The Voices of Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a highly misunderstood, underreported, and stigmatized condition whose effects are wide-ranging and life-altering. It affects 365 million people worldwide, yet people are still suffering in silence. With your help, we are changing that.
Explore the unique stories of those living with hyperhidrosis below. Read their stories to get a glimpse into the everyday life of a hyperhidrosis sufferer and the unique challenges brought forth by this condition.
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United States
I first knew I had a sweating problem back when I was a young teen at around 14-15 years old. I would tend to sweat a lot just by making any move. Back then, I did not really consider it a problem or even a solvable problem, but I knew that this kind of sweating was not normal. Once I turned 18, before going into college I decided to consider the things that made me uncomfortable with myself and my body. One of them being the amount of sweat that would burst out of my pores the second after leaving my house on a sunny day, or just by walking up a some stairs. I soon became aware that sweating so much was what led me to be so self conscious about myself. Avoiding going out with friends and family just to not sweat and embarrassed myself. Although I have always been a very active person, it annoyed me a lot that I would instantly sweat through whatever I was wearing at a family reunion or meeting some friends. It was not until I turned 20 that I told my sister about how uncomfortable this made me feel, and to my surprise she decided to help me and went with me to meet the dermatologist who told me I had hyperhidrosis and medicated me some pills that would calm the sweating. Since this meeting I have seen a major change in my life as well as in my self awareness allowing me to feel more comfortable in my own skin, freeing myself from my own judgement.
United States
I've had sweaty hands since I was 5 years old until now. Hyperhidrosis makes you shy to deal with people. I also have underarm and feet sweating as well. I am very embarrassed to have anyone around me.
Charlie W.
I used to wake up every morning and before I even thought about the normal things in life; brushing my teeth, having breakfast and checking the news, my thought thought was my excessive sweating... I would wake up most mornings and have sweaty hands, as well as dripping feet and underarms. As a kid I was never bothered, I didn't really know what it was, but as I slowly grew into a young adult where I would come into contact people with people more often and shake hands, hold hands and wear clothes showed massive ovals of underarm sweat, I knew I had a problem... I went to the doctor and was told I had excessive hyperhidrosis (brilliant). I was given something called driclor that essentially felt like taking a lighter and sticking it under your arm while your pores melted. It worked don't get me wrong, but it wasn't a practical solution. I often fist bumped my mates to steer away from the embarrassment of passing on ones flooded hands, but once I got into the workplace I knew this wasn't possible. I would get up before a meeting ends and run the bathroom, wash my hands, dry my hands and even put my underarms under the hand dryer! it was this way for a couple of years, I just got used to it.... Until very recently, I discovered Dermadry... (F**k yes Dermadry!) I looked online and this new Canadian brand had supposedly built this treatment system that stops sweating?!?! Okay, I'm game! Then I looked at the price tag, nearly £400. I thought, have a laugh, there is no way I am paying that much for some iontophoresis machine. However, after a week of seeing more and more ads pop up around my social media, I thought sod it, I'm buying it. Two words? Life Changer. It was weird, different and something I've never done. However, it couldn't have been more easy and sooooo satisfying! I don't sweat at all anymore, like at all. I would wake up sweating and now I have to run half a mile just for it to start the "normal" kind of sweating. Crazy. After using it now for 3 weeks I can honestly say it has been one of the best investments of my life and I would recommend an iontophoresis machine to anyone who is struggling to find a solution. I can shake my colleagues hand. I can hold my girlfriend's hand I no longer only fist bumps my friends and I can finally wake up and think about breakfast. I'll eat to that.
I've been suffering from armpit sweat for 30 years, but I was ashamed of myself and couldn't tell my friends, family, or staff at work. I tried various products that are out in the world to solve the problem, but I could not get the desired results, so I considered Botox injection and sweat gland surgery. Occasionally, I used a tight medicine to make my skin shattered. Then I met Dermadry. It has changed my life. I have a lover and can go out to play in the summer. Above all, I am confident in myself and everything is fine. I would like to recommend it to people who have the same problems, and I want them to gain confidence and live with vitality.
