This is My Story

Justin C.
United States
For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from embarrassing, excessive sweating. I remember being challenged throughout childhood by not having the confidence to participate in most school activities. Simple tasks such as taking a test on paper made me anxious as I knew that I would be leaving sweat stains on not only the paper but also the desk and chair. Holding anyone's hand was simply out of the question and taking my shoes off brought on the fear of someone seeing the sweat marks my soaked socks left behind. Doctors didn't seem to be knowledgeable about the condition and told me that "I would grow out of it". Fast forward to adulthood and my condition worsened. Working jobs where dress shoes were required became complicated. I would end up purchasing new shoes sometimes on a monthly basis as within just a few weeks, my excessive sweating would ruin the inside of my shoes and start deteriorating the outside. Swapping out undershirts multiple times a day helped prevent the underarm sweat from bleeding through to my work shirt and suit. I would hide a hand towel under the desk to dry my hands off when they were dripping with sweat, though coworkers caught on after a while as to what I was doing. Doctors recommended multiple medications that resulted in frustrating side effects such as severely swollen hands where I was unable to type on a keyboard. I began researching clothing that helped minimize the effects of my excessive sweating. I stocked up on undershirts that included a liner to block sweat from reaching my outer shirt. Special, moisture-wicking socks helped keep my feet dry when I wasn't wearing shoes. Breathable, mesh-like dress shoes that were washable helped immensely but still required some form of maintenance to ensure they remained in good condition and without sweat marks. I even used a selection of topical products on a daily basis that helped ever so slightly with minimizing the sweating. All of these measures helped but didn't resolve the underlying issue. During some down-time between jobs, I decided to try iontophoresis. I had learned about Dermadry a while back and purchased the kit when a sale piqued my interest. After all, I had tried most other methods. Why not try this one? I had read so many raving reviews that I actually thought this could be the key to controlling my hyperhidrosis. After just one week, I began seeing seriously impressive results and was able to work the treatment into a routine. After a few months of using this product three times a week, I am so happy to say that this treatment has changed my life. My confidence in a lot of social situations is starting to rebound and I'm enjoying being able to wear different types of clothing that I wouldn't dare try before. While it hasn't permanently solved my hyperhidrosis, it has allowed me to keep it in check and reduce the effects by about 80%. I honestly can't imagine myself living with the amount of excessive sweating that I dealt with for so many years.