Hyperhidrosis is a highly misunderstood, underreported, and stigmatized condition whose effects are wide-ranging and life-altering. It affects 365 million people worldwide, yet people are still suffering in silence. With your help, we are changing that.
Explore the unique stories of those living with hyperhidrosis below. Read their stories to get a glimpse into the everyday life of a hyperhidrosis sufferer and the unique challenges brought forth by this condition.
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United States
I grew up with really sweaty hands and feet, and I was very embarrassed about this. I remember smearing my paper when I would write, so I learned a technique where I would lift my hand a little so that my hand wouldn't touch the paper and the ink wouldn't smear. Every time we played a game involving hand holding- I refused to play or I would knowingly be the first one out because of how nervous I was that the person next to me felt how sweaty my hands were. I grew up with this and always thought this is something I would have to live with. I went through plenty of job interviews and would always have to shake my hands or wipe them on my jeans so they aren't so drenched. I recently graduated college and will be working in the healthcare field. I took a class demonstrating techniques and I would hate when the teacher called on me to present a technique. The first step for each technique was putting on gloves. Anyone who has sweaty hands knows that gloves are our worst enemy. It took me, I kid you not, five minutes struggling and tugging on those gloves in-front of my classmates. I was extremely embarrassed and just wanted to leave. I am going into graduate school soon and I cannot keep living like this. My feet are really sweaty too but I always hide that with socks, I cannot hide my hands. I will use my hands every single day for the rest of my life, especially in my field, I am desperate. I want this to go away and I'm hoping Dermadry can help. PLEASE!!
Han C
United States
Since I was a child, I’ve endured many criticism from people because of excessive sweat on my hands. It was constantly on my mind while I was out with my friends and during other social interactions. I am constantly self conscious because it affect my daily activities negatively.
I have suffered from palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. It shattered my self confidence. It prevented me from pursuing relationships, going after certain careers where you use your hands, and participating in certain activities. I was always embarrassed and thought there was nothing I could do about it until I found iontophoresis. This has helped me cope and live a normal life!
Patrick C.
Hyperhidrosis restricts all aspects of my life : I have suffered alienation, self-disgust and a dire hit on my self-esteem. ● When I slide past people they would cover their noses as if I was a passing garbage truck. ● There would always be flies hovering over me. ● I could be fresh out of the bath and I would sweat profusely within seconds. ● I also suffer from psoriasis, where my skin sheds abnormally, forming plaques and when they get damp from sweat, I get skin infections from broken skin. ● I've tried every deodorant and prescriptions to mask the odor but to no avail. Even if I wear jackets the odor would still be pretty bad. ● I became reclused and avoidant. I've stopped going to church and attending social gatherings. I rarely go out of the house. ● Dressing up became tricky business. Most of my clothes have stains on the armpit area. I can't wear the clothes I want. I change damp clothes up to five times a day. ● I cannot shake hands because my palms and dripping and sometimes form a puddle on the floor. ● I gave up my dream to become an artist, because now the paper would soak in sweat instantly. ● I became hunched and developed chronic back pain from curling too much to hide the odor. ● I was depressed and suicidal at one point.
Bas V.
I can't remember a day without sweaty hands. You can call it a lifestyle. I always have to think about how it will affect me, others and my actions. I can't just do things, I had to give up some hobbies which really made me feel down. I'm glad hyperhidrosis is becoming more 'normal'. Hopefully others will understand our struggle.
United States
I have suffered from hyperhidrosis my whole life. I sweat from my palms, feet, and underarms. Not only has this condition affected my physical state, but my mental well being. When I went for a job interview and shook the lady’s hand, all I could think about was how she was probably disgusted and that she would never hire me. My hyperhidrosis also impedes me from wearing any other color than black. If I wore a light top, my huge sweat stains would show through and embarrass me. I wish to share my story and let people know they are not alone with this condition.
Since I was 12, I sweat. It was so embarrassing to be a teenager and sweat and then even as an adult. My shirts are soaked, I have to change my shirt on average 5 times a day. I work in healthcare so having sweaty hands really hinders the way I do my job. Hyperhidrosis has really affected me physically and mentally. I don't socialize because I'm too embarrassed to go out. My whole body sweats excessively all the time. Sweating has made me depressed as well. Hyperhidrosis has affected me in all areas of life.
United States
I have the same problem here same issue here there is millions of us with this issue I know how it feels I know what you feel
United States
I first knew I had a sweating problem back when I was a young teen at around 14-15 years old. I would tend to sweat a lot just by making any move. Back then, I did not really consider it a problem or even a solvable problem, but I knew that this kind of sweating was not normal. Once I turned 18, before going into college I decided to consider the things that made me uncomfortable with myself and my body. One of them being the amount of sweat that would burst out of my pores the second after leaving my house on a sunny day, or just by walking up a some stairs. I soon became aware that sweating so much was what led me to be so self conscious about myself. Avoiding going out with friends and family just to not sweat and embarrassed myself. Although I have always been a very active person, it annoyed me a lot that I would instantly sweat through whatever I was wearing at a family reunion or meeting some friends. It was not until I turned 20 that I told my sister about how uncomfortable this made me feel, and to my surprise she decided to help me and went with me to meet the dermatologist who told me I had hyperhidrosis and medicated me some pills that would calm the sweating. Since this meeting I have seen a major change in my life as well as in my self awareness allowing me to feel more comfortable in my own skin, freeing myself from my own judgement.
Mary C. W.
United States
I have had hyperhidrosis since I can remember. I remember in school no one wanted to hold my hand at ring around the Rosie, that’s when I first realized I was different. My mom would make me soak my hands and feet in formaldehyde for 30 min to an hour to see if it would help and it did not. I have tried several therapies over the years like electrical stimulation and creams. Now that I am 42 I have just learned to live with it and tell people about it instead of being embarrassed. I do Jujitsu which normally you would not wear socks , I wear socks though so to my feet being so sweaty. I try to avoid handshaking and shoes without socks. I hope that maybe I release more toxins because of it but who knows. I just have learned to live with it and it doesn’t bring me down anymore, but was very difficult as a teen.
Ryan T.
I'm always ashamed to shake hands with others, even holding hands with my wife cause my hands are always wet. That's why I always bring a handkerchief with me. During work, I keep hold of handkerchiefs for a long time.
Christianne M.
Ever since I could remember, hyperhidrosis has definitely affected me in numerous ways. • I learned to purposely hold cold drinks in my right hand so I could blame the condensation from the drink for making my hands wet instead of admitting it was sweat • I could never buy colored shoes as my feet would sweat so much they would show visible stains • I wear sweaters in the summer so I have my sleeves to wipe my hands on • I've messed up taking orders on touch screen machines at work because my hands would slip • I usually have to wipe down my couch as my feet get sweaty when I sit cross legged • Hand holding is almost always not an option • At the nail salon, they already know to have a paper towel roll at my station during my appointments I've been told many times that it isn't a big deal, but hyperhidrosis has lowered my self confidence many times and life would definitely be easier if it didn't exist!

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