Candice F.
I have suffered with severe sweating on my hands and feet since I can remember. Hyperhidrosis affected my confidence, causing social and emotional stress. I am so happy that I found a successful treatment using iontophoresis.
Marlon B.
As a cake artist, it's so frustrating just to deal with even the simplest work every time the tsunami of sweat drips from my hands and ruins everything that my hands lay on. Even the simplest effort becomes excruciatingly difficult especially at work, everything I touch gets soaked and slips off my grip. As a cake decorator, it makes my career difficult.
Hama C.
多汗症level2 昔から多汗症に悩んでいます、人と手も繋げないしペンも持てない。欲しい、だからと言ってそんな簡単に買える値段でもない😥本当に悩んでます。
Julia Z.
Growing up with hyperhidrosis, while not knowing what it was, nor that I had the condition, took a toll on my self-confidence and mental health. Especially being a kid who was surrounded with judgmental children and adults who couldn't tell me why I would sweat uncontrollably, and also having people not believe me, because I was just a kid, was difficult. The hidden struggles of hyperhidrosis eventually accumulated and manifested itself into this powerful being that made me feel overly anxious about how I was being perceived by others and into being shy. That is, until I changed my perspective on my struggles. At some point in my journey with hyperhidrosis, I decided to own this insecurity, and to take the power away from things that used to control me. I became open with my hyperhidrosis while educating my friends, instead of hiding it the best that I could. The worst thing for people who suffer with hyperhidrosis is to feel like they should be ashamed of it, and to hide it, instead of seeking help and owning it! Making this change made me feel free, and not tied down by things I couldn't control, because I've taught myself better than that. (no, seriously. learning more about hyperhidrosis made me realize that I could actually adopt treatments that would get rid of my sweating, like Dermadry, which I use now). I hope my story can get out there and encourage others to conquer the anxiety and the sweat, and to let them know that they aren't alone!
I have had hyperhidrosis for all of my adult life. It has caused a huge issue in my professional and social life where I am always shy to shake hands. I finally came across Dermadry and am so excited to try the treatment and finally get over my social anxiety.
Shoukat K. S.
Not a moment goes by when I don't start perspiring. Apprehension follows suit and I am left drenched in my own skin. I stay in, remain isolated, introverted and characteristically feel like an outcast as there's no one to understand my plight, the silent handicap.
Marta K.
Hyperhidrosis affected me since I was a child. My hands and feet become so wet, that you can see drops of sweat. Whenever I write something, my notebook pages get wet and my writing blurry. I'm afraid of shaking my hand with new people. In summer I can only wear sandals with raw leather, because they can absorb some of my sweat. I've seen many doctors and they never acknowledged my problem, they usually say that I'm young and recommend some cream. When I'm taking exam in school I can't focus on what I'm writing, because I need to wipe my hands all the time. I don't feel comfortable with touching anything in public or handing my money while paying. Sometimes when I take off my shoes and have only socks on, they become so damp that I leave wet footprints on the floor. When I use my computer mouse and keyboard I tend to leave puddles of sweat on my desk. I feel like I can't do many activities because of my wet hands and it bothers me everyday.
I've always struggled with hyperhidrosis for as long as i can remember. Whether it be carrying around napkins in my pocket in case I ever had to shake hands with someone or only wearing black clothes when going out to try and hide the sweat stains. Recently, I've taken up golf and even that is a struggle with sweaty hands soaking through my gloves and making the game much harder.
