember getting several "ewwws" in my day in response to my wet sweaty hands. It's quite ironic, in spite of my hyperhidrosis, I adore handshakes and hugs. I'm bummed when my hands are too sweaty to engage. Explaining that still remains a small challenge. These days, I limit my exposure to situations of that nature but every so often, when I'm feeling confident mind you, I give a nice firm handshake, sweaty or not! I read a really great Instagram post from @humansofny where a fellow HH sufferer considered the condition a superpower (hello opening those grocery produce bags!). Most days, I pretty much feel the same! Right now I'm working on getting my underarm sweating under better control since detoxing from commercial deodorants and helping to give HH a voice via my meetup support group. I'm so happy to see the HH community coming together and I can't wait to see what's next!
I've been experiencing hyperhidrosis since I was a young teen. At first, it was just my hands that would sweat when I would get nervous but it was never a concern and I thought it was normal. As I got older, I began to sweat in more places, such as my feet, underarms and other areas. This became more of a problem as I would generate so much sweat, it started to affect my confidence and self-image. It pushed me to distance myself from others, give up on hobbies I once enjoyed and decrease my confidence. I'm still learning to navigate my hyperhidrosis but I hope I will soon enjoy the activities I once enjoy and my confidence again.
Jacquelyn V.
United States
About 10 years ago, I noticed I started suffering with axillary hyperhidrosis. I went to a dermatologist, attempted all these different techniques to help alleviate the sweating and finally settled on Botox injections in my armpits which actually worked pretty well for quite some time. However, it seemed as though my body developed a resistance to the Botox. I consulted the Internet, multiple doctors and eventually decided to have an endoscopic transthoracic sympathectomy where titanium clips were placed at my T3 and T4 vertebrae ganglion to help alleviate the sweat response. I was inpatient in the hospital for a few days recovering from the surgery and actually had a complication where my lung partially collapsed due to the portion of the surgery were they have to deflate your lung to get to the ganglion. I had surgery with a thoracic surgeon as well as a neurologist and it worked well for about eight months. However, what has started to happen approximately a year ago was I began to have compensatory sweating in my chest, back and groin area as well as the sweating returning back to my armpits. I saw my prior dermatologist who stated there really wasn’t anything that we could do about it and I just kind of gave up. I work in a public job as a law enforcement officer, and I’m very frustrated and embarrassed. I traded excessive sweating in my armpits for it in pretty much half of my body. I can’t wear certain color shirts, certain clothing, etc. because the sweat stains just show up on all my clothing during normal daily activity. If it’s the summertime, forget about it. I’m literally dripping from my neck down to my knees to the point where I have to sit with a towel covering my car seat so I don’t sweat onto my seat. I’m in great shape, take care of my self physically, but the psychological pain this issue causes me is insane.
Harsh M.
I have suffered from palmoplantar hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating on palms and feet) since childhood. When I was 12 I was completely unaware about it or why it was happening. Now I am 20 and it hasn't stopped. I have tried all kinds of anti-antiperspirants and home remedies but hyperhidrosis hasn't stopped. I have also tried iontophoresis but not owned the device yet (financial concerns). Situations became difficult for me to handle such as writing an exam (my pen would slip and I had to roll a handkerchief around the pen to write), walking, wearing sandals (they would slip away, I think that's why they are called slippers :P), social interactions (always hiding my palms), fear of leaving fingerprints or footprints everywhere (I have to wear socks even in summers because of this). I have also developed a fear of public speaking over time (my confidence really went down whenever i was unable to do any simple task due to hyperhidrosis), and did not participate in college events :( That's my story. Hope everyone fights well with the upcoming challenges in life!
Mary D
These are my underarm sweat stains. My hyperhidrosis started in my childhood and it bothers my life so bad, and it hinders me from doing what I love. It affects the quality of my life.
Marcos L.
Since an early age I suffered from excessive sweating, I always worked with computers and this has been a problem, I bought Dermadry in December 2019, and the results are good.
Since a young age, having sweaty palms and feet were always a huge insecurity. It is really hard shaking someone's hand especially when it comes to a professional setting due to my palms being wet. When I write notes, do homework, or take exams, the paper always gets soaked due to the sweat on my palms. I have been bullied a lot back when I was in middle school due to having sweaty hands. I have even been to multiple dermatologists and even tried using certain types of prescribed medication. It is a huge insecurity and a struggle when everything you touch becomes wet. As a college student, I have been able to face my fear and insecurity of hyperhidrosis. Instead, I am now in the search of finding a solution that will cure it.
