Hyperhidrosis is a highly misunderstood, underreported, and stigmatized condition whose effects are wide-ranging and life-altering. It affects 365 million people worldwide, yet people are still suffering in silence. With your help, we are changing that.
Explore the unique stories of those living with hyperhidrosis below. Read their stories to get a glimpse into the everyday life of a hyperhidrosis sufferer and the unique challenges brought forth by this condition.
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Geeta D.
I've been suffering from hyperhidrosis since the the age of 10 years old. My hyperhidrosis is severe on my palms and feet. It disturbs my social life, I have anxiety all the time. When I meet people, I hide my hands when people start noticing my hands and I always wear socks. It's a struggle and it's embarrassing. It demotivates me a lot.
Christianne M.
Ever since I could remember, hyperhidrosis has definitely affected me in numerous ways. • I learned to purposely hold cold drinks in my right hand so I could blame the condensation from the drink for making my hands wet instead of admitting it was sweat • I could never buy colored shoes as my feet would sweat so much they would show visible stains • I wear sweaters in the summer so I have my sleeves to wipe my hands on • I've messed up taking orders on touch screen machines at work because my hands would slip • I usually have to wipe down my couch as my feet get sweaty when I sit cross legged • Hand holding is almost always not an option • At the nail salon, they already know to have a paper towel roll at my station during my appointments I've been told many times that it isn't a big deal, but hyperhidrosis has lowered my self confidence many times and life would definitely be easier if it didn't exist!
Isabel C.
I have had sweaty hands and feet all my life. My dad told me he used to have it in his youth and that it would stop once I reached adulthood, but unfortunately this never happened for me. I come from Singapore and because of the humidity there, I was always sweaty. I think my sweating is mainly caused by anxiety, and when it is hot. I remember during school exams, I would tear through the writing paper because the paper got too wet from my sweat, and embarrassingly I had to ask for more paper to write on. Once when I was on the bus, a man told me to keep away from him because he saw all my sweat from my hands on the grabrails. This made me very upset but I try not to let other people’s comments bring me down. Because they don’t understand what people with hyperhidrosis have to endure. Now that I live in Adelaide it is better. I don’t sweat as often, only when I exercise or it’s extremely hot, like in summer. I also started pole dancing last year and discovered that there are other people like me! It’s nice to meet other people who have hyperhidrosis, so that I don’t feel like I am the only person with this condition.
Abla H.
United States
I’ve had hyperhidrosis ever since I was young. While I was taking tests in school or doing any type of writing the paper would get soaked in sweat and I’d be so embarrassed to turn it in. As I got older and needed to shake peoples hands I would tell them I’m not feeling well and avoid shaking their hand. When I did shake someone’s hand I watched the other person wipe their hand on their pants after they shook my hand. Whenever I had a significant other I would avoid holding their hand resulting in arguments every time. I was too embarrassed to tell them about my hyperhidrosis. I’m also in the medical field so putting on gloves is the most complicated and embarrassing task I could do in front of a patient. Also while trying to take a patients blood pressure, the blood pressure cuff would get soaked in sweat and it’s extremely embarrassing. I’ve suffered with it for so long and have been using Dermadry in hopes that it will solve my problem.
I am a 25 year old female who suffered from hyperhidrosis and Raynaulds my whole life in my hands and feet. This has made life uncomfortable especially going for interviews, dates, karate, writing paper tests and ruining my drawings and gadgets. My hands would swell up and be soaked to the point that they would be dripping and my rings would become stuck. Having Raynaulds on top of it doesn't help as this is when my hands will turn purplish/ black and freeze over in pain at high risk of frostbite. I have not let my conditions take over my life even though no one will truly understand how difficult it can be. I am a recent graduate from college in trades work doing Plumbing & Heating. I do find using power tools a little nerve racking as my grip is slippery but I insist on finding some good gloves. I am nearly a black belt in karate and self defense distracts others when they feel how sweaty my hands are, lol. I have been happily married now for 2 years with my wife and we are currently trying to have kids together and I am glad my wife can handle my hands and feet although she doesn't love it, ;p Thank you for listening to my story!