Throughout my life, I have been suffering with hyperhidrosis. I did not realize then that it was even considered a clinical condition. Living in a tropical country makes it difficult to move around with this condition because it gives me a hard time to walk around with flip flops because of my sweaty feet. If I wear shoes, the socks will get soiled and will end up smelly once I remove them. The embarrassment it gives me is something that I have faced back in my country, the Philippines. But when I moved to Dubai, I was not prepared for what was waiting for me there. I am a keen runner and running outdoors is one of my favorite forms of exercise. That picture was taken on a humid day of August 12, 2016. During this period, between June to September, the weather in the Middle east could reach up to 50 degrees Celsius (basically an outdoor sauna). The sweat is simply dripping off of my shorts and down to my shoes making it impossible to even walk, let alone run. Because of this, every time I run or walk, I would leave a wet foot print from my soaking wet shoes. This is more than embarrassing, its uncomfortable and humiliating.
Soffro di iperidrosi da quando sono piccola. Ho iniziato a notarlo quando alle elementari macchiavo le pagine del quaderno dopo aver scritto a lungo e rimanevano delle pieghe sui fogli e per questo venivo sgridata dalla maestra ma io ci rimanevo molto male perché non era una cosa che riuscivo a controllare. Con il passare degli anni è stato sempre peggio, mi ricordo al grest estivo facevo l’animatrice e dovevo tenere la mano ai bambini e loro mi dicevano “perché hai la mano bagnata?” E io sprofondavo dalla vergogna. Mi ricordo anche che per me era un incubo andare in chiesa perché odiavo il momento del segno di pace in cui avrei dovuto stringere la mano a perfetti sconosciuti e per questo ho smesso di andare in chiesa. Negli anni questo problema mi ha limitato tanto, non sono riuscita a iniziare un corso di ballo per questo, mi sono bloccata in tante occasioni o lavori in cui c’erano da usare le mani come massaggi ecc. Negli ultimi anni la situazione è ulteriormente peggiorata per via dell’ansia. Ho mani, piedi e ascelle che sudano molto, soprattutto nella stagione estiva o in situazione di stress e agitazione. Me la vivo molto male perche sono una perfezionista e non accetto questa mia condizione. Vorrei trovare un modo per risolvere questo problema perché davvero mi sta condizionando la vita e vorrei solo avere mani, piedi e ascelle asciutte e calde.
Sumit M.
It's been 20 years that I'm suffering form hyperhidrosis. Every summer is disgusting for me. I can't shake hands and i need to hide from everyone. Some of the people find this thing funny, but for me this is a curse. Every day is very difficult with hyperhidrosis.
I’m a 32 year old female, 5ft2 and weigh 8st7, I have gone through many tablets, deodorants, sat in the doctors tears streaming on more occasions than I haven’t. I can’t wear pretty tops, or jumpers, if it’s got sleeves it’s a no go, I had to turn a promotion down at work due to having to wear a suit if I took the role. It’s life controlling, I wake up every morning to having to change the bed sheets due to being soaked from sweat. I’ve been single a while now and the thought of a new partner scares me, like having to explain that the sheets are wet from sweat. I’m a small skinny girl, I shouldn’t sweat like this. It’s horrible and I hate it, it’s ruining my life.
I've had this disease since childhood maybe around age ten. I'm now 53 years old. I use socks all the time at home and at work, indoor or outdoor to function properly. Inside the socks I wear paper towels that I replace several times a day on a really bad day. Regular daily routine makes me sweat. This includes grooming in the morning, driving, working on my desk, cooking, washing dishes to name a few. I have to bring lots of paper towels all the time. I use it to pad my underarms, feet and use as a handkerchief. Having this disease made me very shy and I didn't want to be seen by people. I hide and remain anonymous as much as I can. But that of course limited my career advancement and social interactions. I hope that Dermadry would provide a lasting solution. I have been using it for maybe two months now and noticing some improvements. I want to be free wearing beautiful dresses and sandals without hiding in a blazer or wearing socks. I want to interact with people without fear of being embarrassed. I want to still do much more if only I am free of inhibitions.
Eric C.
