This is My Story

Abbie W.
I have had hyperhidrosis since I was a baby, I was always known as "the sweaty kid" at school and I always used to get teachers picking on me all the time because I would smudge my handwriting and got told that I smell even though I used perfume and deodorant etc. I always used to struggle with hyperhidrosis, I still do to this day I have looked at a iontophoresis machine for years now but never brought one because it was too much money and I couldn't afford it. When I exercise I always sweat lots more than other people and they get freaked out over it and sometimes people just laugh at me. I've always dodged holding hands and shaking hands because of my hands, feet, and armpits are always sweating and I don't think I will ever want to hold hands with someone if my hands sweat all the time to be honest, as I get really worried and anxious about what people think of me. - I always sweat everyday on my hands, feet, armpits and even my face - I always get strange looks at me and get laughed at when I don't do high fives or shake hands - My hands and feet are constantly dripping whilst I get armpit stains on my tops - It is always a nightmare wearing white tops - Having hyperhidrosis in summer is much more worse than winter for me because I sweat 2 x more.