United States
I had hyperhidrosis as long as I ever remember. As I got older it got better compared to when I was a kid, I have hand and feet with mild armpits sweating. This picture was taken after I thought I was going to shake somebody's hand at work and it seems to trigger the sweating much more when there is a possibility of socializing with others. When I went to school is when I had the most difficulty, I started moving away from people and folding a piece of paper to put under my hand to write. I never told anybody I had hyperhidrosis because I was always embarrassed and I was told it was gross. My shirts are only certain colors and what ever shoes I get, the sweat seem to get through. I tried Aluminum Chloride products made for hyperhidrosis but if I miss a day it would come back and while in the process it would make my hands swollen. I'm ready for a solution to get my life back!
Megan W.
Hyperhidrosis has always been a part of my life, it has impacted me in various ways growing up. I live in Scotland and part of our schooling includes learning Scottish country dancing, which meant I had to dance with a boy! Dancing with boys was embarrassing enough as a young girl but my hyperhidrosis made it so much worse. Word got around about my sweaty hands and I could see the dread in each boy's eyes if they were paired with me, they could be quite vocal about it too. I ended up with the nickname Sweaty Betty and was bullied quite badly throughout my school years. When I started dating I experienced new challenges. I remember wearing gloves every time I held hands with my first boyfriend in an attempt to hide my hands from him. Spring came around and I had to tell him, thankfully he was very supportive and never made it an issue. On a second date I was making cupcakes and the sprinkles kept sticking to my hands… my secret was revealed earlier than I had planned. I have been with my current partner for 7 years so thankfully hyperhidrosis doesn't invade my romantic life anymore. Generally I try to hide it from people, I am not a hand shaker for example! It may come up if I am at the nail salon or if I give someone something I have been holding - it's gonna be sweaty! I find that sometimes people actually laugh when I explain it, I am not sure if others find that too. However, I am now a medical student and a large part of my learning and future job involves examining patients. This has been particularly difficult to deal with as I can't really hide it anymore, from patients or my peers. It makes me appear nervous when I am not, and if I am nervous the sweating is so much worse. Practicing CPR on a dummy is mortifying, I leave behind a puddle of sweat. I've had to confront the emotional and psychological toll it is taken on me regarding my self-confidence, I am a rather sensitive soul. Thankfully, I have recently been given a Dermadry machine and that has made a huge difference to my sweating. It's taking time to find a place for it in my schedule and get into a routine, but I am much more hopeful for the future.
Abbie W.
I have had hyperhidrosis since I was a baby, I was always known as "the sweaty kid" at school and I always used to get teachers picking on me all the time because I would smudge my handwriting and got told that I smell even though I used perfume and deodorant etc. I always used to struggle with hyperhidrosis, I still do to this day I have looked at a iontophoresis machine for years now but never brought one because it was too much money and I couldn't afford it. When I exercise I always sweat lots more than other people and they get freaked out over it and sometimes people just laugh at me. I've always dodged holding hands and shaking hands because of my hands, feet, and armpits are always sweating and I don't think I will ever want to hold hands with someone if my hands sweat all the time to be honest, as I get really worried and anxious about what people think of me. - I always sweat everyday on my hands, feet, armpits and even my face - I always get strange looks at me and get laughed at when I don't do high fives or shake hands - My hands and feet are constantly dripping whilst I get armpit stains on my tops - It is always a nightmare wearing white tops - Having hyperhidrosis in summer is much more worse than winter for me because I sweat 2 x more.
Stefanie I.
It all started when I was 15. I had begun my tryouts for a new soccer club (a very highly ranking one) and noticed that I was sweating much more than normal. I was used to sweating while playing, but at school I noticed it too. I would be in 2nd period and my underarms were soaked. It was embarrassing. I tried all kinds of tricks over the years to hide my hyperhidrosis, even so much as wearing hoodies in the middle of summer to hide my embarrassing armpits. I shared with my mom my concerns, and she re-assured me she had gone through the same thing during puberty, so I chalked it up to that in the hopes that as I got closer to 20, it would disappear. I was very wrong. My sweating continued and nothing could keep it away. I tried every “medical strength” deodorant, those underarm pads (which didn’t even stick to the shirts?!), but nothing could stop it. I got so upset having to throw out shirts because they got stained so badly and as much as I wanted to buy shirts that I loved the style of, I couldn’t bear doing it because I knew what would happen to them due to my sweating. Going to events as an adult was horrible because it would only be 20 minutes in, and my underarms were totally soaked. It made me very unsocial. I looked into the laser removal but it was far too expensive for me. I got to trying a product I found called ZeroSweat and it actually was working! I wasn’t sweating as much, but it was a bit of a painful product to use. It also required me to grow out my armpit hair which was a bit awkward for me in the summertime. Eventually it didn’t feel like it worked all that well anymore. About 2 months ago, a company called Dermadry reached out to me wondering if I would like to try their machine in exchange for review on my social media. After looking into the product, I was excited. Since using it, I have noticed a staggering difference! I’m not as embarrassed anymore to put on shirts, and I feel far more comfortable going out in public or with friends because I don’t feel like my sweating will be as bad. It is an ongoing journey but I have discovered that the good people won’t point it out to embarrass you, they won’t pay it any mind and if you want to bring it up, they will be happy to listen.