Hyperhidrosis started to affect me in my early 20s. Excessive sweating in my armpits has never been easy during my university life. Light color clothes are not in my options anymore. My temporarily solution to this is to insert tissue paper under my armpits to absorb the sweat from time to time just to avoid the stains being visible to other people. I always feel stressed when I am outside of my home and will keep on checking my clothes to see if they are already wet and try as hard to keep them looking dry. The only time I feel relaxed is when I am home and I can take off my shirt without being concerned of the sweat dripping down. I have tried medical antiperspirants and I don't see any improvement. I got a little bit excited when I found out about Dermadry after hours of research regarding treatment for hyperhidrosis. I hope that this machine will really help me!
Anca U.
Hyperhidrosis has been in my life for as long as I can remember. Even though I have learned to cope with it in time, it never stopped affecting my confidence. Once I found out this was my genetic footprint, I had to adapt my behavior to my condition: from avoiding to wear a wide range of colors to avoiding handshakes or touching specific surfaces, from adding absorbent insoles to every new pair of shoes to not being able to write in school without resting my hand on blotting paper and from treating my itchy skin to explaining my condition to every new friend I got. No matter how creative I became, it never stopped being a burden.
Shannen B.
I experience excessive sweating of the hands and feet. It is very embarrassing, especially when I go out every day, and it is very difficult when I am at work, especially since I have to work on a computer and use a ball pen and paper. I can't work properly when my hands are sweating. It is very difficult when something like this happens every day.
Christianne M.
Ever since I could remember, hyperhidrosis has definitely affected me in numerous ways. • I learned to purposely hold cold drinks in my right hand so I could blame the condensation from the drink for making my hands wet instead of admitting it was sweat • I could never buy colored shoes as my feet would sweat so much they would show visible stains • I wear sweaters in the summer so I have my sleeves to wipe my hands on • I've messed up taking orders on touch screen machines at work because my hands would slip • I usually have to wipe down my couch as my feet get sweaty when I sit cross legged • Hand holding is almost always not an option • At the nail salon, they already know to have a paper towel roll at my station during my appointments I've been told many times that it isn't a big deal, but hyperhidrosis has lowered my self confidence many times and life would definitely be easier if it didn't exist!
I have always been bullied for my sweaty hands, it’s always been something i’m cautious about. It affects literally everything I do. I sweat on my feet too. I’ve ruined so many pairs of shoes and socks. I can’t even sit in my room without dying of sweating!! I don’t even want to leave my room or go back to work because of it but I can’t afford the machine and really want it. My phone always gets soaking wet from my hands and I have to do SO MUCH laundry because of my feet. my shirts always get ruined because of armpit stains. I'm stuck.
Girlie H.
It started when I was a little. My aunt first noticed it when she hold my hands and wandered why my hands sweating too much. It’s been burden to me when I grew up and until now especially when I get tense and nervous at work. Fortunately, when I saw your ads in my Facebook I got curious and read how Dermadry works and read all the testimonials. I was convinced and grabbed the opportunity to have bought this device. After a month of treatment I noticeably that my hyperhidrosis stopped and it’s been life changing for me. Thanks Dermadry for coming in to my life.
My hyperhidrosis started in my early teenage years. It impacted my social life quite a lot, especially with clubbing in later years because my hair gets wet because of sweating so much. I only wear black or white t-shirts and going out in summer with friends is still awkward cause of sweat. Also, dancing sometimes is hard when you don't have enough grip because of sweat.
Jeremy H.
United States
This is me on an average day - sweaty palms, sweaty feet, and sweaty pits. I've had hyperhidrosis for all of my adult life - and it has always been a big issue for me. Normally I wouldn't dare wear this dress shirt unless I wear a coat over it. Grays are not an option. Summer time in NYC, fuhgedaboutit. As a physician, it's been embarrassing and held me back at times, avoiding handshakes and personal contact so that people don't get drenched. And suffering from stinky feet because my socks are in a perpetual state of wet.
