This is My Story

Ryan D. R.
United Arab Emirates
My hyperhidrosis is a bit different from the usual as it is not only in my foot and underarms, but my entire body sweats. I already have heavy sweating on my head that makes me so uncomfortable when eating food with any bit of spice and simply acting in public. The most demoralizing part though is the sweating in my groin area. Since high school I have already noticed how I sweat more than others but also the sweat stains I leave on my seat when I stand up. I noticed how any surface would easily fog when it came in contact with my skin or when I sit on an area. It has limited me and my decisions in life as I'm always leaning towards career and life choices that avoids embarrassment due to this condition. A good example is how I have never worn khaki and any light colored pants/shorts since high school. I have also been wearing boxers instead of briefs. Now in my early 30's, it has not been ok to be always checking your seat when standing up, missing a lot of opportunities and just being so self-conscious. The picture I sent was taken just after I arrived home from the mall. It might be weird to take a photo of it in the mall cubicle. It might not reflect on the picture but the crotch area of my boxer short is soaked. This resulting from just doing a mundane task of walking in an AIRCONDITIONED mall.