Hyperhidrosis is a highly misunderstood, underreported, and stigmatized condition whose effects are wide-ranging and life-altering. It affects 365 million people worldwide, yet people are still suffering in silence. With your help, we are changing that.
Explore the unique stories of those living with hyperhidrosis below. Read their stories to get a glimpse into the everyday life of a hyperhidrosis sufferer and the unique challenges brought forth by this condition.
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Ryan T.
I'm always ashamed to shake hands with others, even holding hands with my wife cause my hands are always wet. That's why I always bring a handkerchief with me. During work, I keep hold of handkerchiefs for a long time.
Bheem S.
I am a nursing officer in a private hospital. During work, I experience full body sweat, including my face. Water drips down my face like rain drops, and near my patients. The patients always ask what's happening and how I'm sweating in normal conditions, even when the air conditioner is on.
Ann T.
I have been living with hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. I recall having to deal with this very uncomfortable disease even before I was in grade school and it has gotten worse in my adult years. From handwriting to shaking hands to wearing sandals and having soaking wet socks to holding my newborns, the difficulty and uncomfortableness of this disease has made life beyond unbearable at times. It has definitely lowered my self-esteem at certain moments but I’m glad to hear about Dermadry and I’m hoping it really works!
United States
Since a young age, having sweaty palms and feet was always a huge insecurity. It is really hard shaking someone's hand especially when it comes to a professional setting due to my palms being wet. When I write notes, do homework, or take exams, the paper always gets soaked due to the sweat on my palms. I have been bullied a lot back when I was in middle school due to having sweaty hands. I have even been to multiple dermatologists and even tried using certain types of prescribed medication. It is a huge insecurity and a struggle when everything you touch becomes wet. As a college student, I have been able to face my fear and insecurity of hyperhidrosis. Instead, I am now in the search of finding a solution that will cure it.
Mary C. W.
United States
I have had hyperhidrosis since I can remember. I remember in school no one wanted to hold my hand at ring around the Rosie, that’s when I first realized I was different. My mom would make me soak my hands and feet in formaldehyde for 30 min to an hour to see if it would help and it did not. I have tried several therapies over the years like electrical stimulation and creams. Now that I am 42 I have just learned to live with it and tell people about it instead of being embarrassed. I do Jujitsu which normally you would not wear socks , I wear socks though so to my feet being so sweaty. I try to avoid handshaking and shoes without socks. I hope that maybe I release more toxins because of it but who knows. I just have learned to live with it and it doesn’t bring me down anymore, but was very difficult as a teen.
Shannen B.
I experience excessive sweating of the hands and feet. It is very embarrassing, especially when I go out every day, and it is very difficult when I am at work, especially since I have to work on a computer and use a ball pen and paper. I can't work properly when my hands are sweating. It is very difficult when something like this happens every day.
United States
I drip sweat from my armpits, hands, and feet at all hours of the day. I haven't worn anything but black clothing in over a decade to prevent sweat stains and constantly looking like I just finished a marathon. I dare not shake hands with anyone unless they insist, and often feel the need to apologize when they reflexively wipe my sweat away. I'm anemic, so even when I'm ice cold my body is covered in sweat; making it even more difficult to get warm enough to stop the chills. I can't wear sandals, or go anywhere barefoot because I slip around on my sweat and leave wet footprints in my wake. My hand sweat limits my ability to grip anything smooth, making safety features almost entirely useless to me (like hand rails on stairs). On top of how gross it must look from the outside seeing someone drenched in sweat regardless of activity and weather, I also can't do enough to prevent how quickly I smell dreadful from the excessive sweating. My job requires me to wear gloves for paramedical tasks and that requires me to dry my hands before and after each pair of gloves; as well as change my gloves more often than most because they pool with sweat and drip down my arms. I have to remove the gloves and dry myself again to re-glove so that I can finish my task while remaining sterile. There isn't an avenue in my life that isn't affected by my relentless sweating, and I can only hope we find better ways to treat and manage hyperhidrosis.
Abla H.
United States
I’ve had hyperhidrosis ever since I was young. While I was taking tests in school or doing any type of writing the paper would get soaked in sweat and I’d be so embarrassed to turn it in. As I got older and needed to shake peoples hands I would tell them I’m not feeling well and avoid shaking their hand. When I did shake someone’s hand I watched the other person wipe their hand on their pants after they shook my hand. Whenever I had a significant other I would avoid holding their hand resulting in arguments every time. I was too embarrassed to tell them about my hyperhidrosis. I’m also in the medical field so putting on gloves is the most complicated and embarrassing task I could do in front of a patient. Also while trying to take a patients blood pressure, the blood pressure cuff would get soaked in sweat and it’s extremely embarrassing. I’ve suffered with it for so long and have been using Dermadry in hopes that it will solve my problem.
I’ve never ever felt normal while I was growing up having to deal with hyperhidrosis. I’ve had to give up so many things that I loved to do from sports to hobbies, as I could never excel at it due to this condition. I just wanted to be able to do normal things like everybody else. I’ve always kept this condition to myself as I was embarrassed and never thought many people suffered from it. I would love to be able to play a whole music piece on the piano, without my hand sweating. That would be just a dream come true for me.
Ralph P.
United States
I’ve dealt with the problem of hyperhidrosis for more or less my whole life. Over the years, hyperhidrosis has been a major point of discomfort, especially in social settings and business. I even went as far as to have the medical sympathectomy procedure which helped with my hands, but unfortunately it redirected a lot of the sweating to my feet area. I couldn’t wear sandals and avoided moving to living in very humid climates because my feed would be drenched in sweat, sometimes to the point of dangerously slipping and sliding on slippery floors.. After dealing with this for so long and having tried so many other solutions, I had pretty much given up until someone recommended the Demadry system.. After using Dermadry for just 2 weeks my feet are completely dry and I can wear sandals again and walk around barefoot again.
Evhonel C.
Hyperhidrosis affects my daily life especially my job because everything I touches gets wet. I find it very difficult to type in my computer because the keyboard always gets wet. Because of my hyperhidrosis I also did some shameful practices like putting sanitary pads in my armpits to avoid sweat stains in my shirt and it makes me feel very embarrassed. Every time I go outside I always need to bring extra pair of socks so I can change if my first pair of socks already gets soaked in sweat.
Seijoon S.
United States
It started around 2005 when I was a sophomore in high school and it has affected my life ever since. I have used topical and oral medications, I have visited a specialist in the LA area to see about ETS (did not do through with it). It has affected me quit a bit as I was always nervous to go on dates, shake hands during interviews or school group assignments, etc. I also remember playing basketball and football in high school, having to grip the ball extra hard or wear gloves during football so the ball did not slip. Since graduating college, I was able to purchase Dermadry and it has been the most effective for treating my sweaty hands. I am not done yet with my first treatment and have already seen great results!

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