I am a 25 year old female who suffered from hyperhidrosis and Raynaulds my whole life in my hands and feet. This has made life uncomfortable especially going for interviews, dates, karate, writing paper tests and ruining my drawings and gadgets. My hands would swell up and be soaked to the point that they would be dripping and my rings would become stuck. Having Raynaulds on top of it doesn't help as this is when my hands will turn purplish/ black and freeze over in pain at high risk of frostbite. I have not let my conditions take over my life even though no one will truly understand how difficult it can be. I am a recent graduate from college in trades work doing Plumbing & Heating. I do find using power tools a little nerve racking as my grip is slippery but I insist on finding some good gloves. I am nearly a black belt in karate and self defense distracts others when they feel how sweaty my hands are, lol. I have been happily married now for 2 years with my wife and we are currently trying to have kids together and I am glad my wife can handle my hands and feet although she doesn't love it, ;p Thank you for listening to my story!
Roy H.
I have always suffered with hyperhIdrosis, since I was young my hands have always been sweaty, I am always afraid of touching someone or shaking someone's hand, even holding my girlfriend's hand. 3 years ago I also started suffering from excessive sweating in my armpits, I started to use underarm pads, I even tried a lot of antiperspirants but it is getting worse. At university, I used to run away after classes because of my sweaty armpits, and I always damaged the papers because of my sweaty hands.
Lina Q.
United States
I have suffered from hyperhidrosis since I can recall. I grew up scared of shaking hands with strangers and holding hands with the boy I liked. I never found anyone that sweat as much as me. I would have to put a paper under my hands when writing, walk around with wrinkle clothes from drying my hands so much on them. As I entered my 20s, I was unable to wear heels or cute sandals without slipping. During interviews, it was embarrassing to shake someone’s hand because I could tell in their face they didn’t understand why my hands were wet. Now that I’m 25, I just graduated as a nurse and my biggest fear is maybe taking to long to put my gloves on when a patient starts to code or my patients complaining about my sweaty hands whenever I have to assess them. My parents and boyfriend seem to not care about it anymore but I feel like everyone else feels a bit of disgust whenever they touch my hands even if they don’t want to accept it or say “it’s ok”. After searching up about my condition I realized I’m not the only one and I’m not alone with this. I have others that understand me and experience my everyday struggles with hyperhidrosis.
United States
I feel very uncomfortable and stressed out because of hyperhidrosis.
Jordan B.
United States
I am 25 years old, & I’ve been experiencing hyperhidrosis since I was 9 years old (at least that’s how far I can remember). I remember at some doctor's appointments or anything that triggers stress, I would sweat so bad that I literally had sweat dripping off of my finger tips. It also made it more difficult to do my career as I wear gloves practically all day. Ever since using Dermadry, my life has literally changed. I have severe hyperhidrosis & I have it under control now, thanks to Dermadry.
United States
For anyone still on the fence, do it - it will change your life! I had excessive sweating in my palms before I used this, had it for the past 20+ years. Now after 3 weeks using the device for 3/4 times per week the improvement is immense. I don't need to worry about trivial things like shaking hands at interviews, high fiving some one or holding hands with a loved one.. I won't have to wipe my palms against my trousers anymore either! Having sweaty hands has always affected my confidence where I've become very self conscious about what other people will think, but this has been able to resolve my issue and my confidence is back to an all time high. My friends and family are sick of me telling them to touch my hands to see how dry & smooth they are now (make sure you apply hand cream so it's not rough/dry). Truly a game changer!
Shlok T.
As a musician, not being able to play guitar without fearing the strings getting rusted. Rescheduling studio time because my palms won't stop sweating. As an illustrator - guess what? Same. Lots of delays/rescheduling, always. Won't even talk about problems that we all face like not being able to wear flip flops to not being able to wear sneakers because my sweat would literally pass through my socks and make sneakers wet. Visually wet. Had to quit salsa classes, no one would want to dance with me. Underarm sweating creating sweat patches through my shirt and on my jacket. You read that right, patches of sweat on my denim jacket, in the month of January. Let alone summers. All I can say is "THINGS ARE GETTING OUT OF HAND"
Shriyash G.
