This is My Story

Karina V. M.
Both my palms and the soles of my feet sweat profusely ever since I was a kid. They make everyday tasks really difficult, most especially writing. My pens will slip from my grip and even my phone and it is really uncomfortable. Really, I am embarrassed about everything. I was worried about my future and that it might hinder me from doing specific tasks (even the simple ones) just because of this. I tried almost every topical product out there on the market, I even considered going under the knife just to get rid of this, until I learned about the iontophoresis machine, and I didn’t regret spending for it. It was life-altering. I am now able to do things without worrying about sweating in the most inconvenient times of the day. I’m so satisfied and I was telling my friends (who are also suffering from hyperhidrosis) to try it and I was trying to spread the news about it so that they too, will experience the best thing that changed my life.