This is My Story

Marcella F.
United States
Every since I was a kid, my hands and feet have been stopping me from doing things that I love, like: gymnastics, rock climbing, wrestling, and just playing on a jungle gym with friends. Because of my hyperhidrosis I couldn’t do things that involved grip or activities where you have to take off your shoes and socks. I was also very embarrassed because my hands and feet would drip sweat unless I had a towel with me to dry them, which caused people to always ask me about why my hands were so sweaty and why I wouldn’t go on the monkey bars. I would even cry at night because my feet were so sweaty that I couldn’t fall asleep. I tried many different medications and none of them worked for me until about a month ago when my dad surprised me with the Dermadry machine. To be honest, it changed my life and now I can enjoy things that I couldn’t before. Thank you, Dermadry for helping to cure my hyperhidrosis in such a short amount of time.