I'm just a simple 16 year old who sweats a lot. As a sufferer of palmar hyperhidrosis, I even struggle to write this paragraph because of my sweaty hands. I discovered I have this condition just recently and due this I have been facing a lot of problems. I even suffered from social anxiety due to this. Even though hyperhidrosis doesn't let me do and feel what a normal person can do, I am learning to live with it. I even try to explain to people the condition I suffer from known as hyperhidrosis and explain people that this actually is an illness and actually disturbs your everyday activities from having trouble writing in a paper to using your phone to even worse having sweaty armpits (for those have it in the underarms). Hope this inspires people to raise awareness on this topic and help those who suffer from it to not feel embarrassed and come out.
United States
From funny experiences to personal inconveniences I can be thankful for Hyperhidrosis for it is a huge factor to what made me, me. As I am writing this I can feel the beads of sweat forming on my palms, and feet, slowly turning to rivers and ultimately to what feels like oceans. Every couple lines that I write I am obliged to wipe my hands or be forced to bear a waterlogged (in this case, sweat-logged) keyboard. As of right now my home is a comfy 75 degrees Fahrenheit but even in the chilliest of temperatures reaching below the freezing point of water, my hands and subsequently feet are inclined to cool me off. Whatever it may be in my hands for a long period of time will eventually feel the presence of a gradual to an unyielding flood. Though, sometimes I forget about my hyperhidrosis when I’m having a good time. As in playing with my dog, Bella. We would chase one another around the house, most notably through the kitchen and dining room area where the kitchen had laminate flooring and the dining room had carpet. I get so caught up that Bella might catch me that I don’t notice the ends of my appendages starting to sweat in anticipation I might “lose”, that is until my feet hit a 90 degree turn from the kitchen toward the dining room and my feet have absolutely no grip. I also remember back when I was still going to daycare and they had a game room I would always play the stand up arcade Sonic the Hedgehog game. I would get so into the game I didn’t notice my hands sweating but when it came time to switch players I was forced to remember since the daycare lady would make a big deal of it and come in with a spray bottle and paper towels. She never understood why every time I was done playing, the console was pretty much always soaked, even going on to assume I was sucking or spitting on the controls, which was never the case. This evolved to my consciousness to my electronics keyboard/mouse/phone which I have to pause from time to time wherever I’m at to wipe off the excess amount of pooled sweat because my phone can’t distinguish where I am pressing or I could potentially short another keyboard/mouse. This also brings me to when I first held the hand of my significant other, not only is it embarrassing for me to leave a sweat print on my partner but in some instances they refuse to hold my hand because of that very fact. There’s also good things that come out of this condition as well like the extra grip I have whenever my hands first begin to sweat, or when they’re soaking I have in essence some heat resistance, or even perhaps a neat nickname! When I was in high school and the people I’ve grown up with all my life knew me and of my condition, found it strange when my hands were dry. On the bus going home one day one of these friends felt my hand by accident and noticed they were dry and even went on to comment something along the lines of “Woah! Your hands are dry for once!”. Growing up with this condition I began to notice when my hands would sweat, so I replied with “I bet I can make them start sweating”. As they held my hand, I closed my eyes and started thinking in depth about falling off of a skyscraper, when I truly thought about it and put myself in that situation, my hands started sweating! To their surprise and somewhat mine, I was dubbed then onward “Aquaman”. Some might suggest wearing gloves, I too thought of this and for a brief time wore latex gloves since they were easy to get plus disposable. At the end of a mere 15 minutes, when I took those gloves off my hands were quite literally dripping with sweat, let alone the sample collected in the gloves. Needless to say, I didn’t go the glove route, not even cotton gloves since when I lay in bed at night and my feet begin to create cesspools which soak into my blankets. When my feet stopped producing sweat I was forced to still feel the coldness of the markings they left. For those of you without hyperhidrosis, I implore you to dump a quarter cup of water on the foot section of your blanket you’re wrapped in and move your feet across it, then you will feel my nightly struggle. I have also been to the doctor to get prescribed a solution to rub on my hands and feet at night to eradicate my problem but after a week I fall off of this newfound regiment with the thought that one day it might come in handy. Along with the fact that it is just a part of me. While I have to be self aware about it, I started carrying around a handkerchief to wipe my hands whenever they become too bad. Who knows, one day it might actually be useful and bring an advantage others without this condition might not have.