Ivana H.
United States
I have a problem with excessive sweating on my armpits. It’s embarrassing to go out and have sweat marks under your armpits. I’ve tried all kinds of deodorants but I always seem to sweat through everything.
United States
Since a young age, having sweaty palms and feet was always a huge insecurity. It is really hard shaking someone's hand especially when it comes to a professional setting due to my palms being wet. When I write notes, do homework, or take exams, the paper always gets soaked due to the sweat on my palms. I have been bullied a lot back when I was in middle school due to having sweaty hands. I have even been to multiple dermatologists and even tried using certain types of prescribed medication. It is a huge insecurity and a struggle when everything you touch becomes wet. As a college student, I have been able to face my fear and insecurity of hyperhidrosis. Instead, I am now in the search of finding a solution that will cure it.
Aoibhin M.
Iran, Islamic Republic of
I have been living with hyperhidrosis since early childhood.I first noticed my excessive sweating when I was about 8 years old on holiday. It was really warm weather and I was wearing flip flops. When I took of my flip flops they were black in sweat, the other kids at the camp site made fun of me and I was very self conscious for the rest of the holiday. I presumed it was just due to the warm weather but it seemed to continue. When I got to secondary school I met a girl who played hockey with me. One day she mentioned something about sweating so much and then we started googling it. I really thought for many years that it was just me struggling with the sweat. I got to the point where I wouldn’t take of my jumpers or wear t-shirts under my jumpers because I would just sweat too much and felt there was nothing to help me. Situations like shaking or holding someone's hand became very stressful. When I realised Dermadry we’re raising awareness I realised I had to start telling people about my problem. I was fed up of getting embarrassed by my sweating. I also dread going to bed because that is when my hands and feet get their worst, my feet stick to the sheets and i feel very uncomfortable. In school my pens and pencils slip out of my hand and the paper gets wet. I recently started learning to drive and I had to stop because I was embarrassed my how wet the steering wheel got. I don’t think there is any part of hyperhidrosis that I am happy with, some people think it’s good because it keeps you warm when it’s cold outside or it’s good because you burn more fat sweating but this isn’t the truth.
I've had this disease since childhood maybe around age ten. I'm now 53 years old. I use socks all the time at home and at work, indoor or outdoor to function properly. Inside the socks I wear paper towels that I replace several times a day on a really bad day. Regular daily routine makes me sweat. This includes grooming in the morning, driving, working on my desk, cooking, washing dishes to name a few. I have to bring lots of paper towels all the time. I use it to pad my underarms, feet and use as a handkerchief. Having this disease made me very shy and I didn't want to be seen by people. I hide and remain anonymous as much as I can. But that of course limited my career advancement and social interactions. I hope that Dermadry would provide a lasting solution. I have been using it for maybe two months now and noticing some improvements. I want to be free wearing beautiful dresses and sandals without hiding in a blazer or wearing socks. I want to interact with people without fear of being embarrassed. I want to still do much more if only I am free of inhibitions.
Roxanne B.
I was so shy with my hyperhidrosis even before when I was young. As a Christian, we used to have prayer meetings and as we pray we holds hands are always dripping and I feel so bad about it. Sometimes it’s my reason for not attending the prayer meetings, I feel awful not attending sometimes. Back when I was at school, we'd write a lot in our notebooks and sometimes when I need to review some of the notes I can’t read the words because they're already faded because of my sweaty hands. I can’t run with slippers because it’s slippery. I can’t even go get my nails done because of sweaty hands and feet. Now as a new mom my struggle with my hyperhidrosis is holding my baby’s hand or giving him some body rubs. One big struggle is also pushing the stroller.