This is My Story

Chanel W
South Africa
A typical day of mine involves planning around sweating. My hands, feet and underarms are the worst parts affected. I pack extra clothing and shoes to change into in case things get messy (literally). I have previously broken around three pairs of sandals in one month due to my feet sliding around. I’ve had some really embarrassing moments with my feet, one of them being that the dye from my shoes rubs off on my feet. Try explaining to onlookers why your feet are blue or why you have left a blue puddle behind on their nicely mopped floors! I dread getting my fingerprints taken as I have to retake them several times. My hands sweat way too much for the scanners. I get really frustrated stares and I’m sure some even think I’m a fraud (well, at least that’s what it feels like) Hyperhidrosis affects me physically and emotionally. I feel completely defeated some days. My friends and family can see a total decline in my mood when I’m having a really sweaty day.