I still can't believe that I am writing my story with dry hands right now. I am a trainee commercial Pilot from India. A country where even the doctors don't not know much about Hyperhidrosis. You cannot find Iontophoresis machines nor any treatments here. I was depressed as being in the field of Aviation, you meet new people everyday and shaking hands is the first gesture one should make. I would always find some excuse to avoid it to prevent myself from being embarrassed. It lowered my confidence. I had never been so helpless in my life before. I did a lot of research on the internet and found out about Dermadry and they ship to my country. But it was expensive and sadly my parents didn't understand my problem because they can never know what I went through everyday. It's not their fault because Hyperhidrosis is a highly underrepresented condition. I had saved some money for 5 years but still was not enough. I did not lose hope and went on the website. A chat window popped up and I told the unknown person on the other side of the screen my story. The representative not only understood my condition but was very kind to offer me a discount. That was my second most happiest day in my life, First being the day when the love of my life proposed me :D. It changed my life. Once being enslaved to sweat, Dermadry set me free. Now I am happy and confident in my life. In my picture I made half heart and the other half is completed by Dermadry and team because they gave me a new life. Thank you all of you from the bottom of my heart.
I had since birthday but i started noticing it more when i was 8 years old
May Ann A.
Hyperhidrosis has been my "boyfriend" for a very very long time. But then, I realized that all this time, it is not helping me to grow and improve my way of living. I realized that to have a better life, I need to seek and find happiness and using Dermadry helps me to look into meaningful living without limitations.
Jackylyn F.
During grade school I always brought a handkerchief to absorb the sweat from my hands to avoid my notes tearing while writing. When I wear slippers, the dust and sweat from my feet creates muddy footprints on tile floors. As an adolescent I had to distance myself from crowds due to the unpleasant smell from my underarms due to excessive sweating, especially when I’m nervous. I tried to control underarm sweating by using clinical strength antiperspirant but it only budened me because my skin got burnt, irritated, and darkened. I can’t hold hands without putting a hanky on because it’s uncomfortable. My friends compare me to a waterbender and make fun of me by calling me faucet hands. I have no choice but to live a normal life with dripping sweat on my skin during warm weather or if I am tensed. My child who is now 8 years old also has hyperhidrosis.
United States
I have had hyperhidrosis for a decade starting in sixth grade. While I have tried Botox and oral medication to relieve the sweating, it only helps somewhat. I would say I have moderate to severe hyperhidrosis. In times when I am even relaxed, my hands will sweat so profusely, it may be hard to drive or walk when my feet get so sweaty. This has affected me both mentally and emotionally. I work in a communications profession. I love speaking and communicating to others, but when shaking hands or presenting, one would assume I am terrified. I am only terrified of people figuring out how sweaty my hands are. I have been severely embarrassed and been made fun of. I have to strategically find ways why my hands or feet may be wet, I have to wear specific shoes and I avoid going to places to get my nails or feet done because I fear the nail technicians would judge me. I have suffered for so long, and I now am confident enough to share my story with others who also experience the same issues I experience.
Sachu J.