New Zealand
I've had hyperhidrosis on my hands and feet for as long as I can remember. As anyone who's suffered from excessive sweating would know, it can be extremely debilitating. Growing up, it affected my confidence, I had to deal with snarky comments from other kids and it made simple tasks (such as typing on a computer or walking in flip-flops) difficult. Shaking hands was my worst fear. I'm 22 now and have tried a bunch of methods, none of which worked to stop the sweating... that was until I got my hands on a Dermadry machine. It took a couple of weeks before I saw results but after that, it was a game-changer! I now use the machine about 3 times a week and it's so worth it. As long as I'm consistent with it, my hands and feet stay dry which is amazing! I highly recommend trying it if you suffer from hyperhidrosis because having relief from this condition truly changed my life.
Alvin C.
My hands and feet are sweating a lot. It's quite embarrassing when you need to shake hands with clients and relatives. I have to keep wiping my hands and feet very often. My confidence level also drops due to this issue.
United States
I am a lifelong hyperhidrosis sufferer. Although my sweating is definitely inconvenient at times, it's a part of what makes me "me." I suffer mostly in the palmar, axillary, and plantar regions amongst others...I was started on deodorants at the age of 4!!! As a child, having HH was the trickiest when having to hold hands in a circle (it seems this was done for everything!). Kids can be pretty brutal and I definitely remember getting several "ewwws" in my day in response to my wet sweaty hands. It's quite ironic, in spite of my hyperhidrosis, I adore handshakes and hugs. I'm bummed when my hands are too sweaty to engage. Explaining that still remains a small challenge. These days, I limit my exposure to situations of that nature but every so often, when I'm feeling confident mind you, I give a nice firm handshake, sweaty or not! I read a really great Instagram post from @humansofny where a fellow HH sufferer considered the condition a superpower (hello opening those grocery produce bags!). Most days, I pretty much feel the same! Right now I'm working on getting my underarm sweating under better control since detoxing from commercial deodorants and helping to give HH a voice via my meetup support group. I'm so happy to see the HH community coming together and I can't wait to see what's next!
Colin H.
I have had a major problem with my palms sweating all the time, I was unable to shake hands and felt embarrassed. I would leave wet marks on papers and every time I signed documents you could see the wet marks. I tried every remedy but nothing worked. I saw the Dermadry device online and thought it wouldn't work, however I was prepared to give it a go and now I can honestly say it’s the best purchase best treatment that really works. I honestly recommend this to those who have the same problem. It works.
Ryan T.
I'm always ashamed to shake hands with others, even holding hands with my wife cause my hands are always wet. That's why I always bring a handkerchief with me. During work, I keep hold of handkerchiefs for a long time.
Hola!! La verdad quienes padecemos está afección..nos limita totalmente todo aspecto de nuestras vidas..dentro de mi historia a mí me causa muchas vergüenzas cuando saludo de mano..me quedo pensando que imagen tendrá de mi..por naturaleza soy alegre,pero enseguida está alteración en mi cuerpo baja de inmediato mi autoestima..yo pienso que no me equivoco que ese sentimiento lo experimentamos quienes padecemos hiperhidrosis palmoplantar..por eso la llamo la enfermedad silenciosa que te mata en vida!! Pero como les digo sale ganando más mi alegría! EL show debe continuar!!! Saludos amigos a todos los que en todo el mundo la padecemos y saludos al equipo de Dermadry!
Maria I.
I only learned a few years ago about the term for this condition when I went to see a specialist. At that time, only the US and UK sold the machine and I didn't want to take pills or have Botox either. I grew up always washing my hands and feet, and wearing dark-colored shirts; bringing handkerchiefs; not wearing sandals or slippers often; wearing cardigans to cover shirts; and did a lot of others things to minimize or hide the excessive sweating. All of my siblings have this condition and the saddest part is that even our nieces and nephews experience this. This condition is uncomfortable and brings down self confidence to the lowest level.

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