Hyperhidrosis is what has stopped me from doing everything that I ever wanted.
Lavi A.
United States
All of my life I’m living with this hyperhidrosis. Every time I’m a little bit nervous or a little hot, I start sweating. All meetings I go to I start thinking about the meeting and I sweat and it makes me lose my confidence. When I started using Dermadry everything changed and I’m so happy and all the confidence came back to me and I’m so thankful for the company.
Tamba M.
United States
I’ve had hyperhidrosis since I was in elementary school. It’s been difficult in school and with my social life because people get grossed out when they feel my hands and my work always gets soaked.
I am 25 years old and I’ve had hyperhidrosis (excessive sweat on my hands and feet) since my childhood. I have been ashamed and failed in many places and times because of this problem. For example, in sports, exams, friends, family, school, college, and work. Most of the time I would try to avoid important meetings, which also affected my career and relationships. In school, people were not mature enough to understand this. Sometimes, I thought it would cure itself automatically and my mom also told me that. When I finished my school studies, I went to the hospital, but they didn’t have any idea about this and they gave me some useless medicine, it was a waste of my time and money and made me sad. I had some trouble when I started searching jobs for my future. I did mechanical engineering and it was field-work related. When I go to interviews, I get so nervous and feel a lot of pressure. I finally tried to search about hyperhidrosis and what are treatments are available. Through the internet I found ETS surgery. but my family will not allow me to do this because of the side effects of this surgery. Then I found iontophoresis treatment, a low risk treatment with less side effects. I searched and studied a lot about iontophoresis. Finally, I got Dermadry, after seeing positive reviews everywhere. The team also gave me a good response for answering all my doubts and questions. Finally, I took the decision to try it. This is one of the greatest decisions I have ever taken in my life. I am in Oman, and I ordered from here. After one week I got it and immediately started the treatment 5 times per week for 6 weeks. I have no more sweat now and am doing it 2 times per week and have experienced life-changing results. Unfortunately, now that I actually feel confident shaking hands, I can’t because of COVID-19!
Ivana H.
United States
I have a problem with excessive sweating on my armpits. It’s embarrassing to go out and have sweat marks under your armpits. I’ve tried all kinds of deodorants but I always seem to sweat through everything.
Not the best story, but a guy who loves to interact and play sports gets introvert and shy when the sweat hits. I am trying to overcome, hope this device will help me achieve nirvana.
Saudi Arabia
I'm always putting lots of tissues when going out or going to office for work to minimize and control my armpit sweating. Even when I'm applying deodorants/antiperspirant, sweating still occurs. It affects my self-esteem and self-confidence.
Geeta D.
I've been suffering from hyperhidrosis since the the age of 10 years old. My hyperhidrosis is severe on my palms and feet. It disturbs my social life, I have anxiety all the time. When I meet people, I hide my hands when people start noticing my hands and I always wear socks. It's a struggle and it's embarrassing. It demotivates me a lot.
Ryan T.
I'm always ashamed to shake hands with others, even holding hands with my wife cause my hands are always wet. That's why I always bring a handkerchief with me. During work, I keep hold of handkerchiefs for a long time.
My armpits started sweating at the age of 13. When I was at school my both armpits were fully drenched. I am suffering from it everyday since my puberty. It smells. Now I am 18 and my hands have also started sweating. My sister suffers the same problem in both her underarms and hands. We didn’t do any Botox yet. It may be genetic.
Destiny T.
I have been struggling with severe hyperhidrosis in the armpits, hands, and feet since I was 8 years old and I am now 17 years old turning 18 soon. I have gone to the doctors and have tried almost everything and nothing has helpful, I was gonna try Botox but I can’t get it covered and my house hold is low income. I've always have been super self conscious about it and it has held me back from dressing the way I want to dress I mostly stick with black or something that could be put over it. To be honest I just want to be able to not worry about sweating all the time and what clothes I am wearing because of it and what other people think of it.